I want to buy an Apple Watch but I have very acidic sweat.

  1. Sweat is naturally acidic iirc. Just that mine is more acidic than most, my dad is the same. We can’t wear metal framed eyeglasses and silver jewelry.

  2. Considering how corrosive op is (look at the picture, wtf) I think titanium would be a safer bet.

  3. Nice to find someone like me. I have had an Apple Watch on my arm for years now and there is no visible issues with it. I use silicon or cloth bands and I have worn it to play futsal regularly. I think you might be ok.

  4. Maybe a vinyl skin, like something from dbrand, would help? If your sweat goes through it at least it’s easier to replace than a MacBook enclosure.

  5. yes but also you should be proud of your (clearly) alien heritage by showing off how well your natural armor can slowly destroy modern technology

  6. Just FYI, everyone has acid skin. It’s known as the acid mantle and helps keep microbes from thriving on your skin. It’s only slightly acidic, so you’re not going to melt a hole in a steel door with your sweat or anything, but some people’s skin chemistry can cause corrosion on metals after prolonged close contact (like resting your wrists on a laptop for hours a day, or strapping a watch to your arm).

  7. I have also a very acetic sweat (I ruined multiple time some collector consoles by degrading plastic shell 😢). I have a titanium Apple Watch and it does not seem to wear out.

  8. I also have burn marks on my plastic ruler and my previous hard plastic+rubber phone cases. Titanium isn’t available where I’m from so I might just get stainless steel.

  9. I think there should be no problem if you don't forget to rinse your watch in water when you get back home, like once or twice a day if the watch is noticeably wet. The point is not to let the sweat get dry.

  10. Yeah, I’m in that camp. My trumpet in junior high was a nightmare. I’ve had no trouble with aluminum, steel, or Ti Apple watches.

  11. I'm the same way. My MBP 2016 has very rough edges. My Apple Watches look great. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

  12. I never figured out what changed, but I used to have acidic sweat (didn’t even know it was a thing at the time until a doctor pointed it out), and I would always dye things… towels, pillow cases, etc… I once got caught in the rain in a black t-shirt and it basically turned the entire shirt a rust / brown colour… I would also leave finger imprints on styrofoam cups, like it would melt and stick to my fingers where I was holding it.

  13. Doctors said it could be hormonal. It’s not super acidic all the time. There are times when it’s normal but there are times where I leave burn marks on plastic/acrylic stuff I touched for more than an hour. So I try to wipe things after every use. Sometimes my palms and soles are very very sweaty for no reason.

  14. I wish Apple was aware and actively help make their aluminium more durable. There's plenty of people with this issue

  15. My sweat is also acidic! my macbook’s edges are just like this. I have an apple watch and my sweat didn’t damage my watch.

  16. I am a horrible, horrible sweater. I’ve never had an issue with my Apple Watch and I’ve had it for 3 years.

  17. Okay I’m glad I’m not the only one cause some of the comments here are making me question myself lol. I also have a plastic ruler I often use that has burn marks on it just from my palm sweat.

  18. I also have acidic sweat. I will literally burn the arms off of prescription glasses in just a few months. My glasses have to be stainless or titanium. Apple makes watches in both materials. They are more expensive, but they will definitely work for you.

  19. Yes! It was my eye doctor who pointed out this issue because metal glasses kept breaking on me. I only wear plastic frames now. Thanks thanks!

  20. I'd go for it man. If you can find a stainless one used or ceramic. I'd guess the underneath takes the brunt of the sweat anyways. Or go the opposite route and get a SE to see how it holds up.

  21. It shouldn’t be too much of an issue because the apple watch doesn’t really have hard edges that would see higher wear. The main part in contact with your skin is glass

  22. Same thing happened to my Mac, my mouse, my keyboard, and my Apple Watch. But like… just get one, it’s fine. I kept using mine, pitted aluminum and all, until the screen cracked. And I kept using it after the screen cracked, until it was all black and I couldn’t use it to tell time or understand what Siri heard me say anymore.

