in which a TERF makes up an imaginary scenario to feel persecuted

  1. I didn't realise what you were talking about, so I looked again and the second panel with the pose is VERY reminiscent of the well known "meme" (very liberal use of the word), apparently called "Jew-bwa-ha-ha.gif". But I guess that's the point of dog whistles right, most people who aren't antisemitic can't recognise it but those who are (or the ones targeted/in the know) can.

  2. What's very interesting is it's reminiscent of how men during the modernist art movement used to paint undesirable women as being witch-like. Picasso's The Absinthe Drinker is a good example. TERFs have reverted back to misogyny

  3. Yeah, I think many of us just find we have a lot of common ground with each other. It certainly isn’t always the case, but I’ve dated a lot more trans women, cis men, and trans men than anyone else, though I have had a couple of short-lived relationships with cis women.

  4. TERFs and other transphobes may handwave this away saying that those transbians "settle" for other transbians and if one has the opportunity to enter in a relationship with a cis woman they will dump the transbians they were with before.

  5. So have I, I even know trans women who exclusively choose T4T to avoid transphobia and because they share a lot of the same lived experiences. Admittedly I also know plenty of trans people who exclusively seek out a cis partner, but as long as they're not hurting anyone, that's their business.

  6. My fav part of this is that in the third to last image they misspelled lesbian. Which makes me feel like they just got so angry writing that they weren’t evening bothered to spellcheck something they published

  7. TERFS do not believe that trans women are women. They believe that they are predatory men putting on disguises to “get” women and get in female spaces.

  8. I need to learn to draw better so I can draw the two girlies as girlfriends on a cute coffee date, just out of spite to the motherfucker who drew this.

  9. They seem like they'd have multiple pet cats, the first girl is a lawyer and the second is a freelance painter. Not really cottagecore lesbians, but definitely a girlboss power couple. Also... Make sure you include the sick fangs on the first girl. Not even joking, that's transition goals.

  10. Dating other transwomen as a lesbian transwoman tends to feel easier and less risky so besides not being based in reality its also just pretty bullshit all along.

  11. If I had seen this earlier, I wouldn't have commented on it above, but I'm so grateful I'm not the only person who immediately thought Waligui!

  12. as a trans woman, i genuinely have no issue dating other trans women. they understand my experience so well, and many have many of my hobbies too (male upbringing yk).

  13. They would benefit from some honest to go therapy to break down these feels that are preoccupying them to a point of obsession.

  14. I'm a lesbian and I couldn't care if any perspective lover had a peen or a vagine. I've almost exclusively dated cis women, but that has more to do with being in a rural area and the only other trans women around here being a couple. I also haven't been on the market in a very long time. Lol.

  15. Fun fact, many trans people prefer others trans people to date because they don’t have to be scared that they’re a chaser

  16. The venn diagram of transphobia and antisemitism grows closer to being a circle every time a transphobe makes another caricature of an "ugly" trans woman

  17. huh, i wonder if it was on purpose that the first trans woman is a jewish stereotype, and the “innocent main character” is blonde hair blue eyed.

  18. Literally what even. Trans lesbians mostly end up with other trans lesbians, in my experience. this literally just doesn’t happen.

  19. that’s what i was thinking. which is weird as hell, because she’s one of the sweetest people ever from what i’ve seen, and is very open about being trans and her struggles. not to mention that she doesn’t look anything like the weird caricature they drew.

  20. This has literally never happened but we all know that. What really gets to me is that transphobes ALL think we would never date another trans person when we like… constantly date other trans people. Anyone tell her about t4t? Hell I JUST saw a thread of trans girls sending each other dick pics

  21. I'll take shit that not only never happened, but is the opposite of what happened. Seriously I don't date cischicks because they are too much drama and are too likely to be terfs.

  22. How the fuck does this person not realize that trans lesbians happily date other trans lesbians all the time? Do you think that if a cis person explained that to them and provided evidence for it it would change their mind about this at all?

  23. There’s huge correlation with terfs & racism. Terfs (and other weirdos) have decided that there are certain qualities all “females” have, and certain qualities all “males” have. The sex binary of man and woman was pushed onto native american and African people by white colonizers who were looking for reasons to justify their racism. White colonizers said “well white males and females are more distinguishable than other races, so we have to be better than them!” Non- white/ non-European cultures often honored genders outside of man & woman, and white colonizers claimed that they were smarter than those cultures because of their binary. This means that the standards of man and woman as we know them are rooted in racism. The standard of female, for example, is a small nose, little body hair, short, thin, pale skin, curvy. these traits are more common in white people born female, so WOC/ afab POC have a harder time meeting these standards.

  24. The reason I’m sharing this is because we see some potentially racist caricatures of trans women in this comic. The large noses, body hair, non-curvy builds, of the trans women, are all traits occurring in cis women of all races, most commonly non-white ones. The illustrator may not have been intentionally racist, but transphobia as a whole can be traced back to racism.

  25. I just saw the first panel and was going to congratulate the "artist" for drawing a trans woman who didn't have facial hair, but then I made the mistake of looking at the following panels. Of course they couldn't resist!

  26. this is so absurd lmao the whole "do you have to date trans people" "debate" is absurd. so many trans people, myself included, are strictly T4T. no one is forcing anyone to date anyone. why would i want to date someone who wouldn't want to date me solely because i'm trans??? it makes no sense. terfs have no critical thinking skills.

  27. "Tell me you have no clue what dating as a trans lesbian looks like without telling me you have no clue what dating as a trans lesbian looks like"

  28. Lmaoo so many trans people are t4t this is so dumb 😂. Also preferences are allowed so I have no idea why anyone would get mad at just some shitty matchmaking anyway

  29. Trans lesbians date other trans women all the time.....????? Also the way they animate the trans women is terrible!! The way they gave her an evil smile and a boner when she's expecting a cis woman is so uncomfortable. Also am I the only one who doesn't really like calling them terfs? It's just the "F" suggests they're feminists when there's nothing feminist about bullying trans women. It's not even radical feminism to do that. It's just being transphobic.

  30. This is so funny because I'm a trans girl, and my gf of almost 4 years is a trans girl, and we were hyped as shit when we found out we were both trans

  31. I mean I'm pretty much solely t4t because cis men and cis women are legitimately terrifying for me and I feel like I can't trust them, t4t isn't perfect either but there's a whole part of my life I can trust them to not try to murder me over.

  32. Transbian relationships say otherwise, shit like this is why I often alienated in wlw communities however Cis lesbians have been really kind and welcoming.

  33. I don't understand. Why should we, as a trans community, learn and dispute every TERFs argument, while they don't put even a slightest effort into learning ANYTHING about us?

  34. People who think we're just looking for a loophole to date cis lesbians seriously don't understand how difficult it is to transition. Plenty of trans women choose to repress because of the stigma and practical difficulties.

  35. So… is the problem with this the depiction of a cis woman setting up a trans woman with another trans woman? Is that a no-no for trans people? Wouldn’t a trans woman see another trans woman as just… another woman?

  36. Someone who’s better at art than I am should make a wholesome version of this where they fall in love and have a beautiful relationship and continue hanging out with their mutual friend. (Preferably with no transphobic and/or antisemitic caricatures)

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