What is the most aggressive thing a woman has ever done to gain your attention?

  1. A girl once walked right up to me at a party, stood less than a foot away, looked me in the eyes and asked if she could kiss me. I knew who she was, but not that she was interested in me at all. I wasn't seeing anyone, so I said something witty like, "Umm... sure?" We've been married for 11 years. She thanks tequila when she tells people how we got together.

  2. Handed me her phone (flip phone era,) she had typed “I don’t usually do this but I want to be yours tonight if you’ll let me” or something to that effect.

  3. Took a lot of math classes in college. A young college woman asked if I would tutor her as she can’t keep up with her class.

  4. I hate to break it to you...she was an undercover agent for the Mandatory Cock Inspection Agency. If you're still around to read this, you passed.

  5. In high school a girl wanted me to come over to her house to help with math homework, not sure why I never went but big regret there.

  6. I’d been dancing like a twat at a party. Went out side to cool off. Girl comes out and punches me full in the stomach. I’m there going wtf. She informs me that it’s unacceptable to have left the dance floor when her favourite song just came on. I assume that’s what you mean by aggressive…

  7. I was at a pool party and a girl I’d never even seen before came up to me and asked if I had a girlfriend, when I said no she said “do you wanna go fuck right now?” and immediately went and had sex with her

  8. My 29th birthday we had a small party at my brothers place. A few coworkers showed up. I went to pee. When I opened the bathroom door a girl I worked with was standing outside the door. Before I could say anything or take a step out she had grabbed me by the front of my shirt and pushed me back back into the bathroom and started making out with me. Super hot and very unexpected.

  9. While at work, she showed me a picture of her vagina on her phone and said “you can have this when you want.”

  10. Similar happened to me too. A female colleague I rarely talked to suddenly felt urge to show me her pictures from vacation. There was a slideshow of pictures her wearing bikinis and then there were no bikinis all of sudden, only her spread-eagled. She let out this giggly "oops", gave me a provocative look and walked away.

  11. In my discrete math class in college, I was sitting in the back, like you do when you an awkward guy that has problems with falling asleep in class.

  12. I work in what many would consider a more conservative environment, not politically conservative, workplace etiquette conservative due to the nature of our business. I had been working at my current job for about three weeks when this very attractive woman, that works in a different department, drove by in a company vehicle and yells "Dude! You give me a huge lady boner!"

  13. Stuck her thigh between my legs and tried to hump me...while my gf sat right next to me laughing her ass off.

  14. I was at an outdoor festival (Sub Pop 30, completely free) and it was pretty crowded but I noticed a hot girl walking towards me with her boyfriend. They stand behind me and pretty much as soon as Father John Misty starts playing, she starts grinding her pelvis on my ass. It was crowded, but not too crowded that she couldn’t step away from my butt. I was too worried about her boyfriend to do anything but I let it happen cuz it was fun. Thinking back, I wonder if that guy was actually her boyfriend because I was just like “what the hell is happening rn?” I always thought he was the bf but who knows...

  15. Its a weird fantasy/power play thing. They want to prove they are sexy enough that they can steal a man right in front of the women they are with.

  16. 11th grade, she carved a wooden heart out and put our initials on it and handed it to me after high school. I had never spoken to her. She was a foreign exchange student and barely spoke English. I felt bad for being a bit put off, but admired the testicular fortitude.

  17. I told a girl that I had crushed on since first grade about the crush on high school graduation night. She thought it was sweet, since I was never creepy about it. just worshipped from afar. she gave me a nice smooch on the lips, tho. worth the wait. her personality definitely matched her fantastic looks.

  18. So you're saying you were okay with her testicles, you were more concerned that you wouldn't be able to communicate. Sounds pretty mature for 11th grade.

  19. Had company over and we were all drinking. One woman in particular had been talking to me all night. But I was too drunk to see the signs. I went to the garage to grab something and she followed to help Then out of the blue she says "I just started going to a new place to get waxed how did they do?" And drops her pants in front of me. OP I 100% understand the testosterone comment.

  20. The second one is actually how my parents started dating, my dad went through her line at the store and she asked him the exact same thing, apparently the line works sometimes

  21. At the end of a class everyone was squeezing into an elevator, this girl and I liked each other but I still try to give her space. She manhandles me closer to her and says “don’t be scared”. Everyone around us was like woah. That sparked our relationship.

  22. I was in a club with 4 friends and I drunkenly walked up behind one of my female friends and grabbed her thong and gave her a wedgie. The girl who turned around was not one of my friends but a pretty hot girl I'd never seen before. I started apologizing like crazy and she said, "don't worry about it", gave me a kiss and her phone number. We ended up dating on and off for a year

  23. Friend’s girlfriend asked me to fuck her in the bathroom of a strip club. We were sitting at the bar and my friend was maybe 4 feet away with his back turned. Turns out they deserved each other cause a couple years later my friend tried to get MY girlfriend to cheat on me with him. No longer friends.