  23. I don’t think you’ll have a problem. The back of the watch is not made from aluminum, it’s ceramic and glass. That’s where most of your sweat will touch.

  24. Oh I have the same problem! But my MBP looked much worse! I don’t have this problem with my Apple Watch. Idk if my wrist is less acidic than my palms or if it’s the aluminum frame isn’t in enough of direct contact with my wrist but, yeah, never been a problem with the watch.

  25. I have a very similar issue with my MBP (though I’ve never heard of acidic sweat, it all makes sense now lol) but on my AW S4 it hasn’t had the same issue really

  26. Are you on ADHD meds? Adderall made my sweat more acidic. I had a pair of headphones back in the day, the kind that had a wire that laid on back of my neck. My sweat completely dissolved the rubber around the wires. I melted the rubber buttons on my flip phone, and my underwear would quickly become too loose to wear because my sweat would ruin the elastic over time. The problem stopped completely now that I’m not longer on it

  27. I have this too!! It used to be worse when I was younger (all my tshirts had holes in the armpits after just a few wears). I’ve had my series 4 since it came out with 0 issues! And I sweat A LOT and spend about half my work week out in the Southern Sun.

  28. I doubt this is corrosion from acidic sweat. You would see signs of corrosion on the top as well, such as pitting. This looks like some type of metal jewelry scraping the edge for a period of time. Or like maybe however you are using or storing it is rubbing against it.

  29. But I don’t wear anything on my right hand nor do I regularly wear long sleeves and this is just stored lid closed on my desk. There really is nothing else that could have scraped it and I’ve done this similar thing to metal framed glasses and the old case & strap of my Mi Band before which is why I came to the conclusion. Corrosion might not be the correct word (English isn’t my first language) but this condition has been confirmed by my dermatologist.

  30. After reading through the comments, I can finally say, I’m not alone! I found my people! To answer your question, my AW7 aluminum is OK so far since Feb this year. Not really super concerned since I also have apple care.

  31. My sweat dissolves the rivets in baseball caps. I’ve seen no degradation on space gray aluminum or space black stainless Apple watches.

  32. I do leather work and I’ve switched to only using solid brass and nickel rivets because of this as well lol! Looks like the stainless steel is the safe bet. Do you have the stainless loop as well?

  33. Get a titanium watch. The series 8 is supposed to be a super strong metal atleast thats what everyone is saying. I would wait til September to do anything

  34. Doesn’t look like corrosion, just wear. If it were corrosion it would show up on flat surfaces too. And look different. That is a very clean, if worn, edge.

  35. There are spots on the surface and also the rubber has burned off in some spots. I can’t attach more than one photo to the post. I clean it with alcohol wipes daily so it looks clean..

  36. No but I want to buy for workout purposes so I’ll sweat all over. There’s some corrosion on the left side as well just more corrosion on the right side since I tend to rest my right wrist on the laptop.

  37. Damn I had the exact same thing and couldn’t get how a single pin on the Apple Watch rubber band could have caused so much damage.

  38. It’s okay sitah, it must be difficult to be a mechanical being. What is it, you’re an android? A robot? Some kind of industrial piece of equipment?

  39. Are you sure you don't have some sort of bracelet or wear a watch on your right hand? I can't believe this is simply sweat, plus surely you aren't sweating buckets whilst using a laptop (if so, please seek urgent medical attention).

  40. Nope. My palms get really sweaty sometimes and I live in a tropical country. This used to happen with my metal framed glasses and there’s nothing on my ears, face, scalp or hair that can do that damage. There’s really no cure for it. Some of my friends get Botox injections every 6 months but that’s too much lol. And antiperspirants for hands just leave residue everywhere.

  41. My man. Doesn’t have to do with my diet. It’s just genetics. I eat a normal balanced diet, cook my own food and rarely eat junk food or fast food. Just unlucky.

  42. Hey OP my MacBook looks the same but my Apple Watch after 6 months is totally fine. Just regular midnight version not SS. Have taken it off only to charge.

