Good boy stealing the show

  1. But isn't it also considered disrespectful to applaud while the show is going on. Repeated coughs can also be heard in the background

  2. Who would win, 2 dozen skilled musicians playing highly complicated instruments they've been practicing for decades, or one sleepy boi?

  3. This is the Vienna Chamber Orchestra performing at an international festival in Turkey three years ago.

  4. There needs to be a composer who writes a famous piece that ends with a single woof, so every orchestra has to staff a good dog.

  5. Plot twist: he’s a drug sniffing dog, and the first chair violinist is smuggling a quarter kilo of cocaine in his waistcoat.

  6. I hope thats true. I was thinking it was a stray and it made me a bit sad that he just wanted some company and attention

  7. I was assuming that since he could have went to anyone and went to that guy, and the dog is neutered and clean. If it was a cat, it would have gone to the person they could inconvenience the most and jumped on their lap 😂

  8. You sure? Someone else said it’s an orchestra from Vienna playing in Turkey. Doesn’t make sense a guy would fly with his dog from Vienna, and if there’s anything I’ve learned about Turkey from Reddit it’s that their strays are pretty chill and well taken care of.

  9. I was thinking that bc I have a yellow lab that does this. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she’ll she’ll follow me and lay down beside me

  10. Apparently in the classical music world, that's a lot of action ! It is a little bit sad 😄😁

  11. He must have loved the sounds of this music, otherwise, with their extra strong hearing sense, poor babies tend to stay away from loud ‘noises’ of any kind. What a seal of approval this must be for the band!! Lovely ☺️

  12. God bless the dog’s soul. He just wanted an attention. There is one comment here with negative karma said that dog ruin the show like clearly the dog has no clue on what’s going on and just got there for no reason. And of course the dog carried the show.

  13. It was cute until the people started clapping mid song. Yeah cute dog and all, but that's so disrespectful and trashy.

  14. I hate this video. Animal isn't being a bro, he's interrupting a highly practiced and executed concert. The idiots in the audience are applauding during the performance and completely ignoring the musicians.

  15. The people clapping during the performance are rude, but the dog isn't being disruptive, himself. He just walked up to take a seat.

  16. This is fun and all but it would drive me insane if I was playing and the audience started applauding and shouting. How is there literally no one to take the dog off the stage lol

  17. If your health is bad it's not easy looking frantic, and most animals if sick act more lethargic than panicked. Looks more to me that he's seeking help and attention than just laying down there to enjoy the sounds the orchestra is creating.

  18. It is sad that a dog on the stage make them react that much. The concert must have been so boring lol

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