Well it was a good try

  1. Probably because he considers the crate a safe space and he's trying to get into his safe space while panicking due to falling all over.

  2. We have one for our 100+ pound Shiloh. He still insists on jamming himself into a smaller one that just about fits his sheltie partner in crime. He feels safer in there, I guess. He also hates change.

  3. It might a bit small. Not really fitted for a long travel but the dog can clearly stand, lay down and turn inside of that crate. Scary is the fact that this crate should be secured inside the car. Imagine accident and this thing flying inside.

  4. At that size I think I’d just put a grate behind the seat like a cop car? Dog seems good enough to let it ride in the back with a harness but I know some people don’t like that

  5. Wait. Almost. Oof. Whoops. I got this. Maybe I don't got this. Almost... Just about... YES! OK hoomans. I'm in! Let's go!

  6. My dog would have freaked out, ran away a little bit, then looked at me like I should do something because the carrier betrayed him.

  7. 90 percent fluff. I’d have a the next size up cage though. They should be able to turn around while standing.

  8. I’m laughing so hard right now I’m crying, truly one of the most sincere attempts. I feel like this every day I walk into public

  9. Lucky the poor pup didn't crush their tail between the crate and ground or between the metal gate, while the owner had a grand ole time recording and not rushing to help the moment they saw it start to go bad.

  10. Yeah as a previous airport worker that handled alot of check in for dogs im just gonna say it, that cage is waaaay to small for your dog. Get a proper sized one

  11. Meanwhile my family's cat who needs atleast 3 people to get him into the cage one holding the cat one to close the crate door and one to hold the crate itself

  12. That pack of water bottles made him struggle even harder because they were in the way and that crate is much too small. Shitty owner

  13. Um this dog needs a bigger taxi.. That one to small, your lucky im not in your area I'll write you a ticket for animal cruelty.. Thanks & God Bless ❤

  14. "Thorin had given a lot of trouble, and turned and twisted in his tub and grumbled like a large dog in a small kennel."

  15. Good try? Doggo made it in. Mission accomplished! (Lol, just saw the comment above (below me?) said the same thing! Great minds think alike!

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