What made you choose Apple Music?

  1. Same reason for me. Plus the straight forward library style. But I miss Spotify all the time. Discovered way more on that platform.

  2. Exactly that, once Google Play Music bit the dust to be replaced by the awful YouTube Music, I made the switch. I've tried Spotfiy but their way of dealing local files is clunky and obsession with pushing podcasts at me irritating.

  3. Sound quality. HomePods. AirPods. I’m fully invested in apple services and would prefer everything to work together as easily as possible. Hate the Spotify interface

  4. First is because I already have a massive music collection and have a good portion of it on my phone. I was getting tired of going back and forth between that and Pandora to listen to music when I could just pay Apple and have all my music in one place.

  5. The fact that I can upload music that’s not on the service, and it’s seamlessly there, in the cloud, mixed in with everything in my library.

  6. This. Sound quality is all that keeps me tied to Apple Music. I still pay for it and Spotify, but the day Spotify adds HiFi, I’m bolting out the door.

  7. Better integration with my Apple devices, sound quality, I like the UI more, just music and no podcasts, and fair price as part of my Apple One family subscription.

  8. Mostly because of Apple One. It’s bundled up with other services I use. It also goes well with my Apple devices and I like how the Apple Music iCloud Library handles my offline music. Makes syncing effortless.

  9. Feels more like owning CD’s. That might sound ridiculous, but I still “shop” for albums in Apple Music, add them to my library, and listen to albums as if they were CD’s.

  10. I was an original user of Apple Music, then used Spotify for years while intermittently checking out Apple Music with each iOS update. There was a lot I liked about Spotify - the music suggestions were awesome, it worked on pretty much any device, I could always discover new music, and I could collaborate with others when creating playlists.

  11. I hated Spotify’s interface. I had to create a playlist of a single song if I only wanted to download it from a album. It also seemed like they would make improvements to the app, then just take them away. It wasn’t until my friend showed me how different and easier it was on Android devices that I went “f—- I’m out.” Plus during the start of the pandemic it was suggesting god awful random stuff from people who have zero talent and were also vaguely racist and pro-Trump. I’m a Canadian. I couldn’t care less about Trump.

  12. Some of the UI elements are so annoying. You add a song to your library and you have that stupid popup for a few seconds blocking your screen.

  13. I use Music because I use Apple’s products for the streamlined experience, which of course isn’t always amazing. But the main reason is because specifically, their audio technology, hardware and software, is all built in house and both are made with the other in mind.

  14. Apple Music + Apple Watch. At the time, it was the only option streaming music over cellular without my phone.

  15. I recently switched from AM to Spotify. The sound quality is vastly better on AM but my main reason for switching was the general bugginess of the software in general and especially Airplay plus the abysmal UI and UX of all AM iterations (example: Playlist sorting on desktop and mobile and sync between them) and as some errors and bugs are still present after years, I don't want to give Apple money for that - maybe sounds naive but that's my way of thinking.

  16. I had a 3 month free trial so I gave it a shot. My buddy always talked it up too. I definitely love the sound quality but the accessibility of finding smaller artists is really good imo. Plus I feel like AM is really good at pinpointing to what I’d wanna listen to over Spotify, especially my metal suggestions. My Spotify discover weekly and suggested albums/artists can be super hit or miss but it’s been super consistent with AM and I’ve found a lot of great artists/bands

  17. iPhone / Airpods / all apple devices user here .. but was a Spotify user all this time.. Moved to A Music when Spotify started getting accounts hacked and since it's 2022 and they're still not offering Multifactor/MFA for account protection and they offer horrible support.. My account was getting hacked all the time , no matter how complex the password and how many things I did to sign-out all devices bla bla.. Nevertheless, best choice I made

  18. The fact that Spotify fucked me out of my family plan. Had one set up for my wife and I and we had it set to our address. I got an email saying that she was removed from my plan because we didn’t live at the same address (we checked our accounts and they match.) After being removed she was permanently banned from rejoining my plan and forced to pay for her own. I contacted support and they did nothing to help me. Just kept saying she didn’t live with me and that was breaking the TOS of the family plan. I said fuck Spotify and canceled my plan and my wife and I switched to Apple Music. Wish we had switched sooner.

  19. I already had a large I Tunes library of about 28,000 songs when Apple Music launched, with playlists already made, tracks labelled the way I like them and I used it to sync tracks to my IPod/IPhone. It just made sense to keep with it as it integrated so well with ITunes.

