It's time for Apple to fix texting.

  1. Imo android was on par with iPhones about 5 years ago. I wish iPhones just support rcs. Honestly since last year pictures by text came out good to and from iphones.

  2. You guys should use google photos. Can do shared albums with iOS and android. Full quality shares too with family or friends

  3. Wasn't it a year or 2 ago someone at Apple said or revealed that the reason iMessage was never ported to Android was because it kept users in iOS? Solving this problem would basically kill any reason for users to stay on iOS because of messaging.

  4. Not only that but it's not even fixed on Android. The Galaxy S22 on AT&T using Google Messages can't use RCS across carriers.

  5. I mentioned this earlier, but people are confusing rolling out RCS support on iPhone with SMS/MMS. The latter 2 are universally supported on carriers, which is why Apple has no problem rolling those out.

  6. Not only that Google desperately pushing for it probably just convinces them that they made the right decision

  7. Because it isn’t a problem. RCS is nothing but another internet based rich text messaging platform like signal, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Facebook, iMessage etc. It’s a competing platform that has its severs managed by google, not the fcc, nor gsm consortium and not the carriers but google. It’s a competition for our data; everyone wants it. There is absolutely no reason to monopolize internet based messaging to any platform. It will negatively affect competitors the very opposite of why we open up the market in the place. The social side of “green bubble v blue bubble” bully or whatever is bullshit imo. What f people bully you because of your messaging platform then they probably don’t deserve to be in your circle.

  8. If everyone vote with our wallet then apple will do it. Customers are king not Apple. USB c is a prime example.

  9. I love how the moment RCS ever gets brought up all the comments about how Meta is a bad company immediately ceases and people say to just install Whatsapp lol

  10. Will there likely come a day in the future where 3rd party texting apps (like Textra) can/will implement RCS protocol? Is this possible? What needs to happen for this to occur?

  11. The problem as you said is it is Google's own implementation. This means the situation isn't simply like Apple enabling support for SMS and MMS which is UNIVERSALLY supported across carriers around the world.

  12. RCS would be nice for Google Voice, and knowing that Google won't do that just means that this is them yelling about Apple's bullshit, not trying to fix the problem as a whole.

  13. Where is the RCA data and who can read/access it? I agree it would be nice with a messaging service not tied to an app/company.

  14. So basically this would kind of allow what the eu mentioned about cross platform chatting. That'd be nice I wouldn't have to convince everyone to switch to signal lmao.

  15. Even if Apple does implement RCS though at this point it’s too late. Everyone has already moved on to better chat apps. They’re not going to flooding back to something they abandoned years ago.

  16. The problem is that none of these chat apps are interoperable. People just want to send messages to someone (not memorize who uses which app), so they just go for the guaranteed default that everyone has in most cases. I have my most important chats in Telegram and WhatsApp, but for 99% of people I just use SMS or iMessage.

  17. Native Apple Watch app makes a pretty good argument for it. As far as I know not a single other messaging app has a working watch app except for messenger. Fuck messenger.

  18. As both an android and iphone user, why would we? Then you'd have to use two separate apps for SMS and iMessage, plus iMessage is loaded with features and built into the OS and ecosystem.

  19. Ok but why? Why would I move to WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) or any other platform and convince friends and family to move to a messaging app that isn't just the default that installed on their phone. Why is it a bad thing that the standard messaging protocol be updated for modern times AND still give people the choice to use 3rd party messaging services if they so choose?

  20. Probably because all those apps are much worse for privacy, more of a hassle to install, and all have much more fragmented user-bases than iMessage.

  21. Yeah this mess is as big Google's as it is Apple's. 99% of people have no idea what the underlying technology is or how it works. So the fact that Google won't open up an API for all the third party messaging apps is total bullshit. If they could actually say "we have a unified, open protocol" then it would be ball in Apple's court. But really they're currently saying "we have something that is essentially proprietary and we want you to give up your proprietary thing for ours".

  22. They also won't fix issues within their own app. I use Google messages, my wife uses Google Messages and we can't RCS with each other. We can RCS with other people, even people on different carriers, but not each other. We've tried disabling and re-enabling rcs, deleting our chat thread and starting fresh, nothing works.

  23. I feel like this gets brought up over and over again but I have to say that RCS is the wrong horse to bet on. Google's complicating this for themselves and blaming Apple when RCS is really a broken system.

  24. All very good points, and there's one more - do you really want carriers to be in control of your messaging experience? Has everybody forgotten (or maybe is too young to remember) how they used to charge through the nose for SMS?