  24. My friend and I got stranded on the side of the road when his car broke down. We called a friend to pick us up. He showed up with two girls sitting in the bed is his truck. My friend got in the cab, and I got in the back of the truck. One girl started patting down my pockets and asked if I had money because she was hungry for Jack in the Box. We’ve been together for 20 years now. We get Jack in the Box for lunch every anniversary.

  25. I was at a restaurant with three friends. We're sitting at the table, cutting up, laughing, and having a good time. Out of nowhere, a crumpled up napkin lands right next to my plate. I look up and a waitress is walking by and smiling at me. I'm clueless and say something like who's throwing their trash at me?

  26. Had a girl in college walk up look me up and down and say "you look like a good fuck lets leave". She later tried to stab me through a door because she thought it was locked. If your gonna bang crazy chicks use a condom and have sturdy doors.

  27. Sitting in a nightclub booth and this girl just comes over and sits on my lap and started kisses. No words we're spoken. I went to the gents came back and she'd left.

  28. Drinking with my friends at a house party and a girl walks up and grabs my hand starts pulling me away from my friends and says we are going to fuck I will bring him back. we did. Was great

  29. Not super aggressive but snatched my phone out of my hand and put her number into my contacts before telling me to call her.

  30. Girl1: She straight up asked me on a date, in the middle of the date hinted and seeing the inside of my apartment, then at the end of the date asked if she could use the bathroom in my apartment.

  31. A long time ago, I used to do trade school two nights a week. One night I was leaving school in my little car, and pulled up at the lights out the front. I look over and the chick in the car next to me was kinda hot, she gave a little smile. I smiled b back, trying to play it cool, then went back to waiting for the light. After a few seconds I noticed she's waving at me, I looked over and she's smiling, waving and giving me the sign to wind down my window. So, feeling pretty good about myself, I wind down the window, thinking I'm going to get a number. She immediately told me I'd left my backpack on the roof of my car, the light went green and she drove off.

  32. Please tell us that the next day you thanked her, cracked a few funny jokes about it, got her number, and have been married for 5 years now.

  33. A woman sprayed me with breast milk…straight from her breast. She wasn’t trying to get my attention sexually, just get my attention in general. It felt pretty aggressive.

  34. Im sitting next to my wife (she was my gf at the time), at my wife's grandmother's funeral, when a family friend of theirs who was sitting on the otherside of me (gf on my right, this girl on my left) just reachs under the table and grabs my dick through my pants! My wife sees this and tells her "can you let go of my boyfriends dick!?" Loud asf so the whole table can hear. It was the weirdest fucking thing to happen at a funeral!

  35. Threw her arms around my neck, and wouldn't let go. We were 16 years old. We will celebrate our 46th anniversary later this year. :) Together for 51 years. She has poor taste in men, but I'm pretty happy about that.

  36. There was one girl that worked at the gym i go to, she was really nice we talked pretty often. One day i stayed until she was about to close the gym, and just before she closed she said she needed to do stretches because she had a dance class the next day. She invited me to do the stretches with her, i thought she meant me just helping her like pushing her down or lifting/holding something, just being of assistance to her. Instead she wanted me to do them with her, as in do the stretches myself. Now, she's a semi professional dancer practicing modern dance, her stretches are not human not something i can even think of doing.

  37. In my 20's I used to work as a bouncer at night and a personal trainer during the day. One night while working at the club one of the MILFS from my gym comes to the club with a couple of her friends celebrating one of their 45th birthdays. I have only ever seen this woman at the gym with no make up on but she is naturally beautiful with a killer body, kind of resembled a thicker Lisa Raye from players club. We always speak to each other and sometimes we will flirt a little bit at the gym but that's as far as it has ever went. When she sees me she lights up. She says OMG______ I didn't know you worked here, she gives me a big hug pressing her body into mine, and holds on like we are way more than casual gym friends. We chat for a bit then she goes back to her friends. I get the bar Manager to send them a round of shots and check on them periodically through out the night. Towards the end of the night after she has had some more drinks she comes and finds me on my post, walks straight up to me and starts dancing on me after a few songs she turns around, looks me right in the eyes and tells me I'm taking her home tonight. I tried to play it cool like "aight cool I got you" but inside I'm like OH SHIT! I THINK IM GONNA GET TO SMASH THIS FINE ASS COUGAR. I drive her home, she has this dope ass condo downtown with views of the city. Once we get inside we immediately start going at it, we had sex 2 times that night and once again in the morning.

  38. When I worked as a museum guide in the past I would often have generational families on trips together; children, parents and grandparents. One family had two daugthers, one around my age. After my tour had ended the gramdma came up to me, I figured she had some more questions but all she did was tell me how her granddaughter was single and I should have a shot at her. G-ma even started wingmanning the shit out of her grandchild by telling me about how nice she was and for how long they would be in town.

