Serbians, which group is more in tense relations?

  1. I mean we go to Bosnia as tourists with very rare incidents even in Bosniak and Croatian neighborhoods. There’s literally weekend tours from Niš to Sarajevo. The ppl living in B&H move freely - sure there are tensions and politics dont help at all but we mostly realized we all died for nothing.

  2. You can come to Kosovo even speak Serbian freely nobody gives a shit about your existence or your visit if you want to visit monasteries go ahead you do you. Everytime i read about people in Serbia regarding to how they think the situation is in Kosovo it blows my mind, and I understand that is not your fault you have been feed those lies through your media but reality its completely different. Please come and visit. And please visit North of Mitrovica and Gracanica and see the difference for yourself.

  3. I think you’re right about how it depends partly on the location. My wife is from Peje (pec) and there are still quite a few serbians that live and own stores there. I never hear of any violent or non violent incidents whatsoever between the two. You mentioned Albania also, serbs go there all the time for vacation. I cant even tell you how many i saw the other week at the festival (unum). Atleast two or 3 dozen for sure. I should mention that there were no violent incidents either. This too is just my impression based on personal experience, i am also not a expert on the subject.

  4. In Bosnia, Serbs still have the ability to live freely in their own house, Kosovo is a different story, Serbs live in enclaves, some of those enclaves are inhabited by Bosniaks and Romani people also since the minorities there stick together

  5. I have no insight to any of these countries what so ever, but it must be Kosovo. Serbs and Albanians can't even interact that much, since a language barrier exists. It makes us seem more foreign to each other. Also, a smaller number of Serbs lives in Kosovo than in BiH, so I suppose Albanians have much less contact with Serbs than Bosniaks or Croats in Bosnia do. These are just some reasons, obviously the war including our war crimes was wild in both of these countries...

  6. It can't compare, really. Some Serbs in Kosovo still live in enclaves, protected with barbed wire and armed forces. There are violent incidents on a weekly basis. There is no such thing in Bosnia, I would say in the last twenty years.

  7. Well i heard about problems with Serbians in Kosovo when that thing of plate happend. Otherwise Serbians in Bosnia are a big community and i think the "clashes" are much more important there.

  8. This is an incident that my uncle always tells me : When the serbian forces invaded in Kosovo, our village, which is only about 5km from the border, was an early and easy target. When the forces came with tanks and AK's, they surrounded our village and rounded everyone up at the local school (what should have happened next i think is clear to everyone). However, our neighborhood village which was mainly inhabitaled by Serbs, always har a good relationship with us. We weren't best friends, but there was a good amount of trading going on and there were never any major incidents, from both sides. As I was saying, when the ethnic cleansing was about to begin, some Serbs from the neighborhood village stood up and literally placed themselves between the armed forces and my people. They told them that we (our village) "weren't like the other Albanians", and that they (the Serbs) never had problems with us and that they needed us for trading. I don't know the specifics, but they stopped the forces with the power of words, causing our people to be able to survive. I thank these serbs with all my heart.

  9. Serbian forces never “invaded” Kosovo lol, you can’t invade part of your own country, what kind of Albanian propaganda is that?

  10. I read some comments and I'm really surprised that Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo live apart and the tensions are present. I thought the situation was calm and the tensions only political. I've been in Brezovica and the situation was calm, Serbs and Albanians worked and lived together in peace.

  11. Prob cus Serbians have made a peace with themselfs that Bosnia is not under motherland anymore. But Kosovo is still in their minds . Also speaking the same language helps.

  12. Kosovo formed new municipalities between 2009-2015 that made them "Serb exclusive". They wanted to have their association of Serbian municipality. They want to seggregate themselves from us, so of course it was a decision that saw both people having less interaction.

  13. every comment going against the belgrade narrative that serb babies are being eaten alive in kosovo is downvoted to hell, very unbiased poll and thread :DD

  14. Im from Mitrovica and Serbs come here on the Albanian side to the clubs, it’s only little school kids that insult each other. That’s my experience

  15. Serbs in Bosnia basically live mostly in little Serbia (Republika Srpska), they arent threatened at all. Maybe politically because Bosniaks want to unitarise whole country, but that thing is a topic for 30 years and both Serbs and Bosniaks (mainly) acknowledged both unitarisation of Bosnia and separation of Srpska wont happen, so they do their thing.

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