  20. My family’s Cellular Data plan includes 1 Apple Music account per iPhone (I wasn’t interested in iPhone until March 2020).

  21. My sister gave my daughter Gen 3 AirPods for Christmas. Ironically my daughter liked the well reviewed cheap wireless earbuds my sister gave me so she traded the AirPods to me. At the time we had Spotify family plan. I tried and liked the free Apple Music trial, higher quality and (unlike Amazon Music) I can scrobble Last.fm. She went to Spotify student which includes Showtime, that she shared with me. Win-win. Thanks sis.

  22. Last fall Spotify forced a feature that enabled autoplay after an album ends (when playing on an external device) and you couldn’t disable the autoplay.

  23. Mostly the integration with Apple hardware, services, and family sharing. I loved Spotify but I couldn’t pass up the deal with Apple Family plan. The biggest thing that I don’t like is that if I upload my own music (CDs), the record labels can ask Apple to remove them from my library if they choose to not allow streaming. For that reason, I use Plex/PlexAmp for my personal music collection.

  24. I didn’t care wether I had Spotify or Apple Music at first. Tbh I initialy didn’t like Apple Music’s UI compared to Spotify’s

  25. I find it rather ridiculous that Spotify has podcasts. In my mind, Spotify is for music and nothing else. I can see how music podcasts fit in with their product but podcasts that have nothing to do with music seem out of place to me. Now Amazon Music has podcasts which is even more ridiculous. Thankfully Apple Music won't go in that direction.

  26. I have both AM and Spotify. Tbh I chose AM just for sound quality only. Everything else Spotify wins hand down like seamless operation of Spotify connect across different platform and great music recommendation. Spotify also remember where I left off so I can pick up easily which AM failed to do. Just a basic feature. So frustrating to remember then search what I listened last time when I open AM everytime.

  27. I chose for iCloud music library to be totally honest. As an artist who makes LOTS of demos that i occasionally touch on here and there, its a lot easier to add my demo to iTunes and have it available to listen to on my phone without taking up a bunch of space with demo after demo. It also just works as a great way for me to look back, as I have things I made 5-6 years ago that I wouldn't be able to access otherwise.

  28. Lossless, however the lack of options for listening to lossless audio on a Windows client is starting to wear my patience thin. How have they not gotten rid of Itunes yet? It’s been a year since they announced lossless..

  29. What bugs? I’ve been using apple for years, even when my old job gave us spotify for free. I have yet to experience ANY bugs, so I’m very curious as to what you’re talking about.

  30. I was offered three months free, plus I was already using iTunes on my computer to store music and update my phone. Seemed like a no brainer to continue after the free period as by then I’d cultivated quite a few playlists.

  31. Me too...i went to Amazon Music first which was a pretty not great experience. Spotify has better playlists overall, but not enough of an issue to go back. Also aware the pretty much all corporate streaming services (or just about corporate anything) pretty much suck

  32. Been using iTunes since it started, then iTunes Match and now AM. Have tried other services but my music collection is pretty big and despite the occasional outage it all works well for me (touch wood). Part of the decision is that I was an iPod user then switched to iPhone without ever being on android, so it’s just easy to keep things as they are - and I can’t see any advantage to using anything else. My one gripe is regional locking of some material, but that affects Spotify as well.

  33. Apple Watch and Apple TV at the time. Also the student discount that offers Apple TV+ (I heard you get Spotify and Hulu in America, but I’m from Europe so…).

  34. Used to be a Tidal Hi-Fi user until they announced Lossless and Spatial. Started my trial and haven’t looked back since

  35. Sound quality, spotify was deleting my downloaded music every couple of weeks or so, being able to put music they dont have

  36. When I moved to a different state, I had literally a half a to of CDs and DVDs on a pallet. I decided I needed to keep things more portable, so I ripped everything in iTunes, partly because AAC has better sound quality, and partly because I wanted to keep rare music available via Match.

  37. I chose Apple Music for sound quality and the fact that it works will with Google Assistant. Unfortunately, I just decided to move away from Apple Music because of issues with shuffling, issues with the web based applications maintaining playlist position, and the overall clunkyness of the service. It's so frustrating. If Apple would just quit trying to reinvent things or adding features that nobody wants (like Live DJs) and just copy Spotify's playlist and song handoff features (but maintain music quality, lyrics, and fade out), Apple Music would be unstoppable. I just got tired of fighting with my playlist!

