Dudes of Reddit.. When was the last time you cried?

  1. Two years ago, my SIL had twins. One of them had a congenital heart defect ( HLHS). Her family moved in with my wife and I because we live in a city with a great hospital. Over the next two months we watched him slowly die. I was one of his pallbearers and wept uncontrollably all through the funeral. After the funeral, my wife and I sat in our empty house and cried some more.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about that, I can't even imagine what that would be like to go through. I hope you and your family are getting through it alright. Sending some love from a stranger ❤

  3. Not a dude but reading thru and this one made me cry 😢 Loss of an infant is heart wrenching. You and your wife are champs for helping your SIL through all that.

  4. Sometime last week. I had ankle surgery at the beginning of the week and the lady I’m dating is taking absolute fucking care of me. Nerve block wore off and I was absolutely dying after scooting upstairs and I just laid there a moment in the kitchen with her. After she helped me get up, I proceeded to explain to her how I’ve never been treated in such a way by someone outside of my family the way she’s been treating and taking care of me. My ex of 6 years would’ve just bitched the entire time so it was, and has been, a bit overwhelming being treated this way.

  5. Had both knees replaced, left achilles tendon surgery, right shoulder rebuilt and right hip replaced twice. Never have I seen the shadow of a family member in the hospital. Not once. But my wife has always been there. As they roll me in and when I wake up. Worrying about pain, swelling, treatment in the hospital, whatever... she's always been there looking after me. 35 years.

  6. reading this made my eye teared a little as I have the same experience, but we broke up many months ago.

  7. I had shoulder surgery this summer and also was extremely grateful that my partner was taking care of me. But the main realization I had was that when it is still working, nerve block is mankind's greatest invention. Once it wears off, it is mankind's worst invention for tricking us into thinking pain isn't real. The pain comes back with a vengeance, fucking hell.

  8. It's unbelievably life changing to have someone by your side as a true partner. I got remarried this year and my wife is the best thing that's happened to me, outside of my kids. After three years I still look at her in disbelief. Good for you man, hold on to that one!

  9. My now wife got me through a bad multi month episode of bacterial infection and then allergic reactions to the medication causing internal bleeding. Pain was the worst ever (or so I thought at the time) and I wa in absolute mental and physical agony. There were nights she would leave her bed and come to the hospital because I was breaking down in pain in the middle of the night. She then devoted to aftercare when home to help with restroom and overall life. She moved my apartment for me since I was basically bed ridden.

  10. Sorry for the loss! My dogs 11 and just had surgery which turned into an infection.. I was so damn close..

  11. My dog is still alive and seems well for almost being 14, but I cry every other day or so, sad that the time went by so fast, and sad that it's difficult to live in the present with her while she's still alive.

  12. I am really sorry about that. This would have been the same answer for me. A while back we had to put our dog down, she wasnt even that old - just got very sick very suddenly.

  13. So sorry to hear that. I can't even imagine how tough that must be. I hope everything gets better for you.

  14. When I submitted my letter of resignation in June. My old boss was a real one who looked out for me personally and professionally and I'm not a huge fan of change. I definitely got emotional going through the past four years. Change scares me and the realization that I was moving on got to me.

  15. Having a boss that cares makes such a huge impact in your life! Hope the change was a good one! Thanks for the share!

  16. Friday, my grandpa died the day before and I often have trouble processing death immediately so it usually takes 12 to 24 hours for it to really hit me.

  17. Sorry for your loss man.. I’m typically the same way. You don’t want to believe it happened then it all hits you. Hope your doing ok!

  18. I'm so sorry for your loss. I found out last week that my Grandpa has terminal cancer so doesn't have long left

  19. Hope everything gets better! Just remember trying Times bring better tomorrow’s! Rooting your you!

  20. A couple hours ago. Not a big one. Just welling up. A convo card at a Christmas party asked what kind of charity would I start and who for. Something for abused kids. What bothered me though was the thought that so many suffer in silence and fear and may never benefit. I’m a therapist and I hear too many of those stories. Speaking of which, watched Good Will Hunting with my wife last weekend. Haven’t seen it in years. Tears start streaming at the scene where Robin Williams just sits in silence. Then the scene approaches where Will breaks down in therapy and I know what’s coming. I had to leave the room and ended up in a ball on the floor.