  25. To be fair, if Apple flipped on RCS support (not Jibe) carriers would probably be a lot more willing to embrace it, like Google wants.

  26. RCS is a protocol, Apple can have their own jibe if they want. Google only asks for imessage to stop using ancient protocols so iPhone users stop seeing android phones as bad (people blame android when it's Apple who doesn't adopt the standard).

  27. You are absolutely right. Google is well on the trajectory of being the tech clown given their decade long incompetence.

  28. Maybe it's just me, but RCS has been extremely unreliable using an S20 on Tmo with my wife's S20 (yes, we set everything up correctly), so I can't really advocate for it being a standard.

  29. Came here to call this out too. Don't shame another company unless your product works. My wife and I abandoned RCS and went back to WhatsApp because our conversations were all over the place. Even got an eronious message from someone else once which really screwed us up.

  30. Part of the issue with RCS is that not all carriers use the same implementation. The standard has some flexibility and so it's not necessarily the same for all carriers. Just an example from Wikipedia: "In October 2019, the four major U.S. carriers announced an agreement to

  31. More like time to switch to Signal and stop waiting for Apple to implement a technology they have zero incentive to use since half the reason people buy iPhones is for iMessage.

  32. Ok, great. Instead of solving the problem you just created a new issue. Literally no one is using Signal. I know a different person for almost every single chat app. I don't know anyone who is using Signal. Let's add Signal to the 10 chat apps that I already have. Thanks.

  33. Agreed here. As a US user, iMessage has flat out worked without a hitch for me. With Android Messages, Chat features were really hit or miss. The biggest issue I ran into is that MMS just wouldn’t fallback to non-chat users, so any photos sent to people outside of Chat just wouldn’t send until chat was turned off.

  34. No one is going to buy an iPhone and decide not to use iMessage. That's like trying to get the entirety of the UK to switch off Whatsapp, it's never going to happen

  35. You know what gets me? They DID have their own house in order. Back when Hangouts was their main messaging app. It had everything. SMS fallback, used your phone number, everyone already had it (deployed as part of Google Play Services), and if I remember correctly if it detected the person on the other end had Hangouts you could swap over to using whatever protocol Hangouts used vs. SMS/MMS. It wasn't as seamless as iMessage, but it was damn close.

  36. Samsung doesn't make Google messages and RCS works fine for me on both my Pixel 6 and OnePlus 6T using Google messages on Verizon.

  37. In my country hardly anyone uses SMS or MMS or iMessage even. Almost everyone uses Facebook Messenger for texting and sending photos/videos. I never would have thought this is such a big thing. Either way, the solution already exists and it's very simple. Use a different platform. Apple will never implement iMessage on Android, because they're Apple.

  38. Pointless preaching to the choir, this article could have been posted anytime within the last 10 years. iMessage is working exactly as intended and Apple has no obligation to increase compatibility with android.

  39. I mean, 4 years max. Google themselves didn’t adopt RCS in google messages until 2018 while iMessage came out 7 years before that.

  40. The only defense of that position is saying it's a good business decision on Apple's part. And that's true. But all the users will suffer for it while Apple rakes in the money.

  41. Cue Android users blaming Apple for choosing good business decisions while Google launches its 6th failed messaging app.

  42. You're right but at least you don't have to buy a whole new phone just to use it because it's multiplatform.

  43. Actually this has got me thinking, you know what's a really good open messaging standard that works with any third party app and works cross platform?

  44. Asking Apple to fix an Android problem is like asking a Big Oil to care about the environment. Apple doesn’t care and no amount of shaming will make them care. Google spent the better part of a decade fumbling their messaging strategy, they have no business telling someone else how to do theirs. This entire situation is self-inflicted; Google had a good messenger (Hangouts). All they had to do was invest and grow it the way Apple, WhatsApp, and literally every other messaging service did. Hangouts was built into Gmail! That was a huge leg up over the competitions. Them pushing RCS is just a cynical attempt to leverage a perceived open standard (because their implementation of it is anything but open) to achieve through legislation and peer pressure what they failed to achieve through fair competition.

  45. This is sadly the poignant reality for Android users. Google simply has not put in the legwork to consistently support and build a unified messaging platform or even acquire the ones who did (whatsapp). Apple is certainly playing dirty by holding the industry back to support ecosystem lock in but Google is truly to blame here. 70% of the global market share is still android, if they continue to invest in Google Messages to the point of mass ubiquity in the next few years Apple will capitulate on their own instead of having to resort to begging them to fix a problem they had no involvement in creating other than by building a superior product that the free market responded to better.