  39. I was in the club one night on the dance floor and had a girl lift up her skirt(no panties on) and jump on me and I couldn’t get her off of me until some other girl came over(who had witnessed the whole thing) and peeled her off of me, yelling at her the whole time to have some respect for herself. It was funny as all hell.

  40. A few years ago, I was flying back to college after a trip. I'm at my gate waiting to board, I think reading a book or something, and I notice a cute girl. I look at her a few times, our eyes meet a bit, etc. I notice she boards before me.

  41. Giving up a first class seat just to talk to someone your attracted to. I don't think I've ever been that horny then again i really hate flying

  42. As a teenager, about 15, hanging out with a bunch of other kids playing board games. This girl I didn't know came and sat behind and to my side and watched. She started carefully rubbing her tits on my arm and back, making it look like she was shifting around. Before long we were covertly touching each other under the table and such. She ended up being my first real girlfriend. Her fundamentalist Baptist father drove us apart months later because I wasn't "saved."

  43. I was out one night with my friends getting drinks and two girls came to the table were me and my friends were at. I had just gotten arthroscopic shoulder surgery and she said she felt bad for me since I had my arm in a sling. She then proceeds to tell me that she likes girls but she thought I was cute and she stuffed my face in her boobs. That whole interaction left me really confused.

  44. Flashed me with the spinny red and blue lights on her work car. Got my attention completely and sent my heart fluttering. A few minutes later she was gone from my life as quickly as she had arrived - 35mph.

  45. The way her eyes bore into my soul while she matched my face to my license will be etched into my deepest memories forever.

  46. Years ago, my friend brought me to a party hosted by his girlfriend's friends. He introduced me to the hostess, to which she tells my friend "I'm not a whore, stop trying to set me up with your friends."

  47. This happened to my when i was in school, i was not handsome or anything so i really thought she was trying to steal it and didn't let go, she kept pushing and struggling. I only smiled until she left frustrated. That day i learned that my love for beer is stronger than my desire for women(i was 14 or 15 tops)

  48. Once (and probably only ever liable to happen once if I'm being honest) I had two girls fighting over me at a housewarming party a few years ago. Somewhat NSFW.

  49. A girl grabbed my new glasses at a bar and put them on, then walked away. So I followed her and asked for them back and she said she’d only give them back to me if she could put them on me. Ok, fine. Then she or them on and then grabbed my face and kissed me. My friends thought it was funny. I did not

  50. a girl was with her mother at the shop where i worked. she came closer and closer to me, till i made an obvious step back. couple days later she visisted again but alone. she asked some unnecessary questions about products and wanted to see one up close. so i had to open up the package. meanwhile she came really close to me and was pushing here breast against my arm.

  51. Before she became my GF, she invited me over for a group thing but secretly never invited anybody else. Then, she opened the door in just a bathrobe and asked me for a massage. It worked and I stayed over for two days.

  52. While at a halloween party many years ago, on my way out, this hot 40ish aerobics instructor comes over, blocks the door, says "no no, you can't leave.." and proceeds to approach me, fondles my ass, my chest, and grabs my arm tightly and continues "you gotta stay, don't go.." while staring at me with literally starving eyes (FYI, she was fully sober)

  53. Were you wearing a mask? Because lot of women would date a lot of guys, just that dumb stereotype of us having to ask them out for whatever reason

  54. A long time ago when I was in highschool a girl that liked me, proceeded to hit me with a chair into the ground (just out of nowhere) and then bited me in the neck.

  55. Had that happen to me.... after weeks of being hounded, she said, "if I can get one hug, I will then leave you alone". I agreed as she proceeds to bear hug me, pick me off of the ground and bite my neck. I had a mark on my neck for two weeks.

  56. grabbed me by the wiener in the middle of a crowded house party, ive also been grabbed by the back of my head and the girl start making out with me in the middle of a club i we never spoke a word to eachother, and several surprise stripper kisses

  57. In class , this girl would give me severe eye contact and when I'd glance at her back , she'd do the "whut?", with the raised shoulder and eyebrows so i finally asked her about it

  58. Was 1994 at a party, a bit high and drunk. She sat in my lap and gave me that smile. Continued to sit there and chat for some time while the testosterone kicked in. Dated for 6 years and are now on our 22nd year of marriage.

  59. I was at a karaoke bar one night. I've always liked women that can sing. It warms my heart. I was watching intently as a woman was singing. She was good. The song finished and she stepped off stage, walked directly up to me, and said "I saw you".