  21. Damn.. your killing me smalls! I could go for a cry like that. I don’t know what you’ve seen/heard as a therapist but one sure you’ve been through the ringer!

  22. Earlier tonight. My wife & I made love, then sat in bed discussing our early dating, how we knew in about 4 months of meeting that we were headed for marriage, but she had some things to work through first. I told her I was glad I was in the right space to be patient & understanding then, otherwise I might have missed out on an incredible woman. Then I cried and then she cried. She commented on how she couldn’t recall the last time I cried. It’s been a wonderful 18 years.

  23. Fuck!! This is so beautiful. I hope everyone in this comment section have what you and your partner have and that we all never let it go and stay strong just like you guys did☺☺

  24. You have no idea how happy I am to hear about your story. I really think I'm in the place of your wife right now and I'm just really hoping my guy is as much like you as I think he is. Thank you for sharing!

  25. Today. When I heard the words "I love you but I'm no longer in love with you". Three and a half years down the drain and an engagement ring to get a refund on.

  26. That sounds really tough to deal with. I'm sorry to hear, friend. I hope you're able to find the support you need as you move forward.

  27. That’s tough but look at the upside (as hard as it is) you could have passed the next step and had to go through the breaking of a marriage.

  28. My soon to be ex wife said those exact words to me too… a little under a month ago. I cried too. Hard pill to swallow but it will get better with time. Good luck friend and I’m here if you need an ear.

  29. My husband of 8.5 years recently told me "I haven't had feelings for you in 4 years, I don't love you". Now I'm across the country with our 3.5 year old twins trying to get my life started almost a decade behind where my friends and peers are. I was a stay at home mom, with an unfinished degree. It's going to be a hard road.

  30. I feel ur pain. My s/o of 6 yrs & myself recently came to that revelation in our relationship. Definitely hurts but she is still my best friend. I’d do about anything now to change it, but sometimes it’s just not in the stars…. Just really sucks that this happens to be the darkest timeline that we’re stuck in….

  31. Yeah bro, after I was always an empathetic person. After I had my wife and I had kids, I cry at the end of each episode of The Great British Bake Off.

  32. Hey at-least you can let it all out.. it’s been a while for me.. I don’t think my tear ducts work…

  33. I’m about to be balling soon. Because I’m at the hospital right now as my grandpa had cardiac arrest twice in the last two days. His kidneys are failing and now he is going fast.

  34. legit a few hours ago. Story time. I met an amazing girl last summer while hiking last summer. Like perfect. We became best friends almost instantly. But she told me that she wasnt ready for a relationship at the time and would rather be friends. Plus she lived on the other side of the country so logically it made sense, plus she was 2.5 years older than me and in a different stage in life. I was heartbroken but continued on and built that friendship. Later in the summer we met a guy who fit in with our hiking group. He is amazing, dont get me wrong. tonight I called this girl to catch up on life and it turns out she started dating that guy in secret last summer while we were hiking. She pretty much told me that she doesnt want to maintain our friendship anymore because she was torn.

  35. I'm sorry to hear that, friend. That sounds tough. It's clear you made the investment to make friendship work, and unfortunately she couldn't put in the same amount.

  36. My six year old talks frequently about dieing or wanting to be dead. We are seeking professional help and working with her, and yes she is too young to know the true meaning of her words but it still hurts.

  37. Yesterday. Good buddy of mine got piss drunk and sent me a message about how we're brothers for life, and he will always be by my side. Shit like that always gets me.

  38. Found out on Wednesday last week my Dad has skin cancer, but thankfully it’s not melanoma and cannot spread, when the growth is removed he will be clear.

  39. I'm sorry to hear about the scare, friend. My mother has had cancer, and it was surreal to think I may not see her someday because of it. She's fortunately fine, but in the interim--even waiting for the doctor's appt--it was difficult. I wish you the best.

  40. I haven’t been able to cry for 12 years. There is a problem with my face. I’ve felt depressed/weepy, but no tears flow. It is torture.

  41. It’s been a few years for me.. It gets close and then nothing. Hope your doing well in life! Maybe one day the tear ducts will open and the emotions will flow!

