Food (or other) delivery jobs in the Netherlands

  1. Big difference between Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats/Deliveroo is that with thuisbezorgd you’re an hourly worker whereas with the other two you have to register as a company and get paid per ‘job’. This means that some shifts you might be paid more, but you can also really get screwed if you end up waiting at a restaurant. Thuisbezorgd pays minimum wage but you have the security of always being on the clock, plus benefits like vacation money etc

  2. Gorilla also does hourly wages. And there kit/outfit is by far the coolest. Though I detest the existence of these services (or actually the mindset of the people who use it).

  3. Hi Daniel! There are a lot of new companies that deliver groceries in Amsterdam, you can have a look if they have vacancies: Zapp, Gorillas, Crisp, Flink, Getir

  4. You can also start delivering mail they pay pretty well. I suggest PostNL since they have an easy hiring standard

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