What’s the story behind this character I randomly met for the first time in The Roost?? (New Horizons is my 1st AC game)

  1. People might be underselling Mr. Resetti. He would scold you for a LONG time. If you don't shut down right, you will hear about it... On and on... and on.

  2. I remember one time me and my brother shared a town on the Gamecube Animal Crossing and we kept resetting over and over just to have him rant.

  3. Sometimes he would also force you to use the keyboard ingame to repeat a phrase (usually some variant of "I'm very sorry") and would continue to yell if you got it wrong.

  4. i remember when i was younger, my whole family shared the animal crossing town (idk which one it was but it was on Wii) and my parents knew what resetti did and would still turn the Wii off when i was playing.

  5. Resetti called me ugly and was mean to me when I was 9 playing on gamecube and my mom wouldn't let me play animal crossing anymore because I cried lol

  6. I remember forgetting to save my game once & I was devastated for all the work I would lose. Or maybe my battery died, not sure. But once I logged back on and Resetting started “screaming” at me it pushed me over the edge. 8 year old me had furious tears lol

  7. I didn't know he would randomly show up! I literally used my Resetti Amiibo to invite him to my roost when it opened haha. Resetti is the best! I miss hearing his theme song

  8. You forgot that if you got into the high tens of resets, he would black out the screen and fake out deleting your save.

  9. WHAT! I can’t believe I missed out on the surveillance center!! I eventually got tired of his long rants and honestly started saving the game just to avoid it bc it was so tiresome (sometimes I’d not save, not play for a while, then get scolded literal days later after I’d forgotten about it). I wonder how many rants away I was from unlocking this secret!

  10. Dude I HATED resetti. Little me never knew if I was supposed to add the quotation marks or punctuations when I had to "repeat after him." Like. Just to get yelled at again.

  11. WHAT. Of course I played the only two games where this surveillance center DOESN'T exist 🙀🙀🙀 how am I just hearing about this now.

  12. I mean he was only optional in ACNL and had to be unlocked by installing the Reset Surveillance Centre so I think he’s been phased out a bit for being scary. But I like it better that way so he’s unforgettable!

  13. He;s been here since day one you just never actually see him, he and Don are the ones who run the emergency rescue service so if you call that you can hear from them (it costs 100 miles tho)

  14. resetti used to yell at you if you ended the game without saving haha he would greet you the next time you opened the game by making you listen to him talk to you for a good few minutes outside of your house.

  15. there needs to be a strong emphasis on yell. especially in the gamecube version; i used to have nightmares about him as a wee 1st grader….

  16. Agh, once the power went out when I was at a friend's town and I lost my golden axe as a result. Devastating! Years and years later I thankfully got it back with a password...

  17. Ah Resetti! When I was 7/8 my parents got me the Wild World game thinking it was about animals and I liked animals so I would like it. Well I didn't understand how to actually play the game at all so I just ran around doing random shit and I'm not even sure if I had villagers at any point.

  18. I also played Wild World as a child, he literally made me cry when I was 10. I thought my game was broken, he just wouldn’t leave 🥲 I remember my friend had to do the thing where you have to repeat a sentence over and over for me because I was crying too hard. Good old times, children nowadays will never know the struggle

  19. He and his brother currently run the emergency rescue services for the island, so if you call that (its 100 miles) you can hear from him.

  20. I was so scared of Resetti that whenever I got him, I would reset my save game so I wouldn't have to see him. I eventually figured out how to avoid him, but then my kid brother played and... Reset the game. I cried for hours about how he had ruined my game, and I put down the game for months after that. Eventually I came back, but I was still weak, so I just reset my save again.

  21. Plot twist- some of us don't know Resetti and others bc we are actually way older and just getting into acnh.

  22. He's from the original Animal Crossing! I just encountered him for the first time as well, but I'm aware of his history. He'd pop out the next time you logged into the original game if you reset your game or powered off the console without saving and he would yell at you for it for a good few minutes if I'm not mistaken

  23. If you shut off your game before saving he pops out of the ground and scolds you and if you do it enough times I think he resets your game save

  24. He never actually erased your save file. He threatened you and made it seemed like he erased your file, but it ended up just being a prank. It was equal parts very upsetting/abusive and extremely funny.

  25. Yeah and he would progressively get madder and keep you longer each time it happened (he remembered). It was hilarious until I started to have to "hand write" apologies before he would let me play again.

  26. In the older games, if you quit without saving (multiple times) he would come out of the ground and shout at you, pretending to reset your game. Sometimes he would also force you to repeat a phrase and would continue if you got it wrong.

