Health anxiety

  1. I have health anxiety too. Maybe it's actually your stomach cramping? When my anxiety spikes, the 1st thing that's affected is my stomach. Acid reflux, pain, gas, cramping and sometimes vomiting & diarrhea.

  2. That might be yet I haven’t eaten a single thing today I’m I’m not sure earlier it was my left side now it’s my right side now I feel the pain by my heart I don’t know if it’s just in my head what’s actually happening sometimes I do get acid reflex and gas it’s just all the little things that I wouldn’t even notice if I was not having anxiety and now with health anxiety every little thing I notice and I tend to self diagnose myself and I put pieces together like OK well my stomachs cramping and I haven’t been feeling good lately and etc. etc. so my mind tends to put the puzzle pieces together and make it seem like it’s worse than it actually is if that makes any sense

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