Sending nudes: Yes or No?

  1. I generally don't send them for the reasons you mentioned, but when I do I make sure I look good so if someday they do leak everybody knows I'm hot as fuck lol

  2. Same here. I have never sent a nude photo and haven’t had a problem. Some friends are surprised when they hear this; but when I ask them why they feel the need to send them, they never have a good answer. 🤷‍♂️

  3. This is probably the most common response OP will get. Even people in professions where a “leaked” photo wouldn’t matter still do it this way.

  4. Yep, this is the way. Plus, unless you’re like a celebrity or politician or something, nobody gives a shit about your dong or poorly taken booty pic.

  5. I never send unsolicited nudes, I never show face and dick in the same pic. I never take pictures of myself doing anything I'd feel embarrassed to admit I did if they were to get leaked. I always assume any nude I send it's gonna be shown/sent to other people.

  6. I guess it’s totally up to you. I love to send and receive nudes, but usually not with my face. But I also respect other peoples boundaries. I also use random video chat services, so I guess I’m a bit an exhibitionist.

  7. I just assume there’s no privacy anymore. I’m very meh about whether or not my nudes get out…I mean…I literally post them on here.

  8. Nope and I can't understand the concept. It doesn't turn me on nor does it interest me. I don't like opening the present before the party. I don't like the risk of it falling in the wrong hands either. Yes, it makes me feel very alienated in the gay community.

  9. Awe… sorry about how it makes you feel! If it makes it better, I know people who refuse to share nudes for the same reason as you. I’ve never thought anything about it. It’s their choice to be made.

  10. yeah no offense but there is no way to stop other people from saving photos you send them. Apps can try to make it more difficult, sometimes the OS even provides ways intended to do so - but 'difficult' is the best you can possibly hope for. There is always a workaround, and the people that care enough to save your photos will find a way to do so.

  11. its no for me. not gonna build up some randos spank bank. however if we're dating, id be more inclined.

  12. For certain career paths it makes sense to have some discretion about your nudes leaking (like if you're a teacher, cop, lawyer, politician; someone who works with kids, needs to maintain a reputable standing in your community, etc.)

  13. nah. I don't like the idea of naked pictures of me being outside of my control. As soon as you give a nude to another person, they can do whatever they want with it.

  14. Opinion : If sending, don’t have your face in the photo as well. Know someone who did, and I guess they upset someone, who knows, never an excuse, ever, and the person sent it to blogs and they posted. Long story short, he left YouTube (was a pretty popular growing person there) and disappeared from the internet. He worked in a very professional environment. The photos are still out there. Some would say, well he shouldn’t have put his face and full body nude!! Possibly but also there are some messed up individuals online.

  15. Yes. There are sooooo many nudes on the internet. No one gives a fuck about yours. (Which you will come to learn is it’s own problem).

  16. I’ve only been catfished once. With years of hookups on apps I’d have to say the worst was someone with a few Covid pounds that wasn’t shown in a photo. It wasn’t a dealbreaker for me.

  17. Oh, OP Is a she? I don't really get it with the gay subreddits, gay - for me - was always M/M. Not F/F. But I realize F/F fits the definition of gay too. And from all I heard from my hetero friends, lesbian porn is a huge turn on for them.

  18. For anyone who works in a high profile industry where image is important, just be circumspect. A gay colleague was targeted last year by a subordinate who anonymously posted a doctored nude photo of our colleague after receiving an unfavorable work review. It was in the rumor mill for about a week, when someone else posted the meta data in the original photo which clearly showed the source of who sent it.

  19. Yeah, just never sent a pic where your face is visible in the dick pic. And never the gross on the toilet Dick pic.

  20. Am exhibitionist. If someone asks for my nudes I will be happy to share (face not included in the nude photos).

  21. At some point in the near future, everyone’s nudes are going to be out there on the internet. I’m not running for an elected office, so what’s the point of being overly cautious about it?

  22. Never have, never will. I'm a very sex positive person, with a minor exhibitionist streak, and there's no judgement in my choice, but the idea that someone wouldn't be attracted enough by my fully clothed, face-showing pictures is a major turn-off to me.

  23. I do, I really don’t care if they leak them, had nothing to do with me professionally and, even if leaked what? People will see my dick? Probably all the people who matters already seen it before 😂

  24. My partner doesn’t really send nudes much. I think he did when he was single but only in an effort to get some ass and even then he didn’t seem into it. I always send him nudes or like a shot of what underwear I’m wearing if I’m like in an “I need you in me” sort of mood.

  25. I get that, to a point. I saw non-nude of my pictures from 30 years ago and I was like "Dude, you were SO FUCKING HOT back then!". Then I backpedaled and was like "Of course you're hot now too, but back then, you were SMOKING HOT!".

  26. I agree! You can send pics without your face and feel safer. I had an S&M master try to blackmail me earlier this year. He had lots of pics with my face and was at one point a friend on Facebook. It was terrible. Luckily my family wouldn’t be shocked (I think). I had to block him and refuse. And prey. Bad deal but it worked out…so far.

  27. If it makes you nervous, don't do it. The end. If someone is not accepting your boundary about this, they can fuck off. It's your own choice.

  28. Never show your face and your dick in the same picture or video; for pics blur out any distinctive body features (tattoos, birthmarks, etc) at least this way you have plausible deniability in the event of blackmail or other nefarious usage.

  29. Yes. My husband and I occasionally send nudes to each other. Usually when we’re apart for more than a few days. Or when we’re horny and want the other to know. 😂

  30. I started then quickly realized that’s all they want. Now all they get is a face pic and if you wanna see my bits then you can meet me. Nobody wants to meet me lol!

  31. I work in a very professional setting and have had a few coworkers catfish me trying to get nudes. I’ve also had a former client pretending to be someone else trying to get nudes. I also unfortunately had someone I went on a date with once (and I didn’t even kiss him) but he repeatedly hit me up from false accounts trying to get nudes. I just don’t do it. Luckily I didn’t get fooled by then. You can’t ever really know who has those pics and regardless if my face is in it or not I would not want anything like that going to my staff or colleagues. It does make it harder to meet people and I just deal with it. None of the folks I mentioned would have been discreet with any information about me and I would have been horrified at the thought of those folks having anything like that on me. I had a friend that was catfished and then blackmailed for money for pics he sent and it was a nightmare for him and his husband. I guess it depends on the job you have, but just those handful of experiences have left me with a strong sense that this is not some drama I need in my life.

  32. I agree with you that it depends on the job. But trying to blackmail someone is literally a crime in my country, and your sexual orientation is on a non-discrimination level, so if someone tried to blackmail you with it, the joke would be on him / her.

  33. Nudes without face or really personal birtmarks or tattoos so you can plausibly deny everything?

  34. For me it’s not about it affecting my professional career, since you’re right, it’s just dating etc.

  35. I used to. With my current boyfriend, we have never done that. That might be due to the fact that we had sex pretty early on (the first date, let's be real) and we have been inseparable ever since.

  36. If you are going to send nudes, especially if they have your face in them, just assume that some day your mother or boss is going to see those pictures. If you're the kind of person who can shrug that off and say, "oh well, c'est la vie," then go for it. You shouldn't be ashamed of your body and/or your sexuality and everyone has sex.

  37. There are millions and millions of dicks and hot bodies floating around the Internet. Unless the release of your personal photos would create an issue (like the weather dude in NYC...) who cares?

  38. I used to love sending them but now I don't really care much anymore. I prefer to leave something to look forward to for both me and a prospective hookup when we actually meet.

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