  27. He‘s a mole who appeared in every game whenever you quit without saving, and every time you reset, he’d have paragraphs of dialogue for you to go through, and he’d get angrier and angrier the more you did it. he’d make you do stuff like write out an apology, pretend to delete your town (in city folk he’d even return you to the title screen to make the fake deletion more convincing iirc), yell at you if you mashed the “a” and “b” button during his dialouge, and a lot more. He also has a brother named Don, who is much calmer, but still has a paragraph of dialogue to go through since he explains that resetti was only angry and mean because of his job being bad for his mental health.

  28. Sorry in advance if my question is dumb/repetitive… I’ve never seen a character aside from my villagers sitting at the counter!

  29. Back in the day you can get Resetti and his brother as a sewer hole in your town and if you turned your game off or didn't save he would give you a visit, and pop out of the ground and pretty much be like y u no save, and yell at you and ye. I have him in my New Leaf town as aesthetic. And sometimes the lid would be open to the hole and you can go down there and talk to them.

  30. New Horizons is the first Animal Crossing game to have auto-saving. Before NH, you had to save the game before you stopped playing, or all of your data from that playthrough would be lost.

  31. Resetti was a character that appeared when you shut your game off without saving back in the GameCube Animal Crossing game. He also would remember if you reset while talking to him which lead to him getting extra salty. He would mostly just yell at you and even force you to type "I'm sorry" some times. Nintendo got a lot of complains about him scaring kids so they slowly removed him from the reset guarding role to something more relaxing.

  32. Might not be the best thread to ask, but I've always wondered how he knows you reset the game without saving? Isn't saving the whole point of "game keeps snapshot of data"

  33. When you load up the game it marks in the save file that your town is open, when you close the game it saves all the progress you made that day and then marks it closed. If you open a file already marked open, such as after a reset or power failure, the game notices and then out comes that dick Resetti.

  34. Since I haven't seen anyone mention this, he also used to scold you for time-travelling as well. New Leaf was when the series got more lenient about time travelling, he would only scold you if you built his reset center with the reward from that being that you eventually get to enter and get his photo. Then in New Horizons he doesn't pop up at all however he is the guy in charge of the rescue helicopter you just don't see him.

  35. He made it less appealing to reset. You know how you young whippersnappers get upset by long dialogue? Resetti was an absolute beast. You actually thought maybe it’s not worth it. And there wasn’t autosave. And he was MEAN about it! He scared me.

  36. The ironic thing is, his rants even at the longest are much faster than it is to buy a NMT, run to the airport, and go to a NMI. That's how much loading/waiting there is.

  37. I loved pissing off resetti, and when he’d say something about potatoes growing behind my ears or something because I needed to shower. although the part where he’d make you say a phrase back to him SUCKED because I didn’t know how to spell or read 😂 I’d have to have my mom come in and type it in for me. I so badly miss how ruthless the villagers were too. I remember once I had learned to read and write I wrote a letter to a villager that just said “dumb bitch” or something like that and that same villager showed the letter to my younger sister who then went and told on me and I got in trouble. I was like damn, ratted out by a NPC, real nice

  38. The music that plays when you use the rescue service is the resetti theme, so he’s actually in this game too! This is just the first time you see his face!

  39. Resetti? Boy he gets no respect, no respect at all. He was always Mr. Resetti in his name although his brother Don Resetti mentions his name is Sonny.

  40. As others have said, he would berate you next time you turn on the game after resetting (or turning the game off without saving). In the first animal crossing game he was so mean and aggressive he actually scared some children. They've toned him down a bit in subsequent games but he still wastes a lot of your time whenever you reset.

  41. I always wondered if somehow the game knew you were time skipping and ACNH brought back Resetti's rants, would people still be inclined to keep doing it? I know back then after a while, I actually did not want to accidentally reset my game without saving, because I didn't wanna deal with the super long unskippable dialogue each time, lol.

  42. I keep seeing people have all these npcs in their roost but I have yet to have a single villager visit. Everytime I go in it's just me :(

  43. On Groundhog Day, you can buy a resetti model. It’s cute, had no idea why there was a little mole miner. But apparently, in the old games, if you shut down improperly without saving, he pops up and yells at you.

  44. If you ever used the emergency app to pull yourself out of a zone you got stuck in, you’ll recognize the voice and music anywhere.

