How much bread do you eat per day and what is your favourite type? And is pic no.2 common type in your country or do people prefer freshly baked?

  1. When I visit Croatia, my bread consumption increases exponentially. Bread with every meal. And snacking on bread with cheese, with meat, or on its own. Fresh bread, stale bread, white, brown, you name it, it’s all getting eaten.

  2. It depends if I'm with my family or not. For example during Easter I was eating a half-kilogram loaf of bread in two days but now I eat as little as possible for that summer body.

  3. We have a saying here that I think illustrates our relationship with bread (Никой не е по-голям от хляба). It translates to "Nobody is bigger than bread".

  4. Maybe 1 or 2 slices per week, for soups or laderá (oily, saucy dishes) normally. Multi-grain bread is my fav, especially if it's fresh from the bakery. The factory bread in photo 2 is always in our fridge for toasts, but we buy black or multigrain for that too.

  5. same here, although i eat a lot more than 2 slices per week i also got the multigrain toast bread just for toasts. The difference between multigrain toast and regular is heaven and earth

  6. I live in US and my bread consumption has decreased a lot since I moved from Serbia because the store brought bread is sweet and full with additives and the good bread is three times more expensive and goes stale in a day or so and becomes inedible. Only time when I eat bread is when my mother makes it.

  7. Have you guys ever tried freshly baked bread with just some vegeta? When i was a child we used to have that every now and then as a treat. Memories...

  8. Our grandparents (especially in the countryside) taught us to eat bread with everything in order to not get hungry due to the difficulties they faced in their youth. So bread and olive oil is the base, everything else is extra.

  9. I try not to eat too much, but fresh and hot đevrek from the oven will be the end of me. Also those slane kifle, those long bread like pastries with salt dressing are also devils work when fresh. Oh and crunchy perece.

  10. As a student, depends on my budget really. Ill buy a whole fresh baked loaf and eat it in one sitting, but if im low on cash ill buy the store prepackaged one cause I know it'll last me a week or two since I wont eat it

  11. I hate eating sliced white bread, its the worst, I always encourage my parents to buy proper loaves like the first picture, but its expensive

  12. Fresh so fresh in fact its like when u pick it from bakery you cant hold it bc its too hot and they give you an grey piece of paper to hold it you go back to your house and your mom made you menemen and u eat it as a family at 9 am at sunday

  13. I feel like I'm the exception in my family, I rarely eat bread. In fact the only time I insist on eating bread is when I eat beans, that's it.

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