Bloodhound prestige skin is the aniversary collection event reward lmao

  1. Probaly what it means. I imagine these are heirloom legend skins basically. Seems the heirloom shop is getting a makeover.

  2. I’m wondering if it’s because there’s a lot of characters and they have less ideas for heirlooms prepped. So they might start doing prestige skins every other event so it pushes back new heirlooms.

  3. It's a cool skin, but such a bad decision to not have shards as at least an OPTION as the reward for this event. Last year was so successful, you'd think they had learned something...

  4. They learned that people wouldn’t spend $500 on packs if they did that so instead they want whales to spend $170 on a bloodhound skin

  5. yeah they should have just put blood skin in heirloom shop and let people get shards for the event so they can buy it if they want

  6. And tiers unlocked through damage. Sounds reasonable. Now I wonder if you can equip older version of the skin or permanently locked on more advanced (like if you unlocked tier 2 - will you stay locked on it or you can equip tier 1)

  7. Because it still gives them money. Regardless of how bullshit the price is. People will still buy it. There could be a skin that comes out that is 300$ and people will still pay.

  8. I dont even get what's so wrong about it. Skin looks cool. Probably not worth unless you play the legend alot and have disposable income but that's kinda how heirloom weapons already are anyway.

  9. This some shit that would have been 1000 coins in Overwatch, but Respawn figured out that whales will drop more than people will complain.

  10. never bought any skin, would have payed 25 bucks for it. now im just dissapointed and wanna burry my main BH

  11. This is sad man, I was actually excited for a CE. Most times I like 1 maybe 2 skins, this time I liked pretty much all of them, the weapon skins look damn good too. I even started preparing money to get it all, but no fucking way I'm getting it when a BH skin is the final "reward".

  12. Makes sense though, why let people buy heirlooms with 150 dollars when you can force people to buy them for 500 dollars

  13. Idunno if you saw at the very bottom right at the beginning of the video but looks like it'll be unlockable in the new mythic store. Just like all the other heirlooms after a collection event. So yeah not locked

  14. Same. Had planned on spending about $75 to get an heirloom this time around. I won’t be spending any money if this is the case. Unfortunate.

  15. It should at least come with the heirloom lol, I was gonna to get all of this years anniversary stuff like last year but I don't mind saving money lol

  16. This is a joke. A skin instead of shards. How is this even the same value. I understand its 'prestige' but no. If you don't main BH, this is absolutely not of value. Absolute joke. I'm not spending anything on this event, yet I already planned to if it was shards.

  17. Even if you main Bloodhound, buying a whole collection of skins for legends you don't play just to get that skin is a fucking tragedy

  18. How do heirlooms have a value of 160$ lmao. If people who play this game THINK it has value, then it has value. If not, it won't be sold

  19. same as other events honestly the heirlooms are very specific too a non wattson main was never gonna buy the whole event last time as well be honest you are just mad because you wanted shards lol

  20. Dank, can't wait for the fusey skin in 5 years! Come on man. I really hope this is just the special debut and every legend can have their own prestige item very soon

  21. Yet another smooth brain decision. For every good decision they've made this season there seems to be a bad one.

  22. They really smokin crack and doing heroine at the same time if they think I’m spending $160 on a skin i can’t see unless I do a finisher, which most likely won’t happen because of 3rd parties. Gtfo

  23. They're changing the heirloom shop to the Mythic Shop and shards will be for that now. Or at least that's what the leaders are saying.

  24. I gotta ask, are the tiers considered 3 separate skins or does the base skin change over time with each tier? because I kinda like the 1st tier the best and would hate to lose it over time

  25. Why would anyone pay that much money for this. It's legit shit. Only cool thing is the execution that you see one game out of 10.

  26. Pretty lame it isn’t reactive based on kills in each game. That would make it way more badass to show the lobby when you’re in final form means you have been running it down that game. Still wouldn’t be worth buying the whole event for tho.

  27. It’s a dope skin but I spent too much getting heirloom shards out of packs, I’ll be damned if I’m essentially paying $160 for a skin I can’t see. Atleast you can see the heirloom. Y’all have fun with that one

  28. L A M E. the skin is cool, but not CE reward cool. I knew ea wasn't going to make it achievable for free, since its ea. but this is so stupid. Heirloom shards would have been way more worth it. then ppl that don't play BH can at least choose what they want to unlock.

  29. Respawn already said that EA has no influence or decision over how they choose to monetize the gsme. This is all on them.