  45. he basically was there in the past when when you had to save your game and it wasn’t autosaved like it is now. So if you turned your game off without saving… he would be there to yell and berate you for not saving your game. Tis was his purpose… now I’m sure he just helps with the rescue service now… I assume.

  46. My archenemies… I remember one time I played new leaf to help me calm down from a panic attack only to open the game to have him yell at me. I legitimately cried and hated him ever since!

  47. You barely need more context with 270+ people telling you already lmao but he’s quite possibly the origin of my people pleasing personality,, I got so distressed at resetti thinking I was quitting without saving on purpose, when in fact my DS kept freezing up and making me restart. It wasn’t my fault, I swear I’m not a troublemaker, please can we be friends mr mole 😭

  48. It's Mr. Resetti, he would pop up next to your house if you "reset" (quit the game without saving) and give you a lecture why resetting is BAD. Due to ACNH's autosave function, Resetti has no function anymore, but instead, he is secretly the operator of the Rescue Service!

  49. ACNH has autosave, but the games that came before didn't. basically, he would scold you the second you walk out of your house if you "reset" your game or didn't save before closing it. in the earlier games he would go on for a good while shouting at you and telling you to save next time, although in New Leaf (which came just before New Horizons) he was quite a bit nicer to you and would let you off with a warning if you say that your 3DS battery died lol

  50. Reminds me of "out of context" context I see fairly often. It doesn't mention the flailing pickaxe, crazed expressions, yelling, or forced apologies but he outright says the absolute minimum.

  51. Mr. Resetti would give you a scolding back in the day for turning off your console without saving your game 🤣 He was brutal and goes on a tangent.. I sure don’t miss him

  52. I only encountered him once during new leaf. I wasnt shocked with his scolding because i played magicians quest mysterious times and they had a resetti like character. Essentially hes someone who scolds you if you quit the game without saving. In magicians quest it was way worse than resetti. They forced your character to clean the bathrooms and would refuse to let you leave until you did. In animal crossing resetti just gives you an earful. Hes not in new horizons as a punisher though. Now with autosave his job has been automated

  53. Older games didn't have autosave. You had to manually save and exit the game. If you ever closed the game without saving and exiting like we do in new horizons by hitting start, the next time you started up the game, he would pop up from the ground and yell at you and lecture tou about the need to save before quitting. He would threaten to delete your whole town, too. In New Horizons, he runs the rescue service since he's out of a job due to autosave.

  54. I'm the type to always save more times than I can count (ok, maybe up to 4x lol) before shutting off a game. So I had to intentionally reset my game (the gamecube version) for him to rant at me. I actually found it funny lol

  55. Oh god...i remember forgetting to save while playing animal crossing on the gamecube, as a kid, and he would pop out of the asphalt to scream at me basically everyday.

  56. Ressetti is a character who used to punish players who closed the game without saving, scolding you until you apologized. He stopped doing this in NH, since it has auto save.

  57. This character was a nightmare when you had a Nintendo DS lite which wasn't the newest anymore and just randomly bugged/ froze so you had to turn it off without saving. Ah, good old Wild World times :')

  58. This is my first ever animal crossing game as well, and I just realized the "Resetti" = "reset". Haha! I feel so dumb. But that's also because he isn't really a part of the acnh world, so I didn't know much about him. It would've been nice to see him have his own thing in New Horizon.

  59. during the older games he was there to remind players to save their games but ended up becoming too agressive and children were scared of him so he was cut as an npc from new horizons

  60. You've never met resetti?? Basically in the older animal crossing games, if you accidentally closed or powered off your game without saving first, the next time you logged into the game he would pop up on your screen and yell at you about how you didnt save for what feels like hours. Honestly as a kid, that was the most terrifying feeling ever.

  61. If you didn't save your game or you reset the day he'd scream at you for like 10-15 minutes. He was literally the worst and I believe the reason I stopped playing Wild World. I used to be terrified of him as a child

  62. Basically if you didn’t save before turning the game off. He’s will chew players out it did get annoying and legitimately terrified kiddies that in new leaf he became an optional character.

  63. I don’t mean to be mean but I never understand posts like these lol you didn’t google it first before making a post on Reddit?

  64. I just got war flashbacks. I remember him making me type for a straight 30 minutes. It finally broke me. I was maybe 8 and just in tears typing about how bad of a person I was for not saving. He’s brutal.

