Polly having the time of her life

  1. I didn’t even realize this video was underwater for a min because your tank is so clean. How do you keep it so crystal clear??

  2. Hahaha thanks I think that my “secret” was washing very good the gravel and syfoning it very well. I have a lot of sponges in my filter and I do water changes often Plants help too

  3. I was gonna say if your blood parrot was named Polly then we are cut from the same cloth. But I'm guessing Polly is the eel.

  4. How does your blood red parrot cichlid get along with everyone? My old one, bless her, killed everything and preferred her 60 gallon to herself lol.

  5. She doesn’t cause any trouble When she was smaller and I had her in a grow out tank with an endli she attacked him, but after putting them in the big tank she stopped I think that she only wanted more space hahaha

  6. Thank you!!! They’re very common in my country (Costa Rica). I think that they’re used for food in other countries, my father went to NY and they had lots on them in the China Town

  7. Thanks And that’s right. I don’t really know what is she, I wanted to name her Polly because ofPeaky Blinders JAJAJAJA But yes the do change their sex, actually in Brazil due to contamination the are changing in an unnatural way

  8. She’s the most pacific fish in the whole tank actually. She only eats dead fish or the ones that fit easily in her mouth like guppies for example

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