If visiting the US, what is a state EVERYONE should visit?

  1. I would visit the parks in Utah and I would consider that an extension of this. That whole northern AZ, CO, UT area.

  2. I’m from the east coast so I’ve seen the Appalachian mountains a bunch. I expected the Rockies to kind of just be bigger mountains than I was used to. They left me absolutely speechless and I’ve felt drawn there ever since.

  3. This. Never saw mountains til I was in my 20s. I was in awe the first time I saw them. Literally stopped my car on the highway to take pictures of the first range I could see. I’ve been to Estes Park 4 times now and it’s always so exhilarating to me.

  4. Not a state, but the District of Columbia (Washington DC). Unique museums (the Smithsonians) you cannot find elsewhere, a very unique city relative to other American cities, rich in history by US timeline standards, etc. Just stay away in July -- it is HOT.

  5. Can confirm. I live in Maryland, about 30-45 minutes outside of DC. The summers are oppressive. The temperatures and humidity make you feel like you are in Louisiana or something.

  6. Washington DC is awesome. All of the Smithsonian’s are free and I know that I spent hours in them. Almost whole days. I think the zoo is free too but regardless I spent like 12 hours there and at the natural history museum! The spy museum was really cool. And the aviation one.

  7. Man I was in dc today and it was like 95 and a little humid. We walked around all day and I was sweating buckets.

  8. To add to the museums thing - the Smithsonian has a second air museum near Dulles Airport called Udvar-Hazy. It's literally a hangar full of aircraft and spacecraft, including a Concorde and space shuttle Discovery.

  9. I may be bias as a Puerto Rican and it’s not technically a state. However the island is gorgeous with an amazing history, architect, and sights. If anyone who sees this comment does go just please be nice to the island as it has been going through a lot lately.

  10. I have visited Puerto Rico twice and the history, architecture and scenery are all stunning and the locals so nice. I absolutely loved it both times and highly recommend it to everyone I know!

  11. i went as a young kid and again about 5 years ago, i think. near the rain forest. i would love to explore it if i went again! old san juan too.

  12. Biking, usual touristy things like looking at historical stuff like museums for example, some good food.

  13. California is a great one. You can swim in the ocean, drive through the desert, go on a forest hike, and go play in the snow all in one day if you map it out right.

  14. Some parts remind me of Croatia. Beautiful coast, hiking, + great food, + museums. It's fairly easy to navigate, too.

  15. New England is great (Boston and Cape Cod in Massachusetts, White Mountains in New Hampshire, Green Mountains in Vermont, coastal Maine).

  16. Alaska is pretty sick. I went on a cruise through Alaska and all the native history was really cool. There's also loads of bald eagles flying around which is awesome.

  17. Texas, California, Florida and New York I think are the big 4 that are absolute must-sees for all foreigners.

  18. It’s bad advice for a foreigner trying to visit the US.good chance they’ll only be coming to the US once. Doesn’t make sense to try and go on a wild goose chase around the lower 48

  19. Texas is a lot of things that are worth seeing if you're there, but certainly not a trip in themselves. Texas has some good outdoor activities in the cooler months, but so do many other states with a larger variety of notable cultural/entertainment options.

  20. Oregon isn't the best state to go for sandy beaches. Yes, the beaches here have sand. Yes, it's still cold AF and overcast most of the time. Also, if you get in the water you'll go completely numb in less than a minute

  21. Obvious bias here, but Philadelphia and/or SE Pennsylvania. Because birthplace of democracy (though other areas will dispute this to some degree) - Declaration of Independence, first US Capitol, etc.

  22. Surprised SC didn’t make it higher, so many things within a few hours. Mountains, ocean, lake Murray, hiking history ect we have it all… it’s actually an amazing state.

  23. Dude no. Complete moonscape. Apart from Nevada basin probably one of the least scenic places in the entire west. Drive a couple hours west or east of there and you’re getting scenery.

  24. Alaska with out a doubt, we came to visit from down south and ended up moving here is was so pretty.

  25. West Virginia is way underrated. Beautiful state, amazing outdoor activities (rafting, climbing, fishing, zip lining, camping). It’s affordable and not overly crowded with residence and tourists. The Appalachian mountains are something special.

  26. Biking. Bit of a food desert, but getting better all the time. Could exchange amazing petroglyphs for museums.

  27. It really depends what you're into. Based on where you've visited, I would recommend one of the desert states like New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, or Utah. They have completely different landscapes from the Midwest, and the food and culture are also noticeably different. There are also some cool cities in the region too. Personally, I really like Santa Fe, NM.

  28. I feel like terrain-wise, Middle to Northern California and Utah are both just astonishing. All kinds of scenic areas and different types of landscapes. Parts of Utah feel like a different planet sometimes.

  29. I will say that if your trip is not extensive, having someone you trust who can show you the area is a bigger factor than exactly where you go.

  30. I really recommend New York State. Go upstate for some good hiking stuff. Around in the Catskills area or Woodstock. NYC for a few museums and extremely good food.

  31. Depends on what you want out of it, I don’t think any one state is really the best for everyone, but some of my faves:

  32. Sounds odd but I’d say Long Branch NJ. You got a ferry that gets you into midtown Manhattan in 45 minutes. If you have a rental car, a 45 minute drive east takes you to the mountains. A 90 minute drive takes you to Philly and most important you’re in a cool beach town on the Jersey Shore.

  33. The West Coast, Washington, Oregon and California is beautiful and can be a great adventure if you wanted to spend time driving it. More Oregon and California but places like Long Beach in Washington are really nice.

  34. California. Come to San Diego. We have the best weather in probably the entire world. Tons of great food, beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts...The San Diego Zoo is world famous. We also have the Safari Park in the more rural North County which is really cool. Great museums in Balboa Park. Nightlife and dining Downtown. It really is the finest city.