  65. Mr Resseti is a mole character that appeared in 4 ac games (I believe, I haven't played NL) that would appear if you played the game without saving. He would often make you apologise by writing down a specific phrase or straight up forcing you to apologise so you cannot begin your game. (This annoyed me the most when I got WW for Christmas, used safe file, Resseti would not go away) He would often make rude remarks before you are allowed to begin your game. He also had a reset surveillance center in Doubutsu no Mori e+, City folk and New Leaf, where if you visited in CF he would give you a silver shovel and you could sometimes see Dom, resseti's brother. However, in New Leaf (I believe this happened) Resseti did appear in that game but his centre got defunded by the government, and he was removed in New Horizons due to the autosave feature, making him have no reason to exist.

  66. In the old games there was no autosave so u could reset ur game and whenever u do he would complain to you and sometimes yell at you :D the music that plays when u call the rescue service is a remix of his theme

  67. I loove your outfit, hair and accessories, how have you made it (design from internet ? items from the game ?)?

  68. If you quit without saving or turned off the console without saving or hit the reset button the next time you played he would pop out of the ground outside your house and yell at you for like 10 min. He was supposed to discourage you from resetting when something happened you didn’t like (ie got stung by wasps, sold something you hadn’t meant to etc.)

  69. I miss him so much. Animal crossing used to be amazing with all its quirky funny npcs and their jobs/dialogues now it's all about aesthetics.

  70. I miss this guy… I thought he was serious about destroying my save file and it scared the crap out of me! But he’s really funny

  71. This is Resseti, he was portrayed to have anger issues that would show if you forgot to save your game. He would also patronize you and in the gamecube version pretend to reset the game entirely to scare the living crap out of you. Apparently he made children cry.

  72. I remember once, Resetti screamed at me to repeat what he was yelling at me back to him by typing it (on DS.) It was something like “I will not turn off my game without saving”. I typed it exactly like he told me to, multiple times, but he still said I did it wrong. I ended up having to reset AGAIN and hope he didn’t have the same prompt the next time. Still scarred.

  73. Back in my day, if you didn’t save, an angry mole would pop up from the ground and rant to you about how much of an asshole you were. If you reset too many times, he’d yell at you and make you repeat dumb phrases till your mind was numbed to the constant verbal abuse.

  74. Mr. Resetti was a mole who got mad at players when they were gonna reset. He was funny and they had to put up a parental guidance sign because he scared young children.

  75. He actually shows up at the roost without an amiibo because he and his brother are still on your island, you just don't see them! The run the rescue service you can access from your phone.

  76. Fun Fact: The developers had to remove him from the game because many younger players would cry from him scolding them for resetting or not shutting the game down properly.

  77. Oh my god Resetti! Oh I remember him! I’d accidentally close the game without saving and freak out because I knew this little fucker would come from Narnia or some shit and break the 4th wall to yell at me. He was in some of the older games, including City Folk, and basically made you type out an apology to him and make you redo it all if you didn’t spell it properly and then ‘erase’ your game if you closed the game without saving too often. He was a dick, but he was a well-meaning dick.

  78. I haven’t seen anyone say it yet, but in the original Animal Crossing, if your console turned off while you were in another town he would hollow out your character’s head, similar to Coco’s appearance

  79. He would verbally abuse you for a few minutes if you ended the game without saving. They took him out in the last game, I think, because he was upsetting people.

  80. On animal crossing city folk or something when players did something they regret they would restart their wii so it won't save and if you did it too much resetti would keep on warning you not to shut down your game

  81. Mr. Resetti was created to keep people from resetting the game, doesn't matter if it was intentional or not. He didn't care about the excuse, he would pop up if you reset the game and would berate you for what felt like hours! He was a huge jerk in the first animal crossing game, he has since gotten less jerky. I would end up picking the "My battery died" excuse because he wouldn't yell at me so much! Back in Wild World he would make you type down some sort of an apology and if you didn't get it right the first time, he would make you write it again! He also has a brother who's way kinder, Don Resetti.

  82. I had a problem when playing Wild World. I purposely turn the game off at times without saving, just to get yelled at. I really loved that tune of his haha

  83. When I was a kid I took my Gamecube on a family road trip, playing while we drove thanks to a car power adapter (that plugged into the cigarette lighter) and a little LCD screen (that sat on top of the Gamecube).

  84. In early games people (like me) were generally upset and scared at this dude for yelling at us about not saving , and not resetting. Here he’s know a flight ranger(?) and he helps you get back to a place if your stuck. That’s about it for me , it’s been a long time since I’ve played the old games like New leaf and City Folk

  85. just to scream at little kids and make them cry if they didn’t save before closing the game. the old games didn’t have auto save

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