  46. Isn't it a shit show everywhere? I mean even in places where SMS/MMS/RCS isn't common, you still have to navigate through different third party apps depending on different social groups. I'm fine with having a variety of apps, but I would like to see a standard to allow interapp compatibility for at least basic messaging.

  47. Easily fixable by using third party messaging apps. WhatsApp and Telegram work great. It’s a non issue outside of the USA.

  48. Facebook is at the bottom of the list as far as trust goes. I'd rather use SMS than WhatsApp. Signal is functional and not encumbered like WhatsApp if so desired

  49. It's easily fixible on a small scale, but downright impossible when the the messaging "app" with the greatest market share in the US is not multiplatform.

  50. Thanks for your contribution. Care to offer a realistic solution instead of the typical European circlejerk that inevitably rears its head whenever this topic comes up?

  51. I need to text Kevin, let me just go to Messages...oh wait is he on Signal? No that's Eric. Maybe Whatsapp. No...oh, Telegram. Nope.

  52. Remember Google destroying their own messaging system? Hangouts is finally dying and to see this stupid shit of a website where Google has no backbone is hilarious. It only took 10 years to finally acknowledge the green bubbles "problem" that you contributed towards.

  53. If Apple is so afraid of losing iPhone sales without their deliberately worsening of cross-platform messaging, then maybe the iPhone isn't so great after all...

  54. I wouldn't say that it's not great,but there would be more people not switching to iPhone just for missing texting.

  55. Alright mods you heard them. Let's shut this thread down because it only affects some android users

  56. You're right that carriers are the real enemy. MMS wouldn't be so compressed if they just updated their file size limits at any point in the past decade. It was fucked up that they used to actually charge for SMS considering that they have no meaningful effect on network utilization.

  57. Hangouts was so fucking good and pretty much all my friends were on it. Then Google announced they were abandoning it and we all jumped ship. 10 years later and it’s still limping along but no one touches it anymore.

  58. Yep. Never used iPhones in my life and I hate apple as a company but this is a cringe fucking ad from Google. Those morons shot themselves in the foot years ago. I have zero sympathy for them. I don't really give a shit what SMS messages look like from iPhone users OR Android users because everyone I care about, I browbeat into using telegram anyway. I don't even bother to read my SMS messages anymore, I just swipe them away. Fuck that whole system, tech people moved on, and the tech illiterate apparently don't care otherwise they'd have moved on too

  59. Google blaming Apple because they keep abandoning their new chat app every 6 days and everyone’s caught on now that it’s not worth investing in their services.

  60. “We failed at creating a decent chat messaging platform(s), and we failed at taking RCS seriously ahead of time before now getting controlled by the carriers. So Apple, for reasons unknown to mankind, you must fix this because we can’t be bothered to do fuck all!”

  61. I don't know why Google insists on using RCS when they already have their own app that's already the default of almost every phone. Literally take all the features RCS has put it on your own service, then release an iOS app. They will never get Apple on board without getting government involved. RCS will never happen because it takes too much outside cooperation from entities that do not give a shit. Google needs to come up with a solution entirely on their own.

  62. Googles own app is using RCS, which is a standard. It works without any outside 'entities'. I live in a third world country, i doubt my carrier knows what RCS is, yet its available for everyone using an Android phone right now.

  63. Why would they do that? What's their benefit? "It's time for Apple to ...." nah, they don't give a shit, it's no time for anything.

  64. Unfortunately, I don't know why anyone would think Apple would ever do this. If you play nice with Android, then you support people getting a device that's not iPhone.

  65. I sure would love to have RCS on my Unlocked S22U, using Samsung Messages instead of Googles crappy Messages app, but Google won't allow it (on Fi). That's very Apple-like.

  66. I’ve used an iPhone for a long time in past and also currently using one and I still don’t get the iMessage fetish. I guess it’s mostly an USA thing

  67. Abd not by combining everything in one app, then splitting up that app into new apps, then abandoning one of those new apps, then combining apps again while in the mean time ignoring name recognition.

  68. It's funny to see this. Just yesterday, an iPhone family member sent a message to me. So it was SMS. I never received the message. Don't know the reason why but I never got it. Caused some confusion and anger. My brother comes to the conclusion "Android isn't good enough. Just get an iPhone"

  69. This has nothing to do with proprietary messaging apps, the opposite in fact its an open standard to replace SMS

  70. Why doesn't apple just release a paid iMessage app for Android that works with iMessage on iPhone, but your messages are still green so you can be shamed for using an Android.