  38. Main reason is that I was already in the apple ecosystem. Watch, computers, phone, tv, pods. Also disliked Spotify’s move to become “Joe Rohan’s Spotify”.

  39. Geez so much. I used to rip disks into iTunes, so there’s that. The audio quality is better. But the biggest reason is Apple One, I also get a bunch of other stuff with Apple Music and it’s cheap

  40. Already had an iPhone when Apple Music launched, but never bought music, downloaded it illegally and then added to the music app manually because I listen to too much music, so when apple music dropped it felt like all the same results, but paying for all the downloading and syncing being done in one second which was super great.

  41. I have a collection of music I bought from iTunes, and my music was uploaded to the iTunes cloud, I tried other cloud services but Apple worked better for me,also Spotify doesn’t have an upload service.

  42. honestly, i had itunes (illegally downloaded music from youtube lol back in like 2011), then switched to spotify for the longest time, and then recently switched back to apple music about a year ago. i did it for a few reasons but one being the biggest that my boyfriend and i were on family sharing and he used apple music, and i was able to hop on for free. i also like the platform much better- easier to follow, make playlists etc. the only thing i don't like and that i miss from spotify is i found that finding playlists were easier and that there were waaaay more. i find with apple music that's hard to find and/or they are simply not as good as the spotify playlists.

  43. Love the control of meta data on itunes desktop[, despite how shitty it is, cloud works well for me.

  44. spotifys layout is sooo ugly to me. i cant stand looking at it i only use it to check artists monthly listeners. also yearly recap, spotifys is fucking terrible lmao. last year they had “2 truths and a lie”’ it shows ur “colour aura” and there was a few other dumb things like only showing ur top 5 songs or only showing ur total minutes played for ur top artist, where apple music shows ur top 100 songs, how many times u played each song, shows ur top 20 artists and how many hours for each artist. if i wanna check my recap, i want to see my actual stats. not play 2 truths and a lie and see what my “colour aura” is, what ever tf that may be. i use lastFM to check music stats but it’s also interesting seeing them on AM. i just like everything about AM more

  45. The family plan is really good for what you get 20 a month for a family plan with everything is really good

  46. I have a lot of music unavailable on streaming services. Apple Music allows complete control over all metadata. I tried with spotify and they jumbled metadata. I also use HomePod/ AirPods/ Apple ecosystem in general- but would switch to Spotify if they could match Apple Music library management.

  47. Originally upload music, but now really just cause you can rate and dislike songs. I also have Spotify Premium though and prefer that as a service. I use that more when I need more searchability and music recs. Apple Music navigation is absolutely a nightmare. And they seem to keep recommending songs you tell them you dislike so pretty bad in that sense. Spotify's recommendations after playlists end seem way more innovative and I enjoy much more. I can't tell you how much I hate Apple's interface. But the ability to rate songs and not have them all just lump together is big for me.

  48. Personally, I like the way the app looks like and I feel like is more pleasing to look at rather than the green and black of Spotify which I do have an account of but I much rather like Apple Music due to being easy to use and how to navigate it

  49. Basically I am invested in the ecosystem (positives and negatives), and I find aesthetically, that AM is far superior to any of the competitors. Spatial/Atmos are really important to me as well.

  50. Prior to the release of  Music I had created a decent sized personal library which consisted of many albums (such as soundtracks) that simply weren't available on any streaming service and still remain unavailable.  Music was the first service that really integrated your personal and cloud library. That plus robust smart playlist support make it by far the best service for me even if I wasn't in the Apple ecosystem.

  51. It was recommended by a friend who said it was great, so I gave it a shot, and I liked it more than Pandora (which is what I was using at the time and was starting to lose interest in)

  52. Better sound, better search and play interface, integrates with my own music library, & Spotify is the devil…. Next question?

  53. the whole controversy spotify had earlier this year made me curious enough to try apple music, which i had already been wanting to do for a while due to the cloud uploading, lossless quality, and radio. i was like "well this is pretty good!" and stuck around. i dont even have an apple product, i just use the android app and, rarely, the itunes app on windows

  54. The ecosystem. Any product category I use I’ll switch to an Apple version if I can. I enjoy their products and the ecosystem is amazing to me. Plus the less companies that have my data and credit card details the better

  55. I was on Google Play Music for a long time. Liked it because it allowed me to upload my own music (I have quite a few local bands' CDs I'd like to listen to.) Plus having a massive song library that I can shuffle appealed to me which Spotify didn't do.