  60. Grabbed my junk, looked me dead in the eyes and said do you know why they call me the mosquito? It's because I'm so good at sucking

  61. Tripped me. Like straight up just stuck her leg out as I was walking past making me stumble and almost fall flat on my face. I wasn't overly interested in speaking to her after that.

  62. Had a girl basically hold me hostage in my own car. A group of us had gone to see a movie in the afternoon and she needed a ride to school cause she had a night class. I say no problem and give her a ride, when we get to the parking lot she doesn't get out of the car. I'm like what's up, she says her class isn't for another hour, so she'll just hang here until then.

  63. I briefly had a female roommate in law school. During the second week living together, she started walking around the apartment in just a towel after she had showered. The following week, she came into my bedroom naked, and we slept together a few times.

  64. A coworker told me that her fantasy is to be raped by me... I didn't know what to say tbh, and Im usually not lost for words.

  65. Many crazy things have happened over the years, but what sticks out the most in my mind is that one time that I got into a fight with 4 other guys and a girl I knew and somewhat hanged out with was randomly walking down the street and saw me fighting them, all by my self (stupid, I could get hurt, I know). So, before I know it, I see her in my side, kicking and screaming at the guys that I was fighting.

  66. Multiple woman have tried and some succeeded at sticking their hands down my pants to play with my Lil bastard.

  67. We'd rented a caravan (mobile home UKers rent by the week to take a vacation, usually at the seaside) from a friend. Halfway through the week she and her gf pop over to see us. Gf is high as a kite on coke and booze. She proceeds to straddle me, grind, kiss and encourages me to feel her up etc while insisting she's psychic .

  68. Big tiddies and corsets. Yup, that tracks. Knew a barmaid in my town whose zipper just gave up on day and she ended up flashing the whole place. Won a bet that day (they were fake, I was the only one who bet that)

  69. I was deployed to Iraq and this girl in my unit was pretty hot, but I usually ignored her because I thought she was a bitch the first time I met her, (she ignored me).

  70. She stabbed me with a pencil in art class when we were 16. My arm bleed. She later confessed she liked me. What the actual fuck???

  71. striped on a lantern next to me and the girl i was talking to. resulted in another guy grabbing and rubbing his d against her. she then left.

  72. Don't remind me. I had this exact thing happen in high school with a girl that I was actually into but I was so young and stupid that I just thought she had a wardrobe malfunction and I pretended to not see anything the multiple times she did it. She was even making direct eye contact but I was so awkward I just assumed it was to make sure I wasn't looking or something. After I graduated and we lived in different states she asked me via Instagram dms why I never tried anything.

  73. Lightly bit the back of my neck then walked off while was talking to a table of women after I'd been sold to another woman during a "bachelor auction". She was tall, red headed, and beautiful.

  74. Girl 1: I was in college and shared a bathroom with the suite next to me. While I was in class she ask my suite mate to let her in and was naked on my bed when I got home from class. This girl had been trying to get with me for weeks but I politely declined all her offers. I don't know what she thought would happen but I just told her to put on her clothes and get the out.

  75. Was in Scotland a couple summers back at some pub down the main bar alley there in Glasgow. Mind you, I look very out of place there. I’m tall, athletic build, full beard and very very tan. Anyway, this group of girls came up to me all giddy to talk to the out of place loner and after a quick survey I realized I had no interest in any of them so I started responding in Spanish as if I couldn’t understand any of them and acted disinterested. They hung around for a minute but returned to their table soon enough. Except for one. This girl was something out of a British reality tv show. Pretty enough but in a typical tv slag sort of way. Caked on make up, bad dye job, fake lashes, the works. That girl hung around me and said some of the filthiest shit I’ve ever heard all because she thought I couldn’t understand. Among the lines I remember, the one that stands out to me most is “aren’t you the devilish mustachioed Spanish man. I bet that beard would feel fantastic if I sat on your face and buried you.” It was hard to keep a straight face through a lot of it. I eventually bought her a shot for hanging around long enough and really digging her heels into the attempt.

  76. Was out one night with my boys and this very attractive woman I’d never met before just kept gravitating towards me and I thought nothing of it.

  77. Not aggressive as much as direct but they pointed to me with their friend/ group of friends as they were smiling approached me and got my number. Also not aggressive as much as direct but they told my friend they'd give me a bj or fuck me.

  78. Me: 17 y.o. kid (look 25) half drunk at a music festival, drinking at a tiki bar after work, Tall brunette, late 30s, maybe into mid 40s, out of nowhere, straight to me in front of probably 12 people: "You and I will have beautiful blue eyed babies together."

  79. When i was 14 or 15, a girl at school literally JUMPED at me and hugged me almost every morning when i got to school for half a year or a year, but i thought that she also did this with other guys(she didnt) and thus didnt get the more than obvious hint as the stupid guy i am. It took me like a year after she stopped doing it, since i didnt show similar commitment ig, to realize that she might have taken interested in me...

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