Now planted! Tanganyikan setup

  1. Yes! I was so sad he bailed on that setup so quickly. Thank you so much for your comment. Was thinking about this set up for a while and am so happy with the way it turned out. Can't wait to add fish!

  2. Umbrella plant. It is a type of papyrus. I’ve got some potted but not in an aquarium. I’m curious how this tank will turn out now. My tank is too deep for them but this is really a cool setup.

  3. Wow that looks stunning! I have a 75 that I want to do shell dwellers and 1-2 species to occupy the middle/top of the tank. I'm thinking a biotope-ish setup that's similar to their habitat but adding some minimal differences to make it more appealing to look at too. I have years of aquarium experience but mostly with tropical tanks. Any advice for a cichlid newb?

  4. Nothing special. The filter cycles 2000L/H (6.667 times the whole tank per hour). Just normal, periodic water changes (usually 10-20%) and good filtration. I'm not one for over stocking so it should never be a problem. No reason to be scared of sand substrate. I love it, and for fish that have evolved to dig and manipulate the sandy substrate from their natural habitat, it's perfect.

  5. I keep various synodontis with mine. The multis beat on the cats a bit but they're too stupid and food motivated to care.

  6. This is such a beautiful setup! We have some Tanganyikas and they are so funny and full of personality.

  7. speaking from experience but that plant is gonna need a strong grow light above it, i had a hard time keeping it going in my aquarium as well and ended up pulling it out after a month.

  8. Yeah, we'll see what happens. I have another idea if it doesn't do well. Gonna give it plenty of time to adjust to the new environment and see how it does. The room is pretty well lit and umbrella palms like this seem to do well in lots of different kinds of conditions so it is just a $3 experiment. I look at everything as more or less an experiment.

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