S12 Ranked Divetrail Rewards

  1. Yeah, for the first time in a very long time I think I will not bother going to Diamond. Hell, I'm probably not even gonna reach Plat. I grew tired of the trails and I don't care about badges/charms I already have enough of them. Tryharding Ranked in soloQ slowly made me hate the game (and Respawn's decisions don't help lol), I feel like I may enjoy the game more if I go back to playing like a casual.

  2. Maybe a dumb question - if I hit diamond first split would I get these rewards still? I started the 2nd split this weekend and got to gold 1 and am already just annoyed with KC for ranked and can’t decide if I want to grind or not

  3. I hate how they made trails just a seasonal thing that disappears. I want to grind hard for Masters but then you lose the trail for it the following season. At least you get a badge I guess so that counts.

  4. Yeah getting masters badge is more rewarding than trail IMO. At least you get to keep that forever. I am still surprised they have not implemented custom purchasable trails. I feel like they can come at anytime and still keep these ranked ones as free rewards

  5. Season 8 dive trails are the cleanest but my least favorite. Pred is more orange instead of the cool deep reddish orange it usually is

  6. Pretty much why I stopped playing ranked since season 7, there's no incentive at all. (Not to mention the splits only to get an animated badge ... woooo!)

  7. And then to get landed on and punched out when you do equip it. Especially now with the normal trails being so faint that they’re invisible it’s literally a massive „I’m here, punch me out“ sign.

  8. I honestly don't even know why these trails even exist since the default dive trails got updated and look way better than these ones. Ranked rewards should get a rework just imagine grinding for pred just to get this garbage trail for a season lmao

  9. This was the divetrail on a past season right, so reused? They should atleast add more rewards like apex packs or crafting metals. Imagine if an apex predator would get heirloom shards, oh boy how sweaty the lobbies are going to be to push to pred.

  10. might not even turn it on tbh i just wanted the experience of it and i mean that in ernest, Olympus was fun KC is well...... Let's not have that debate here

  11. I love how they went a while without a dia trail cuz too many ppl got it but only a few seasons after bringing it back they make it basically free

  12. The reason was because Master replaced Diamond as the second highest rank, not because "too many people got Diamond."

  13. I have seen so many people say they stay for 1 season, 3 seasons, or indefinite. But ingame it says season long so I guess it’s only kept during then.

  14. Seems that a lot are disappointed seeing the S8 trail again, well me too. Fact is that every 4 season, dive trails are rotated to comeback after the said no. of seasons.

  15. Ranked is such a joke this season, they buffed survival rp so you could easily just rat your way to diamond, that’s why a fourth of the ranked player base made diamond last split, pubs are going to be hilarious next month literally everyone will have a dive trail lmao

  16. I'd love for a developer to come onto this subreddit and explain this shit. Respawn, you earn more than enough money to rely on reused assets from several seasons ago. In fact, ranked rewards need an overhaul.

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