  42. Same here. I've lost half of my family in the last 10 years, some dogs, had friends moving away, fucked up a lot of possible relationships with great women, watched some sad and some uplifting movies but haven't been able to cry since I was a little kid.

  43. Man I sorry you’ve had a rough time.. I wish I could say something inspirational to help you out.. All I can say is I’m glad you took the initiative to seek help and your on your way to become better! Hope the business trip goes well! You have people rooting for you and I’m one of them!

  44. Marley and Me, city of Angels. I never cry about real life, but put a sad movie on and turn on the water works. Especially if I've had a few drinks

  45. I’ve started keeping a running list. The strangest one is the ending of Rogue One (had been drinking with my friends before we went to see it opening night). All time worst one was either the ending of Hamilton or the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.

  46. Today. Its hard raising three children on a single parent income. Along with getting a notice to vacate our rental. It just seems like its impossible to stay on top.

  47. I'm sorry to hear, friend. That sounds really difficult and overwhelming. I won't pretend to know what it's like to be in your situation, but I hope you're able to find the support you need to keep life stable for yourself.

  48. You are doing your best and better times will come. I’ve been a single dad for a long time. It’s never easy but the rewards of well raised kids make it worthwhile.

  49. I must be watching the wrong movies.. sometimes when a song in a movie comes on I get close but it never happens..

  50. Having people in your life pass away is tough.. hope your doing well and life is on the up and up!

  51. I don't know your experience, but I can empathize, friend. I'm sorry to hear that. I live alone, work in an office but isolated from the camaraderie of the rest of the staff (though I can hear them bonding through the wall, so that's great! /s). I struggle to connect with friends. I'm at a point that I'd give up so much of my life just to feel like I belong to something. Without a family or other milestone markers for mid-30s, I still feel like a kid and behind everyone around me, slowing being lost to time and will eventually be left behind.

  52. I hated school/uni. Had a good time with the people there but I am just not the type whos good at studying. Life just got much better after I was done with it all and started working. I know that you have different reasons for getting burned out, but I hope that it will get better.

  53. I made a mistake and I made my mother cry, I felt terrible about it and bought flowers and muffins to make up for it, and we both cried together when I asked for forgiveness.

  54. As a mom I just want to say it means a lot to have your kids make that effort. Everybody makes mistakes, but taking that extra step to acknowledge it shows real growth. At the same time that she was sad I bet she also felt proud of you.

  55. Read the words of Imagine Dragons song I Bet My Life. Lead singer wrote it to his parents. I wonder how many people have been there. Probably a lot.

  56. Animals are family and it’s rough.. just took my dog in for surgery a few weeks ago and I was damn close to crying a few times! Sorry for your loss ( also sorry it’s a late sorry!)

  57. Today. Dealing with a lot of shit. Been out of work for 8+ years with a back injury.Financial stress, feel like a failure even though the injury isn't my fault. In pain every day. Being stuck like that depression set in pretty fast. Wife divorced me about a year after my injury. She didn't want to be with someone who couldn't be active and go on adventures. Hard to meet new women when you can't go out and socialize. So loneliness is hard. Not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I did get lucky and I randomly I met this amazing woman. She's a great person and great friend but I want more. She checks every box. Never thought I would meet someone so amazing. Bad luck Strick's again though because she's married. So my heart hurts from that. Life sucks then you die I guess. There's a ton of other shit but this is long enough.

  58. I'm holding my newborn daughter right now, she's sleeping and is the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. I've cried so many times after her birth. It's wonderful!

  59. When I watched We Were Soldiers on Memorial Day past. When Mrs Moore comes back to her home after delivering the first telegram and sees the pile left at her door I always lose it.

  60. Damm I feel you, this girl I really like just canceled our date. She always skips or can’t do anything

  61. Guess I better watch these because it’s been a minute for me… found my new plans for my days off! Sad movies and possibly a whiskey drink or some wine!

