Best brain vitamins and supplements that help increase productivity and not be in a brain fog?

  1. I've found ginkgo biloba helpful for my brainfog. (Mine is due to chronic migraines + some ongoing side effects from an anti-seizure med I used to take.) It gives me a few hours of clarity to work with.

  2. Honestly right now I have been having so much stressful and anxiety at times lately it’s been taking a toll and my line art is just really bad. Even rough sketches with the circles when trying to draw the basic outline is terrible and not nice or clean like others I see. I’m in a slump right now so hoping maybe something for my brain to have improvements where I can get better at art and stop sucking. Thanks

  3. I noticed that your post may be about mental health. Please visit our FAQ where we have collected some thoughts and links which may help you.

  4. As was mentioned already, it's best to get a handle on your stress and cortisol levels before anything; which boils down to exercise. Exercise encourages blood vessel dilation, lowering blood pressure overall and increasing relaxation.

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