  43. Yeah I’ve had that on every MacBook I’ve owned going back more than 10 years. Had my Apple Watch starlight aluminium for about 5 months and so far no sign of similar damage. I’ve used it for running and sweated a fair bit in it. Time will tell! Something to know know so that the aluminium is only around the edges, every part that contacts with your skin on the rear is glass/crystal/whatever it is. On my MacBooks it’s been where the palm of My hand rests that has corroded, so I am hopeful the watch won’t have as much direct sweat exposure as those areas.

  44. I think you could get a stainless steel watch and you should be good. It’s a bit more expensive but it should be ok with your sweat

  45. Palms sweaty. Knees weak, moms spaghetti vomit on her computer already, corroding her keyboard steady. She’s nervous, but on the surface she’s ready to rock watches, but she keeps on forgetting she sweats napalm.

  46. Also you can buy clear 3m auto wrap to protect your computer and watch - might reduce your ocean acidification from ruining your shit.

  47. My dad has the same problem: I gifted him an AW series 4 in October 2020, lasted until a couple of weeks ago (watch still working but the sweat kinda leaked inside and rendered the touch useless) - I was using a rugged case from Spigen - now I bought for him a new watch and this time we will go for a waterproof case like the

  48. I guess you would be fine, since the bottom of all the newer Apple watches are ceramic (or glass, can’t recall). They’re also waterproof, so you can just take them to the shower to clean them to not have them exposed to your sweat for longer period.

  49. I would prioritize figuring out why the hell that is and fixing that if possible. Otherwise though, I strongly advice you to go with the sliver stainless steel or one of the titanium as obviously the aluminum will not survive well on your wrist, and those other models shave a much better sapphire cover material. All of the backs are made of ceramic.

  50. I had acidic sweat when I was younger but it went away when I got older. Maybe use a different type watch band ? I don’t know . Or maybe diet is a factor .

  51. Sweat is probably more acidic when you drink alcohol,now I understand why my silver necklace got more tarnished during my holiday recently lol.

  52. I have the same problem. It's really annoying and demoralising. Some people just have higher acidity levels. It sucks. I want to enjoy my expensive apple products but always end up corroding them

  53. Huh, my last MBP looked like that after awhile too (maybe 4 years for me), but I always assumed it was from friction or something over time, never considered that acidity in sweat was even a thing. For what it’s worth though, I have an Apple Watch and no issues with it at all.

  54. Well, the bottom of the Apple Watch (center) is glass. The outer edges around the middle is metal. You can get a case that covers that area.

  55. 1 glass of kombucha a day. I don’t count how much water but my pee is usually clear or at least almost clear except in the morning.

  56. Since the bottom is ceramic, you could possible clear mail polish around the bottom of the metal parts of the casing and be totally fine. Clear nail polish is a trick women use if they are allergic to the metals in their jewelry.

  57. I'm not an apple watch user, but apple watch nowadays comes in Titanium and Stainless steel. They should be more resilient to acidic solutions than Aluminum Alloy.

  58. I have similar sweat and bought the Apple Watch series 7 in stainless steel with the stainless steel wristband. No issues!

  59. Are you sure its your hands and not the environment; two years with corrosion sitting in? nah not even my non functioning mac a decade ago showed such signs of corrosion; often the problem lies with awful screen (regular wiping keeps the condition good for a long time)

  60. Are we supposed to be looking at the worn edges? If so, that doesn't make sense given you don't typically rest your hands on the edges.

  61. Update: will wait for the new release since people are saying it will be a better material. If not I’ll get the stainless steel version since titanium isn’t available in the Philippines. Thanks!!! 🙏

  62. No wonder the SIM card cover was eroding around the edges within the first year I got my iPhone. I thought I just a got a defective one where the paint was coming off.

  63. That's tough for you I reckon. Btw, I sell silicon leather watch straps in case you decide to get one. Silicon leather resists quite well to acid...

  64. I have a feeling AppleCare would probably cover this on the watch if you dont give them too many details. The bands can be rubber, or just some trash band you replace regularly. Though, I am not sure if I would risk it on a $300-(ridiculous upper) price cap Apple Watch.

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