  62. good for you, we should always embrace a good cry every once in a while! for me personally, la la land makes me cry harder than any other movie

  63. Just yesterday actually, went to my dads grave and just cried because I missed him. He passed when I was a 9th grade so 2 years ago from lung cancer. And I regret not hanging out with him much because I thought he would be there forever. And seeing people with their dads kinda make me jealous as to why did God have to take my Dad ? Idk man

  64. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find people to fill some of the gaps in your life. Maybe a teacher that you really click with, the parent of a friend, a coworker, and make the effort to connect. Being friends with people who are all different ages is a good thing. They can help you with some of the life lessons and support you would have gotten from your dad. Big mom hug from over here.

  65. Probably last week. I was having a club meeting at my university. The club advisor commented on the gender ratio since most of the club members are women. One member made a comment, saying what I am doing there, and why am I part of the club, implying that I don't belong there (I presume because of my gender). Another one followed up saying that she forgets that I am part of the club. Many of the members chuckled at the comments. I felt so heartbroken man, so excluded, like I don't matter. It's particularly difficult because I have been trying to make meaningful relationships to fight my anxiety and depression. I came home that night, and I let out tears.

  66. Saturday night. Combination of realizing how long I've been single, thinking how my previous relationships ended, and that my chances are getting worse as I get older. I tried finding a website where I could send myself flowers to arrive on valentines day and spent an hour trying to find one that would let me send them this early (I was hoping to forget that I did it by then).

  67. There’s always time to find that someone! Hope your doing well. Shit I’ll send flowers your way!Shoot me a message and I’ll get them sent!

  68. I wish you the best, friend. I empathize. I've been single for years. Hundreds of dating messages sent on dating apps--single digit amount of dates from them. At 34, I feel the pinch from myself and parents that it's "about time" to settle down. As if I'm not trying, right? Easy to slip into depression, which has been my whole 2021, honestly, with romance being one of the spokes on the wheel.

  69. A few weeks ago when I came to the realization that I'd been suffering mentally from holding in all the pain and emotional trauma for the better part of a decade, and even some from before that too. I won't get into it, but I will say that it started with a couple of tears, and my whole body shaking and feeling numb, then I just completely broke down but it was still silent. Guys, learn to release some emotion please. You don't wanna end up loosing your sanity and sense of empathy. You also don't wanna break down and feel everything pouring out of you all at once. It's a terrible helpless feeling.

  70. I hope you're feeling better now, friend. I've felt like I'm losing my sanity for years now! Forgetting things, feeling in a fog, and struggling to make decisions without anxiety, even small decisions like what to wear in the morning. Shit, if I can't pick out a shirt, how can I do anything else? Am I this useless and incapable?

  71. A week ago when I watched Lord of the Rings. Like, for 12 hours. I cried so much my face burned. Girlfriend probably thinks I’m an idiot, but whatever. There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

  72. Last night. It hit me again that this pandemic really crushed me. I’m 20 and started uni two weeks before lockdown started. I didn’t live on campus so I didn’t make any friends. I’m starting my third year in a few months. I’ve gotten a lot better after basically being crazy for a year or so, but some things are still really hard, and socialising is one of them. It makes me sad that I can’t really connect to people anymore or be myself. Last night was pretty dire and I just couldn’t stop weeping. Curled up with my cat which definitely improved things. Love you lads. Go to therapy and whatnot.

  73. Today. This morning I found my roommate lifeless in bed. Called 112 (Dutch) and started reanimation, it didn't help. Paramedics and officers on-scene couldn't do anything either and declared her deceased. She died in her sleep of an epileptic seizure. Even before I started reanimation I knew the outcome already, her body was discolored, purple-ish and I saw that her stomach was slightly bloated. This happened about 3 hours ago, so I'm still in disbelief.

  74. Feels weird writing it, but 20 years ago when I was kicked out of my house. I was a homeless kid and this family took me in. They had this large classical music collection and I remember putting on a Mozart album and something about it just made me ball uncontrollably.

  75. Like 6 years ago when I learned that some freshman I ran cross country with can I was assigned to run with him so I was teaching and we got to know eachother through the 10 mile runs and one day I heard that he ended his life and that broke me cause I felt so useless. Since then nothing had really made me cry not my marriage, not my divorce, not my boot camp graduation I get close sometimes but I can stop it pretty well at this stage in life I believe I just learned to shut down that emotion. I'm aware of how bad that is but I just don't have time to cry about my life.