  56. I only have it because it's included in my Verizon plan. I've been on YouTube Music since the beginning of time. I mirror my playlists between both services because you can store more music on your phone with Apple Music, which is helpful whenever I'm in an area where I don't get good reception.

  57. Spotify wasn’t available in my country and Apple gave me 6 free months. I also like the UI more & the lyrics look way better on the app.

  58. sound quality, and maybe the thing that draws to me the most is AM’s superior UI to that of Spotify’s; looking at Spotify’s UI now, I’m glad I left that mess for AM’s much cleaner, more prestige looking interface

  59. Sound quality of both music and music videos. SQ of YT music videos is simply not as enjoyable.

  60. I was a Spotify user for years. But I didn't like how they forced beta testing on users. Somehow, I got chosen for beta testing constantly. So my Spotify experience kept changing; sometimes for a few weeks, before it would return to working like it used to. I finally left Spotify when they removed the user library and focused the user's music collection around playlists and following artists.

  61. My family had been using iTunes before and Apple Music had all the music we had on iTunes, I use it cause I’ve always used it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  62. Spotify kicked me off the student plan, even though I was still in my 2nd or 3rd year of college. Apple Music honored my student status. So, I guess originally it was price? Back then, Apple Music also had a lot more selections of Asian music and Taylor swift lol. And now it’s been so long, I would not change back lol.

  63. Always had  products, and my iTunes library was already build with tons of cds and purchases from the store itself… only one choice for me, really…

  64. Sound quality and pricing. I also love how well-curated the playlists are. That’s the thing that turned me off most about Spotify. The UI may be easy to use but it’s not very thoughtful. Apple Music is more… “human” in that sense.

  65. iTunes Library, I’ve liked the interface and start to download all my music before Apple Music. Almost 25,000 songs. Personalized albums & songs, compilations, etc.

  66. I make music in Logic. One click “add to library” when exporting and it’s suddenly on every device I own. Plus it is part of the ecosystem, and it pays artists better than Spotify, though the payouts still SUCK.

  67. I just want to be different from everybody. Spotify is their choice, well I still use spotify on my desktop but on my phone, I’m rocking with AM

  68. Apple/library intergration (though when it first arrived I wished it separated my owned music from streamed music) and aesthetics tbh. Spotify has a cool color scheme but looked really clunky.

  69. 6 month free trial, lossless playback, Neil Young. Community playlists and compatibility with home devices have been the major drawbacks for me

  70. Lossless, and without a price hike. Tell that to the Spotify execs who keep snarling at it. If Spotify offered lossless I would struggle to choose between AM and Spotify.

  71. i also used to pay like 9.99 for it once a month but then i got the bundle with arcade and 50 gbs so im paying a little more for more stuff

  72. Price & convenience. As a student, I get Apple TV+ included for a half-price AM subscription. Can't beat it.

  73. It was mainly driven by the privacy policy and to a lesser degree the size of music library. If Apple had a tiny music library, I couldn't justify it. When it was down to the privacy policy, none of the others are even close.

  74. Everyone in my family shifted to the apple ecosystem, just made sense to get the Apple Music subscription under a family plan.

  75. Subscribing to Apple+ family services or whatever you call it. I used to subscribe to Google Play Music but that went and YouTube Music is a bit shit. I still pay for that too though for ad-free YouTube

  76. well......uhhh my story of entering the apple music community started pretty unexpected when my cousin was like "bro i will send u invite to join the family plan of apple music"...although it was unexpected i was craving for it.....it was the ui and the high level lossless audio which made me mostly a fan for it.....(also i was fed up of ads on spotifiy 😂)

  77. I got a iPod touch (I hated it I hate apple in general) I started a trial I used the ipod for two.weeks and gave it to my brother. well the trail ain't two weeks long so I just started paying for it since my whoever paid my Spotify family stopped. now my whole family has an iPhone besides me so we pay family plan and I just use that. also can upload my own music.

