I’m not on drugs!!!

  1. Yea fam yes. I also have autism so strangers ask me why i dont make eye contact or i look super serious in facial gestures(i do it uncontrollably). Then i say im autistic and they say nooooio youre not

  2. This! My mother worked in law enforcement and she would always tell me, "watch out for people that can't make eye contact, they're the dangerous ones!" I'm like, ummm I can't make eye contact because of my anxiety disorder, does that mean I'm a pedophile now? Just really ridiculous body cues people think mean things when they don't.

  3. I'm 38f and I get this a lot too. I smoke pot but it's medicinal, legal where I live medicinally and it's actually for my disorder. That's it. On bad weeks (or months, 2020 has been especially hard for me) I can't eat. I try but it's physically impossible. I can't swallow or I end up throwing it back up. Not an eating disorder (been called an anorexic before, like that's something to joke about) just my lovely panic. I am pretty thin right now. Instead of asking or wondering if my health is ok (it's not!) they assume I must be shooting heroin or smoking meth! I have cut a few people out of my life this past year due to this very thing, family too.

  4. I have Skitzo effective disorder, PTSD, Chronic pain and depression. With ADHD. So if I'm not manic and trembling I'm down and out. Thank God for meds otherwise I'd be stopped questioned and harassed by the police. I have sarisis too so when I have a break out it doesn't just break the top of my head out but it also breaks my face out so I look like I got meth face. It's the worst. Just a curse.

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