  76. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  77. I had to put my dog down and I took him alone. Wife stayed home with our son. First time I cried in years and it wasn’t until I was walking out of the room knowing he wasn’t coming back with me. I still won’t talk about it with anyone in real life.

  78. I had to resuscitate my grandmother a couple months ago after she had a seizure and stopped breathing, the most stressful situation I've ever been in trying to perform CPR while managing my kids couldn't really cry after the ambulance came and got her since I was alone with my kids at the time just got stuck with that mentality of gotta keep it together for them and that led me to just repressed those feelings.

  79. Just before the pandemic started, my mom took her own life. Before then I rarely cried. Since then, a lot. And I get teary eyed over so much shit now. Good and bad. I never fully understood the impact suicide has on a person and an entire family. Just love everyone as hard as you fuckin can.

  80. Sounds like a healthy cry! Might sound weird from a complete stranger but there are people there for you in life! If you need to let anything out my inbox is open! Hope you succeed in therapy and in life!

  81. I wept pretty hard over my best friend sent me a text after she got out of rehab which basically said she wishes she never met me and hopes to never see me again. It was so unexpected.

  82. I used to be hella suicidal. I knew myself well enough to give my guns to a friend and then a few weeks passed by and I felt better and took them back but I still had this general feeling of wanting a meteor to just come down and take me out of my misery. Then one day I watvhed my daughter (a toddler) get picked up by her mom after we had a great time together and I realized I wanted to see how she ended up in fifty years or so, and that took my suicidal thoughts away. I called someone when she left and cried about it and it was the first breath of air I had after what felt like drowning for a decade. I sometimes get flashes of suicidal idealations but for the most part I'm good and I actually feel like I have something to live for in both her and myself.

  83. Coaching a soccer team and we had a tournament yesterday. In the semifinals my girls were down 0-1 but we kept pushing and pushing and a girl I’ve coached a few times over the last 5 years scored with about 10 minutes left. Too many emotions to hold back. Unfortunately we lost in penalties but that’s soccer

  84. 2 days ago. Sad at the state of my life, all the potential I believe I had and that seems no longer accessible. Feeling trapped behind glass like the pauper watching the rich fat cats eat Christmas dinner inside the warm dining room, but I don't get to eat any. I'm alone out in the cold behind a pane of glass, hungry and watching others have the experiences I want. I get to see but never have.

  85. On sunday. I was watching a video on Reddit about an adopted girl who told the story of how she remembered the day she was adopted. When she said: "My heart fell in love with you." I just teared up. I also have a daughter who I don't see as often as I'd like, so I'm extra sensitive about these things.

  86. Yesterday. I crashed my barely 2 month owned car when it was snowing. Flipped upside down. Damaged roof, wheels, windshield. The cost of repair would be more than buying a new car. Luckily, nothing happened to me. Not a scratch. It was my first car and I will love it to death. Well, it wasn't yesterday because I'm crying again.

  87. Just this morning, I had this crazy coincidence that moved me to tears. I owed a debt from my friend and I didn't know if I had enough in my bank account to pay for it. It was payment for various expenses including groceries using his credit card and the total amount calculated was 482.17. I checked my bank account and voila the amount remaining in my account is 482.17 exactly to the cents. It was like God saying to me "I gotchu".

  88. This last sunday. I visited a girl I've been texting with for a year and a half in the other side of the country, just to get absolutely rejected. Everything sucks

  89. Last Roll Call and TAPS with rifle volley salute of coworker who died of COVID a couple months go.

  90. The other day when my 4 year old daughter told me that she didn’t want to go to her moms house because she is mean to her and calls her bitch and asshole all the time.

  91. I had to hold my dog while they put him to sleep. I’ve had him 12 years. As long as my son. He was part of the family.

  92. I was listening to Radiohead in the car yesterday on a kinda long drive and found myself tearing up at the end of Fake Plastic Trees. Came outta nowhere and went away immediately after the song was over. I tried to replay the song to see if it would happen again, but it didn't. Something in me just really connected to them and that song at that moment.

  93. We had to put our white German Shepherd down this weekend. I cried…so hard. I’m big a guy and my wife is pretty small; I BAWLED into her lap like a little kid. I’m not ashamed to admit it at all. Men should cry.

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