It’s friday night, what are your plans??

  1. Ice cream and marathoning X-Files. Alone. On the couch. Because my sister is playing valorant on her computer upstairs.

  2. Just driving 4 hours to go home after watching my daughter compete in her last gymnastics meet ever. Bittersweet for sure, I hate the way meets are ran and the crowds are annoying, but I LOVE watching my kids perform skills they’ve mastered.

  3. I felt that way after my daughter’s last dance team competition. Glad it was over, no more bleacher butt. However, I miss seeing her dancing like a silk scarf. She didn’t get that from me! I am more like a hippo in a tu-tu.

  4. Comfy pjs, candles lit with cozy blanket on the couch, cocktails and pizza, the new Bridgerton season! Husband chilling downstairs playing video games. Friday is our "chill alone night". Tomorrow we'll make a fun dinner and hang out together. I love our routine. Life is good tonight.

  5. I'm a male nanny, I've got babysitting duty tonight. Currently getting the kid through his academic enrichment stuff cause he's got a learning disability (severe ADHD, ODD)

  6. Just went for a run around the lakes on the first real nice day in Minnesota in 7 months...and now I have to clean up the house because the inlaws are coming.

  7. Kids go to bed in about 20 minutes. After that I will either sit on the screen porch and read or sit in my recliner and read.

  8. Ooo sounds wonderful! Is it a warm night? Are there fireflies? My dream is to love somewhere someday where I can sit on a porch at night and watch the fireflies on a warm night.

  9. My boyfriend is sick with either his very bad allergies or a rhino virus. He's been rapid testing with negative results. Spring weather is being kinda crappy. It's still only afternoon. I'm cleaning and drinking a 19oz Big Zesty guava lemonade cider.

  10. I landed my dream job today, hired on the spot, so I’m gonna drink and stuff my face with my favorite foods while watching the bf play BotW. I deserve it.

  11. Sammmme but some chinese food and watching Black Summer on Netflix . If you like zombies would highly recommend.

  12. Sending you love and hugs (unless you aren't cool with hugs) . It's so hard to lose a beloved furry family member. I hope your memories of your dog help you feel peace ❤

  13. I’m on the west coast for work but I’m flying back tomorrow. It’s been a long trip out here so I’m crashing in the hotel room so I can be at the airport tomorrow morning.

  14. Dinner with friends at a pretty dope local Persian restaurant, then watching the Suns game and then playing some poker.

  15. Working until 11pm, and I'm going to bed because I have to be at work again tomorrow at 9am. Might have a beer somewhere in there though.

  16. Kid goes to bed at 7, then not sure. Might meet up with a friend but I have to get up early tomorrow so I might just stay in and go to bed early lol. If I do the latter I'll watch some of the basketball game before I go to sleep.

  17. I got a gift card for Teacher Appreciation week and an extra $100 in my paycheck (the FL teacher bonus) AND I feel like crud, so we ordered for delivery from Buca di Beppo (the gift card). Watched Jurassic Park with my 4 year old. We ate some "secret" ice cream while dad played his video games. Then she told on us. Now we're all in our beds, cozy and relaxing before we sleep. Early night due to feeling like crud and the hubby has to do some overtime in the morning.

  18. Watching the 1997 version of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella with my kids while eating Thai take out.

  19. Been reading through this thread and noticed how the majority are binge watching and eating and no reading. You are the the first one to mention reading (second if you include me)

  20. Taking adderal, playing Mario party with some music in the background, and venting about the abortion battle. #womendeservetherighttotheirbodies

  21. Out to dinner with the wife and then the both of use being glued to the toilet because we ordered something with dairy knowing damn well that we both lactose intolerant.

  22. Sorry to hear that you are(or were) sad. Sometimes crying makes me feel better. Hope you are feeling better/happier soon!

  23. Hanging out with my ex in our apartment that we still share because she can't afford housing on her own. We're getting along really well though and I would never make someone homeless if they have nowhere to go.

  24. My boyfriend is a bass player in a rock band. He's doing a gig to support Ukraine at a fancy Jazz Club. Having a great time!

  25. Need to take a poll on how many people do it irl. I maybe should have when working in an office pre-COVID but always trusted my colleagues and never had a problem. Also left purse in unlocked top drawer (to be neat) and cell phone on desk when I stepped away, so wasn't just being a jerk about company property.

  26. I’m babysitting my second cousins (ages 10 and 5) right now. we’re watching the 1970s version of Charlie and the chocolate factory because I watched the YouTube poop a bit a few weeks ago and it was stuck in my head

  27. I'm laid up with an upper respiratory and sinus infection, so once the Mrs and I get our girls to bed I may take a hot shower and then try to get some rest.

  28. My wife is on a weekend writing retreat, my younger sibling just died, and I need to decompress, so I just tucked the kid in and am about to unwind with a scotch and a movie.

  29. Stanley Cup playoffs are on, so hockey on top of hockey. Not looking good for my team because they have three injured defensemen at the moment. Hopefully they can take this first home game and keep a lead in the series. Watching the Hurricanes/Bruins game and thinking about what to order for dinner, at the moment.

  30. It's 7pm central and I am wondering why I am still working. I already took an edible that I'm waiting to hit. The plan is to just watch TV all night and get some take out since it's cold/rainy today and tomorrow starts a week of warm, sunny weather.

  31. I’ve cooked dinner and now we’re watching Revenge of the Nerds. At 42 we’re not very exciting most Friday nights. Sometimes we’ll go out to eat but it’s a busy weekend so not this time.

  32. Study for the SAT Saturday and after that study for my AP tests next week. These are all hours long nationwide standardized tests that I have been studying months for

  33. It is my real birthday today and mother's day is on Sunday, so it's my holiday weekend, lol. I will not be cooking or cleaning. Tonight my family came over with pizza and everything imaginable for an awesome ice cream sundae bar ❤️

  34. Gonna go on a run with my dog, eat some dinner, watch some YouTube, and pass out. Gotta work tomorrow morning so nothing crazy for me (even if I didn't work I'm also just kind of old and boring lol).

  35. the same thing i do every night… internet/tv/sleep. i have no social life. plus, i’m sick, so… that’s a good excuse.

  36. This is my first Friday night in over a month without major plans and I'm fully enjoying not having any.

  37. It’s my birthday. So me and my husband and three kids went out to dinner at a great Mexican place and then went to see the new Dr. Strange. Then we came home and had tuxedo cake from Costco.

  38. Just moved back from college. Just chilling all night with yt till I pass out cuz I’m tired from packing traveling and unpacking all day

  39. No way! Just got back from the smoke shop and the white guy behind the counter (I didn’t expect to see another white guy there) was BLASTING Willie.

  40. Eating chocolate cake in my pajamas. My daughter made the best home made chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream for Mother’s Day. I got it early because she came home from school and made it on Wednesday when she had time.

  41. Breathing treatment and shakes vest for my daughter followed by suctioning. Then bed. Need to be at the lab first thing in the morning.

  42. Going out to eat with husband, son and father in law. We are going out of town tomorrow and son works Sunday, so this is part of my early Mother’s Day. Husband and son have a secret for later😊

  43. Birthday dinner at a vegan cheese and wine shop with my husband, then back home to watch the new Batman movie and see if it’s a waste of time.

  44. I'll rent the new "moonfall" movie, get some hot n spicy beef, wash my work clothes and listen to the rain/wind storm and maybe do some reading.

  45. Went and had tacos with my wife, hit up the dollar tree and now we’re gonna sit and watch Netflix for the rest of the night, likely.

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