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  1. And every single one I have known loves water. My aunt's husky had a trough outside for drinking and we would frequently find him standing in it just as happy as could be lol

  2. They ARE! My sister's will fake getting hurt and cry like she broke something, freaking everyone out (she's still a puppy). Enter treat/toy/dog/bumblebee, stage left: what injury?! WE GOOD FAM, LET'S GOOOOO!

  3. The groomers is also very stressful for most dogs. Dude's already panting very hard and wet from a bath (which is usually the most stressful ordeal), he's not having a good time.

  4. I have a purebred Husky and she is the quietest dog I’ve ever met. She occasionally makes some quiet whining sounds when my other dogs don’t want to play with her. I know she can howl because she did it a little but as a puppy. We never discouraged the behavior or specifically trained her to be quiet. She’s extremely well-adjusted and perfectly healthy according to the vet so I don’t think it’s a medical thing. It’s really weird to me that she’s so quiet because it seems anti-Husky. She’s still super dramatic with her facial expressions and body language and she puts her paw on me/pushes away whatever I’m holding to demand my attention, or she just climbs on my lap so I can’t use my phone or computer.

  5. One of my girlfriends kids got a Husky, it is their first dog. I told her that is like starting on level 10, I love them but damn they are like a toddler and they don't often grow out of it.

  6. Also a Vet Tech here and I swore I would NEVER have a Husky because they are just too much. What is in my backyard? A Husky... I married a wonderful man who had a 1 1/2 year old 100% Siberian Husky... so now I have the Husky I said I would never have. You couldn't pay me any amount of money for her though because I won the lottery with her and my Husband. For a Husky she is very well behaved and makes a great exercise partner who rarely barks and is a friend to everyone and anything. She's wonderful with tiny dogs, especially my Chihuahua. Some of her downsides are she sheds unreal amounts of hair 24/7, is a little whiney, a little nutty, and is an opportunistic escape artist. It took a lot of training with her when she was young to get where we are so don't be fooled. She's a great dog and I love her to death but I won't have another one.

  7. The way his tongue retracts as he screams makes it seems like the leash is connected to his tongue when you tug on it.

  8. These are the sounds that primitive dog breeds make :D Barking is a trait that humans designed. Primitive breeds don't bark usually, they scream like they are being skinned alive. I have a shiba inu and she does the same.

  9. My landlord has a goat that has the creepiest human-sounding bleat I’ve ever heard. All his other goats sound like goats; this one sounds like someone being stabbed to death. Especially when it gets excited when it sees you have food for them.

  10. Same! I cracked up watching his tongue retract at the same time as the leash pulling. Unmuted it and now there’s tears streaming down my cheeks!!! Aaaarghhhh!

  11. What is this word "spa"? I feel like you're starting to say a word and you're not finishing it. Are you trying to say "spaghetti"? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?

  12. I will be saving this as a bookmark or something and will come back every week from now on whenever I need a laugh! This is awesome!

  13. I fucking LOVE Huskies. I would never own one though, because it would just be them and me screaming at each other (and me laughing hysterically) all day every day, and I think my family and my neighbors would murder me. lol

  14. I have the exact opposite problem. My lab/boxers fight going in the tub, look miserable throughout, and if I turn my back for more than 5 seconds they jump out. The funny thing is since I bathe them one by one, the other will least come back into the bathroom for moral support for the other. 😅 Boxers are derps.

  15. Its the steps the husky is afraid of I think. Idk why they have slippery metallic steps at a place for dogs

  16. Our neighbors had two huskies and one of them would refuse to come inside when it snowed. The few times it snowed a ton for us, like 4in-8in, we’d see him just chilling, laying on the snow.

  17. I've washed hundreds if not thousands of dogs in my line of work, and I'd be willing to bet that this husky is just scared to jump down or slip on the steps. You can see the fear in its eyes and it is anxiety panting. I have never met a dog that wants to stay in the tub - not even the ones that really like water in other circumstances. It's hard to tell she from the video, but this dog looks like it could be older too, so it might actually be painful for her to jump down onto her ground due to arthritis or something. Yes, huskies throw tantrums, but all dogs communicate something when they bark or make other noises, and it isn't always just them "being a diva." Listen to your pets, especially when they are old and may be in pain.

  18. Same here. Yanking on its neck, especially with what appears to be a choker, is not helping. Just put your hands under its armpits and help it down ffs.

  19. Some dogs go into "donkey mode" if you just try to pull them, easier to make them feel confident about taking the step on themselves. Some dogs also are just really tired after bathing and need extra patience and time to move about by themselves.

  20. His body language sure didn't look like a "I'm having fun" tone. But, idk, I'm not a dog expert. Any more dog experts around?

  21. Yeah this isn’t a dog that wants the water back on. Anyone who works with dogs and actually knows the stress signals can’t laugh at this and it’s distressing to see so many comments thinking it’s funny. I agree that the dog is likely over threshold and is afraid to move, whether that’s the stairs, the door or that fear has globalized to the entire environment. I wish my dog loved the groomer, but she is always terrified. I know shave my dog at home and do some nail grooming. We are both learning how to maintain her care more at home so she doesn’t have to go back.

  22. Same, my line of work being a groomer. And I laughed at your detailed comment about fear in it's eyes. You can't see that at all, he has husky eyes and just wailing out like huskeys do. And you cannot tell it's age here, so assuming that is also laughable. I agree senior dogs do have this issue, but assuming that here is ridiculous. I have groomed\bathed for 15 years and have had a lot of dogs not want to leave the tub. Those noises do not always convey stress, especially from a husky. I see so many husky posts like this and there's always the abuse warrior out and about claiming what they know are facts, and it's bullshit. Definitely listen to your pets, but when it comes to grooming, not all dogs are going to be happy, especially talkative ones.

  23. Also, this seems like a choking leash. She seems to pull it in a way that doesn't choke to badly, but that's still not a good thing.

  24. My Morkie really loves showers. Two weeks ago we had her with us when we stayed at a hotel that had a big walk in shower and she loved coming into to take a shower with us. I was getting out of the shower and she rushed up to get in and threw me off balance when I dodged to avoid accidentally kicking her. Split my chin and had to go to the ER for stitches. Couldn’t even be mad at her with that puppy face, even after a $500 bill and a long wait in Tampa’s sketchiest ER lol.

  25. Normally when a dog makes that kind of sound they are distressed. But given it's a husky or a malamute, they just want to be drama queens.

  26. The video may be cute at first glance but the dog actually looks pretty distressed, drama queen or not

  27. The body language is actually pretty distressed. The body is very tense, the eyes are wide, and the dogs is anxiety panting pretty heavily.

  28. He is clearly in the bath at the groomers, they have to use collars instead of a harness- bathing a dog in a harness is really difficult, you don't reach everywhere, plus collar gives better control over a dogs head. But yes, on day to day basis harness is much safer for a dog.

  29. Found the comment on a dog thread claiming the animal is in pain or discomfort! (But seriously, just enjoy the video and stop finding issues in the tiniest thing)

  30. Owner of 2 huskies here (have had 3 so far). She is not harming her husky, she has a special leash for bathing her husky. She’s only trying to get her husky out of the bath. And as all husky owners know, huskies are assholes and loudmouths.

  31. It's kinda hard to watch this idiot keep tugging on the dog by a rope tied around its neck. Is the dog not halal is that the problem?

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