  71. Because they make far more money by you switching to an iPhone and potentially using their services like Apple music or iCloud. They’ve probably done the math. I thought opening a decent level of compatibility between Android and Apple Watches would make sense, but it seems like watching Android and Google roll around in mud trying to figure out what WearOS is both more profitable and entertaining.

  72. Because they make way more money leasing iPhone borrowers new iPhones every year and banking on iMessage being the reason they stay. If iMessage goes away, what does Apple have left? Most Apple strangers at coffee shops I've asked don't even like Apple Music. They might stay for the Apple Pay but it's still too small of a reason to pay thousands for an iPhone

  73. This is largely Android’s/Google’s doing. I used to be an android fanboy and I’m currently typing this on an iPhone. When you have a billion messaging services and no worthy competitor to iMessage, you create no incentive for Apple to “fix texting”. I’m still a firm believer that if Google had added sms fallback to Hangouts, that would’ve gave iMessage a run for its money in the US

  74. What I don't get is that Apple could implement RCS while retaining iMessage for Apple to Apple messages. They can keep their blue exclusive chat highlight.

  75. The entire green vs blue bubble thing is a problem created by teenagers with nothing better to do than shame their friends that don't have an iPhone because they don't have iMessage. I know no one who is an adult that actually cares if a message is green or blue.

  76. Did you read the very first paragraph of the link provided? It's literally the first piece of text there, ya can't miss it.

  77. Adults care because having an android person in your group disrupts the conversation and ruins pictures and reactions. It's not childish to want better features in a chat, and Apple has it set up to make it look like its Androids fault.

  78. This is the largest part of why apple is making so much money on devices. Unlss forced by regulators they absolutely will never change this.

  79. lol... wtf kind of hot take is that? Sounds a lot like you're having trouble coping with Apple's success, and ignoring the very valid reasons why people have good things to say about Apple products. I write apps for both iOS and Android every day, as well as switch between them as daily drivers... to just write off positivity around Apple products as elitism is the biggest cop out ever.

  80. Carriers can force it. If all 4 big U.S. carriers and told apple "implement RCS or we won't sell your phones directly anymore" they'd do it.

  81. That relationship is the other way round for Apple because of how much money new iPhone sales bring in.

  82. It's weird to me that not everyone can see that it's bloody impolite and anti-social to use a way of communication that isn't inclusive and open to all. A way of communicating that we haven't agreed on as a community. Big Tech has normalized what is actually shit behaviour.

  83. Why doesn't google threaten to move their apps and services from iOS lol. No one wants to use shittier apple versions. 2 can play at the game but they are too chicken to do it

  84. They'd immediately lose billions. Maybe if iOS had the relevance of Windows Phone (which Google was actively hostile to).

  85. shut up google, you release so many messaging apps, confuse yourself on your own and then kill it immediately

  86. Not sure who Google hasn't been able to sue Apple for anti competition stuff. Apple basically slanders androids by software features they've somewhat publically put on the record...

  87. I’m not sure if they can sue Apple while pushing their own (essentially proprietary) implementation of RCS

  88. No. We’re saying “just use another messaging service.” I’ve had an iPhone for nearly 2 years now and I haven’t touched iMessage. No one uses SMS anymore so why would I try and get people to use iMessage?

  89. I'm an avid apple user, I say use a 3rd party app that works better than iMessage or RCS. The rest of the world's figured it out already, this is just a marketing ploy by Google. Don't be so personally involved and just make smarter decisions.

  90. Well, what do you expect? Google failed (multiple times) at creating messaging platform, failed at taking RCS ahead of time before the carriers, and now they have the audacity to ask Apple, of all people, to fix all of that and roll their messaging platform on Google’s Jibe server? Asking Apple to use third party server for their first party messaging platform?

  91. RCS is an industry standard, Apple refusing to adopt it means the previous industry standard, SMS/MMS is used instead as fallback.

  92. It's time for Google to stop whining that nobody likes RCS and make a service people actually want to use instead.

  93. Touch buttons are a thing of the past and most modern phones now use a universal gesture system.

  94. Why can't they just use WhatsApp or WeChat or Line, like the rest of the world does. Fighting over Text Messaging in 2022 sounds ridiculous to the rest of us. Also, if "Privacy" is such a huge concern, just make Signal the default on the OS.

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