  78. I joined Apple Music as a subscription for iTunes so I no longer had to pay for individual songs and the fact that it merged with my current MP3 collection was a big sell for me at the time. But what is iTunes and what makes it so special? iTunes was SoundJam, the best MP3 player ever made. It was created by a small independent studio but as Apple typically does with the awesome shit they discover, they purchased it and renamed the application iTunes and engineered it to work with their upcoming iPods. Fast forward to the launch of Apple Music and it seems with every update they have repurposed ITunes to be more of a vessel to play Apple Music and they stripped away the features that made it feel like an MP3 library manager and player and reprioritized the UI to focus on the subscription service. Now I mostly hate it. I will say that aside from the clunky AI the sound quality is good and the playlists they curate for me are mostly fine and sometimes really good too. But yeah, I miss iTunes. Apple Music feels like an ad for shitty corporate pop music and they seem to go out of their way to make sure the UI shoves it in my face every time I fire up the app as they bury my music library deeper into their lousy UI

  79. I’m not 100% committed to Apple Music but or does seem to be my favourite. The other services I’ve tried are YouTube Music, Deezer, Qobuz and Spotify and each has some pretty strong ways of turning me away.

  80. I got it back when Siri only worked with Apple Music. But I stuck around for the tighter integration with Apple’s devices and especially for the UI on Apple Music, that I personally find vastly better than other streaming platforms!

  81. I personally started using Apple Music because my dad already had an account. After 2 years of sharing the same account, I negociated for him to change it to a family account, and here I am, using Apple Music on Android and Windows. My dad used it because it worked with iCloud (or was included with it a while ago, when it was just iTunes).

  82. Spotify used to be my number 1 streaming service but I made the switch to Apple because as a student I get it for 5.99 each month as well as Apple TV+ for free. As well as that I like that on iTunes you can edit albums in your library like you can remove '- Single' for singles. Also, you have smart playlists such as 'Top 25 Most Played' and 'My Top Rated'. I enjoy listening to the Apple radio stations as well.

  83. Because there are 6 of us in the family and paying £19.95 including music and Apple TV is the same as paying for iCloud backup storage for all 6 of us individually

  84. I had some problems with Spotify. Every time that I locked my phone the song stopped for a minute or so. Also, Apple Music is cheaper in my country.

  85. First device with an internet connection was an iPad I got thru school so got apple music (wasn't able to download Spotify on it). Was considering switching when I got a phone but apple music on android has always worked great for me, and when they added lossless right at the same time as I was investing in a hi-fi setup it was a no-brainer to stay. Only thing I wish it had was a better friends/sharing system.

  86. Sound quality and the native feel of the interface. Also, the student discount and the added Apple TV+ subscription since I am in college.

  87. Apple Lossless, but even before they introduced that I preferred the design of the UI and how it controlled. The way apple makes their hardware and software, the music just sounds better

  88. AM user since 2016. But, the Mac app since Montery has been so shit that I finally gave up and switched to Spotify in Jan 2022. Used it for good 6 months. Spotify connect is my favourite feature. Missed AM’s Dolby Atmos and Lossless. In June, AM gave me a deal where I 3 months $1.25. Spotify/month here in India is $1.5.

  89. My favorite music genre is japanese pop and they have the biggest library of that genre compared to other streaming services.

  90. Lossless. When i need playlists i just go to spotify and copy the public playlist to make my own playlist and songshift them to Apple Music. i know, a little hassle- but worth it. (if anyone's gonna ask, yes i have the proper equipment for it.)

  91. Put in too much work uploading all my CDs to my first iPod, and pricking about with album artwork, to throw it all away. So maybe file me under ‘stubborn’

  92. I’ve got my first iPhone in 2017, and before that I never used streaming services. Since I was extremely excited for finally getting an Apple product, I signed in to AM, and has been a user ever since. Nowadays the thing that keeps me on AM is legacy playlists, since they hold a ton of sentimental value.

  93. It comes with the apple one subscription, I found the UI much better, I liked how easy it was for it to connect with my other apple stuff, and being able to see the lyrics, and select which lyric I wanted to listen to is probably what sold me in the first place

  94. feels cleaner than other apps + it was made for iphone. regret it tho as its ass on windows pc and i dont use my mac book as much as my pc

  95. Mainly the UI. Spotify feels like I’m being advertised to constantly. And prioritises playlists over the album, which I don’t like. And it’s kinda ugly. Apple Music is clean and the layout is better.

  96. Because I use iPhone, and wanted to play music using my voice/Siri. I wanted a native music app not a 3rd party one.

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