In your state, which license plate do you see most from another state?

  1. I saw a Hawaii plate on 610, the other day. Like is the car just registered in the state, or did you ship the care. So many questions.

  2. Depends on where you are in Oregon. Portland area and it's Washington plates. Eastern Oregon is gonna see more Idaho. California and Alaska are everywhere.

  3. In Nevada, always see California plates. If there’s a wreck, it’s usually a Cali plate. Jumped 4 lanes and cut off a dozen cars to make an exit? Cali plates. Once saw someone reversing on the shoulder to go back to an exit. Cali plates.

  4. It can be hard to notice out of state plates here in AZ. We have more than 80 different Arizona license plates and now we have those digital plates too.

  5. Most common are definitely California. Though as you mentioned there are lots of Sonoran plates as well. Oddly enough I’ve seen a fair amount of Chihuahua plates recently too

  6. Probably New York. Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania aren’t that far behind. I’m pretty close to a military base and live close to the beach, so I’ll see basically every plate. But those are the ones I’ll see almost daily.

  7. I was one of those Michigan plates you saw probably, got new plates a few months ago sadly, still kept the MI plate though in my garage

  8. Snowbirds, they own a house in Florida and they register their car there because they don't have inspections, registration is cheaper, and they don't require a front plate

  9. Yea, the fact I see FL plates as much as NY and MA plates is wild. Prolly snowbirds but still.

  10. See and I mostly see Iowa plates. This is obviously going to depend on where you're located within a state.

  11. Canadians, mostly. Not many out-of-staters driving around where I live unless you count the student vehicles at the local university (they're from everywhere). I occasionally see a Florida plate because of the snowbirds that split their residency. Other than that, Ohio or Indiana.

  12. Yeah there’s a lot more MI plates outside of Michigan than there are outside plates in MI. Y’all have to travel to another state to get anywhere else in the US, nobody goes to Michigan unless they are just going to visit someone or something in Michigan.

  13. It's got to be Oregon. Not a state, but I also see a lot of British Columbia plates. If I lived closer to Spokane, I would probably see lots of Idaho plates.

  14. I see so many Nevada plates in Northern CA and it always impresses me because honestly because I can't imagine Northern Nevada having so many drivers to spare that they ship them to us.

  15. I live in San Diego. We're a military town so we see everything - Texas, Mississippi, Virginia. The one I see most though are the Baja California plates from people crossing the border.

  16. Same. Used to seeing Nevada out by Tahoe. Oregon and Washington on the west side. Folks cruising the coast. Been seeing a number of Florida plates in the Bay lately though. Idk why.

  17. I don’t even know. In Denver I feel like I see a lot of states regularly, even ones like New York, Florida, and Massachusetts.

  18. I see a lot of WY plates in north Denver and northern Front Range. I would say in CO as a whole probably tie between TX NE and NM

  19. One of them was ours. My daughter had to be born at Children’s Hospital Colorado because of a congenital heart defect.

  20. I live near a university so I see plates from all over but the most common ones are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida. I also see the Ontario plates every once in a while

  21. In the Philly area it's NJ by a long shot. That changes depending on what part of PA you're in of course.

  22. I’m from MA and I don’t think I can get through a phone call with my mom without her telling me how many NH drivers she sees and how they can’t drive lol

  23. A big mix because Tennessee borders the most states out of any state (8). I would say I see Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama the most. Oddly a decent number of NY and Florida plates too, I'm guess NY plates are people who have recently fled NY

  24. Depends where in the state: In Bellingham it’s British Columbia plates, in Vancouver it’s Oregon plates, In Spokane it’s Idaho plates.

  25. Florida for sure. And oddly enough i see a disproportionate amount of New York plates. Probably more than Alabama or South Carolina. Not sure why.

  26. I don’t know why I see so many Ohio plates in Georgia. But I do often see states that border here, but those make more sense.

  27. The vast majority of out of state plates are Washington, followed by California. With a scattering of Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Alaska. We also see a decent number of BC plates.

  28. Washington here, by far it’s Texas and Florida smattered with a bunch of Oregon. I love my fellow PNWesterners though.

  29. Everyday I see California, Texas and Florida plates. I swear I see them more than Washington-and I live in Portland Metro.

  30. Washington but that's probably because they're only 5 miles away. Second runner up is easily California.

  31. In northern Colorado, where weed is legal, the most common out-of-state plates in dispensary parking lots are from Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and sometimes Iowa. Then again, everyone knows what's growing in the middle of all those Iowa cornfields.

  32. Live in Southern Michigan. Usually see lines of cars with Indiana plates parked in front of all the pot shops. Every small town within a short drive of the border has two or three pot shops to serve the good people of Indiana.

  33. Virginia, then DC, then Pennsylvania. The most common foreign ones I see are Ontario and Quebec. I also see diplomatic plates pretty regularly. Every few months I see a New Mexico plate and it always makes me really happy because it's my favorite design lol

  34. Whichever state you're closest to and/or have more economical ties with. States are much larger than most Euros think so it's not as common as you might think.

  35. Wisconsin. It's just across the border from our biggest metro area and many people who live in western Wisconsin work and shop here

  36. Cincinnati so cheating, mostly Ohio in Ohio, with Kentucky being second and Indiana third. I see a lot of Florida or ny but I think those are rentals.

  37. Florida could be snowbirds, people who own a house in Ohio and a house in Florida and go down to Florida during the winter

  38. Here in Hawaii, it's pretty rare to see any other plate other than Hawaii. When you bring a car here from out of state, it can keep it's original plates until they expire as long as you are from a state with both front and rear plates. If you come from a rear only state, you gotta change them immediately. Either way, tho, once your OOS plates expire, you have to get Hawaii plates.

  39. California. It always confuses me when I see Alaska or New York. We’re in a desert on the west coast. Seems like alot of miles and a long road trip.

  40. I'm in San Diego and a lot of the plates that come from across the country belong to military peeps stationed here who hauled their cars here.

  41. I play a game with my son (2nd grade) on our way home from school to see who can find the farthest tag. We see them from all over in Florida (Orlando, especially). I’ve seen Alaska, Hawaii and probably every state except New Mexico. From Canada, I’ve seen Quebec, countless Ontario, and even an Alberta tag once. Mostly I see them in the winter time, for obvious reasons so now mostly Florida tags around here as the sauna starts to heat up. Mostly just southern states now, especially Alabama and Georgia. Aside form those two, I see New York probably the most of all the 47-non bordering states, and a fair amount from Texas.

  42. That’s awesome! Any road trip I’ll try to spot all of the states plates. I’ve managed to see them all at least once, but come close a few other times.

  43. Often there are more Illinois license plate in any given lot in southeastern Wisconsin. In southwestern WI it’s more Iowa, and northern/western it’s Minnesota!

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