  30. I’m surprised people thought it wasn’t. They made it pretty clear in the trailer that it was part of the collection event.

  31. Yeah, I'm not sure if it's this image in particular but one of them that I saw said that it could be crafted after the event with heirloom shards.

  32. Yeah, I'm not sure if it's this image in particular but one of them that I saw said that it could be crafted after the event with heirloom shards.

  33. Well I'm glad I got the Wattson heirloom during the event rather than banking on their being shards again this year.

  34. Nope, you can't get it without paying unless you have around 38,000 crafting materials. Unfortunately, if you were to pay, it would amount to around $170 USD if I remember correctly.

  35. Srlsy if i would ever cheat in this game it would only be to get cosmetics like why should i spend so much money for this shit

  36. If I were you, I'd choose the heirloom. You can always see the heirloom when you hold it but you can almost never see the character skin.

  37. So im gone get this skin on the new season?*(Sorry for saying the same thing two times but I can't find the comment to edit it)

  38. It may be worth getting if the final tier had more detail, like additional armor plating and gear, especially on the lower body. Bit too bulky imo. Second tier looks the best tho.

  39. So some new store is coming for Prestige skins called "Mythic Store"? I doesn't seem to be shared with heirloom store based on name, but might use the same currency

  40. So even after unlocking this BH skin for 150 dollars u have to deal 110000 total damage to get it to level 3 / final form ….. brruhhh

  41. 100000 is kinda low in my opinion, hope its dmg after getting the skin and not something that you insta unluck if you already have the dmg. But the skin looks sick and i love the idea of evolving skins

  42. I mean, that’s quite a bit of damage, especially if you don’t play the legend much, if ever, really sucks for those of us that would rather play other legends (and already payed $144 for the rest of the event)

  43. Just here to say that respawn owes all of us nothing. Its a free game and you don't have to pay money. No one is forcing you to.

  44. Lol people act like Respawn has these prices for no reason. They're so high because thousands of people purchase them at this price point. You're either willing to pay or you aren't. No skin off their back either way.

  45. Sick, a reactive skin only my enemy’s beating my ass will see. Not worth 160 if I can’t even see it myself


  47. This sucks due to no shards but also b/c this might mean that future prestige skins will be released this way as well. I really wonder what this costs on it's own.

  48. Can someone explain to me what’s different/bad here? I started playing late last year so I don’t know what’s changed

  49. Last year, for the second anniversary event, they gave out heirloom shards to those players that obtained all 24 items. So you were then able to craft an heirloom of your choosing. People assumed that was going to be the case for this time around but they put this Mythic (Heirloom) skin instead.

  50. He wanted it to be Heirloom shards? Me as well honestly. If it was heirloom shards I would’ve bought it but I’m not paying for a skin of character I don’t even main.

  51. NOOOO it’s the presage skin for BH when you buy everything from the event, I thought it was going to be heirloom shards! I wanted to get the shards and make BH heirloom SHIT I thought that skin was going to be part of the new season pass

  52. Imo it might be worth it. Unlike some heirlooms which are by far not worth it. This skin evolves, looks cool, and has a custom execution all of which heirlooms don't. Plus I'm pretty sure these evolving skins are replacing heirlooms in events

  53. Then you don't get it. You're not entitled to the skin. Regardless how you view the practice or not. It's just crazy people think it was going to be a hand out.

  54. Tbf it says they'll be a new mythic shop to buy it from after the event so so long as the price isnt too much should eb good

  55. This is painful to watch, not only because of their greed, but also because underrated legends can forget abuot ever getting a heirloom...

  56. they are asking 160$ for it for that money skin should be a lot better then this.I am not saying the skin is bad but "mythic" should look way better then this lol

  57. they coudlve atleast made a unique banner pose and frame to go with it.... the fact it's not even animated means you only really see 1 skin at a time and when you finish

  58. Well, none of my money will be going to EA this season then. I was regretting not snagging Rampart's heirloom during the CE... Guess I'll keep waiting.

  59. Does this mean our heirloom will have levels and finishers attached??? Bc if that’s the case I can live w this skin

  60. I think this is bullshit since it's a fps game so you wont even see your own skin and a lot of people are not willing to pay 160 dollars for it

  61. They should just have this in the battle pass coming from someone who has spent 200 or 300 something dollars on event items, not even I would buy a bloodhound skin for atleast 167$ and not get heirloom shards after I buy everything. Apex is really becoming trash isn't it?

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