Is sexual liberation good for women?

  1. For literally thousands of years women have been ordered to save their bodies for a future husband and then have sex with that husband whenever he wants to whether they’re in the mood or not. Sexual liberation is freedom from this slavery.

  2. I don’t know. I didn’t ask that question. How is sexual liberation good for women? What are the benefits?

  3. No. If you gave everyone endless amounts of cocaine, the world would not be a better place tomorrow and worse next week.

  4. Well, he's already said that men don't want to be in relationships with women who have had sex with other men so I think he's really just talking about his own weird ideas about virginity and purity culture and other such nonsense.

  5. You keep asking people in comments what the benefits are "besides choice" but the present problem is the lack of unaffected choice lol. That's like asking "what's the benefit of wearing a seat belt besides helping in case of a crash?" Well technically there's just the one but thats kind of the point

  6. Given that men treated sex as a conquest and framed it as destroying women yeah it seems like a good thing acknowledging that both genders like and enjoy sex and that it's not something women "suffer through" (This is the kind of stuff I've read in older literature when a woman is advising a younger woman on her wedding night that she'll suffer through and have to put up with kind of crap)

  7. Sexual liberation doesn't necessarily mean having tons of sex with lots of guys. It is about having the autonomy to have sex, or not have sex, in whatever way, in whatever time-frame or place a woman chooses, to procreate or not

  8. It's a myth right now because slut shaming never stopped. We need to work towards actual sexual liberation. It is very possible for some women to have a lot of sex and have it be good for them. It depends on the person's preferences. I've never had a bad experience with sex. It is a fun activity just like any other fun activity. A lot of activities release those same hormones that sex does.

  9. Is your comment about men judging women? Or sex being unhealthy because of womens biology?? Or women hijacking the phrase to use it please men..?

  10. THANK YOU. 👏👏👏 Sexual liberation meaning women have equal agency and autonomy over their own bodies (including both sex and reproduction) as men have always had is ESSENTIAL. However, the current toxic hookup culture is not sexual liberation as it is still focused on women’s desirability to and ability to please men above all. Obviously purity culture is toxic garbage, but as a secular American millennial I was conditioned to sacrifice my physical safety, my emotional needs, and my desires for sex to feel good to ME in order to compete with other women for who can be the most “chill”, “low maintenance”, “not clingy”, “NLOG”, and which of us will be the most submissive and permissive and to letting men do horrible things to us for their pleasure that are not at all pleasurable to us and risk our safety - and fake enjoyment of it. It is not about the amount of sex or the number of partners - there is no wrong number. Hookup culture is toxic because it still pressures women to suffer for male gratification and facilitates and excuses men for using and abusing us.

  11. Either the woman is liberated or someone else is deciding for her how she has sex and reproduces.

  12. sexual liberation entails the freedom to make choices, and with that comes the freedom to make mistakes. This is true for both men and women, by the way.

  13. Uh, liberation means choosing whats best for you outside of what society and others impose on you. So sexual liberation does not only mean being "promiscuous" -- for some it will, for some it might mean waiting for marriage, for some it might mean never having sex, for some it might mean an average/moderate amount of partners.

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