  35. Washington DC not really a state but it is one of the best places you will ever see the landscapes are unrivaled (besides other east coast areas near it) and the history in the city is breathtaking some of the most filled museums exist there

  36. Virginia. Depending on your mood, you can go up to DC and hit the world-class museums and zoo, you can go west for beautiful caverns and landscapes, you have great amusement parks like King’s Dominion and Busch Gardens, and there’s fascinating history hidden everywhere (and not-so-hidden in many towns like Williamsburg).

  37. TEXAS, and particularly Houston. Houston is probably the best representation of the U.S. we have, and is also a good bellwether for our future

  38. If you want to know why they call it America the beautiful, you need to visit one of the Northwest parks, like North Cascades, Yellowstone or Yosemite. That is what America has to offer. Being there in person will change your life.

  39. Be sure to get tickets in advance for Yosemite, probably the others, too. Entry is limited to many parks now because they are being loved to death.

  40. No one seems to mention Georgia. Is it that boring? From its borders with Jacksonville to the deepest Northern part?

  41. If you can, visit them all. Each state has its own character that makes each special in its own way. Really it depends on your interests.

  42. Florida, honestly. Between the beautiful beaches, the amazing nightlife of major cities, and the backwoods country natural areas, you should see it.

  43. I feel like Oregon gets overlooked a lot, but it's definitely a great place to visit if you want to see the beauty of the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The places I'd recommend visiting are Crater Lake National Park, Multnomah Falls, the capital Salem, and Ashland!

  44. New Mexico. Wanna hike? Ski? Explore a cave? Drink craft beer? Be artsy? Sit in the hot springs? Fly in a hot air balloon? Visit a ranch? A Pueblo? Eat amazing food? Embrace a melting pot of cultures? See White Sands middle range and pretend you’re the star of the Boys II Men video they filmed there is the 90s? Take a Breaking Bad tour? Be a ranch hand? Ride a tram?

  45. Washington state. The big cities like Seattle are fun to visit and the Olympic peninsula has some really great nature

  46. Utah has 5 awesome national parks, and that doesn't really include any of the Rocky Mountain region, which is also amazing.

  47. Pacific north west. Drive up/down highway 101 for some of the most breathtaking views of your life. Lots of mountain bike trails and a ton of nature to explore.

  48. It depends on what you want to do or see. To a degree a lot of the larger cities are similar and the rural areas are similar, but each has its own distinction and are great to visit/experience.

  49. Tennessee. Or the Carolinas. The Carolinas have great beaches. Tennessee has great music culture if you’re into country music. Also the Bristol race in Tennessee is badass. I would recommend going if you get the chance. You may need ear plugs lol

  50. Chattanooga has lots of toury things to do and of course, Gatlinburg, Nashville, and Memphis. Charleston has wonderful food and tons of Civil War history and Charlestown Landing, Myrtle Beach (Folly Beach is better, IMO...less crowded). Asheville, NC is nicest in the fall to go hiking and renting a sweet cozy cabin. I'm totally rambling. I can't wait to go back to all those places 😍 I've lived in Orlando since 2019 and I have to say, one could never run out of things to do here. I love to fish so Canaveral is my most favorite place to go on a day trip.

  51. I know you said you’ve been there but for other people who read this, I think that Wisconsin is a must visit after you’ve hit the top tier obvious ones like New York, California, Florida, Colorado, etc.

  52. There's almost nothing that California doesn't have, so if you were only going to pick one, that would probably be it.

  53. It very much depends on what you're into. The US is so big, so there isn't just going to be one state to encompass everything. Like, Florida would be great for people who want beaches and don't mind a little heat.. but if you're wanting to go hiking (actual hiking, gaining elevation), then Florida won't be for you.

  54. What did you think of Wisconsin and what did you visit? Just curious to recommend the best outside of that for a varied experience.

  55. Depends on what you like. I highly recommend Virginia if you like culture, history and scenery. Pennsylvania is pretty good for all those too (bloody crowded though).

  56. IDK if it's cheating for me to put this, but honest-to-God Portland is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. despite what you may see on the news, it isn't as bad as they interpret it. There is a homeless problem, but just about every city in the US has one. Regardless, it's unofficial motto is literally "Keep Portland Weird", which is fairly interesting. Not only does it have the world's smallest park, but it also has the world's largest independent bookstore. Aforesaid bookstore has some stuff that would otherwise be unattainable, which is pretty cool. Voodoo's Donuts is also one of the greatest donut shops in the world too. You can also bike everywhere, but if that doesn't work, the city is riddled with trams, which is awfully convenient. If that seems like too much for you, Bend, Oregon is like Portland but quite a bit smaller. I didn't mean for this to come off as a "visit Oregon ad", but I do really love the state. It's very beautiful, and you'll find that it is one of the most interesting and fun states in the U.S. in my opinion. New Hampshire is also cool, but I'm not from there so...

  57. Washington DC, federal district with all the monuments and museums -not- SE and definitely don’t go walking down MLK Blvd. Boston/Concord Massachusetts. The Airborne/ Special Forces museum at Ft Bragg NC. Hershey PA. Dallas/San Antonio Texas. NOLA.

  58. New York and California are states I would use as examples of states everyone should NOT visit. Go to Appalachia or Big Sky Country. Shoot some guns, regardless of how you feel about them, they're legal here and a local can help you do it safely. Kayak down a river. Fish on a lake. After a night by a campfire, go to sleep in a tent or just in a bag on the ground (liquor helps with this). Hike to the top of a big hill and take some pictures of the valley. There's nothing in any U.S. city that can compare to these.

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