What does your wife do to make seeing her naked still exciting?

  1. I'm not sure it gets boring to your husband as much as you think it does, but lingerie is amazing. Rather than just for "removing boredom" in terms of repetition, it's always sexier to have just a little something on top of the skin. Those semi transparent full body stockings broken to allow access to the bottom parts or just normal stockings with a garter belt are an amazing turn-on.

  2. I tried on a body stocking once. Bought a fishnet one by accident. Felt like a cooked ham and couldn't stop laughing, laughed so hard I farted... Had to take it off because he was laughing then and there was zero sex happening.

  3. I think being semi nude vs full nude forces the brain to imagine (key word here) what your body looks like naked. This is might trigger desire to see you naked. Imagination is pretty powerful especially coupled with desire and that may make a person seem more attractive to someone else because their imagination has created desire.

  4. Every now and then my wife will wear knee high socks and a thong (or boy shorts 😍) to bed. And then she’s just standing there brushing her teeth getting ready for bed like it’s nothing. The audacity 😂

  5. Bruh I feel that, especially if they're wearing one of your baggy shirts too. Makes me go monkey brain every time.

  6. Any tips on why she loves showing it off? I always compliment my wife's ass but she's not one to show it off. I gotta use x-ray vision and my imagination to see through the sweatpants.

  7. This. Sometimes when my wife goes to take shower she'll go:"check this out." And whip off her bra and give me a booby shake. And I'll go:"whoooo, boobies!"

  8. Dated a girl once who was every bit as playful as I am. She would do that shit any chance she got, did not matter where we were. If the coast was clear, I was getting a peak at something.

  9. So wait... Do you have platypuses just running around in the wild where you live or do you see your wife naked like once every 10 years?

  10. I wish women didn't have these issues where you are objectified to always look good, but even when my wife gets up in the morning with unkept hair I still tell her how sexy she looks to a reply of "yeah, right". Most of us are very simple monkeys, believe it or not.

  11. I remember reading about it was actually a thing back in old timey days that guys would hang around stage and train stations hoping to perhaps get a view of an ankle when I lady had to raise her skirt to step down.

  12. Yep! I think I speak for all men when I say that we want to be wanted! “Oh God, I’ve been wanting this all day.” - woah, hot. Like. Woah.

  13. Been with my wife for 9 years. I had a really shitty day at work. I told her about it when I got home and she flashed me to make me feel better. Instant chub. I guess that's really all it takes for me.

  14. My wife was getting changed in front of my, nothing sexy, still it made me stop and slowly exhale. She rolled her eyes and said something like “you’ve seen this hundreds of time before”. I read this line somewhere and used it:

  15. Aw man. If I told my wife I'd had a shit day at work she'd get in a bad mood because she will assume I'm in a bad mood.

  16. Going to be 20 years this year, and the best part of my week is still on the weekends when I can sit in bed and talk to her as she gets out of her pajamas and into her clothes.

  17. Only time I was no longer excited to see my partner naked was when I no longer wanted to be with them. It had less to do with them physically and more to do with them as a person that caused the lack of attraction.

  18. Just adding onto this... The other side of the same coin is that the sexiest things about the bodies of the women I've seen naked honestly wasn't that they were naked in front of me. It was who they were and how they treated me. This applies to both committed relationships and to one time, or casual, things.

  19. I’ve been with my wife for 20 years and never once has seeing her titties felt boring to me like just her existing and willing to show me her titties makes it exciting

  20. Not a man but I've coincidentally noticed that if I'm wearing only a towel or only his shirt (especially button ups), men seem to get way more interested in seeing me naked. I can walk around in a bikini or lingerie and sure, he might enjoy that to some degree, but all my past male lovers got extra handsy and eager whenever I was in towel or shirt-stealing mode.

  21. I agree with your experiences. I find casual half nakedness way hotter than lingerie, and my partner being horny and almost "desperate" for me is also way hotter than any visual stimuli could ever be.

  22. Yeah I think it’s about engagement, I think op’s issue is engagement. It’s like that shit with sharks if they aren’t in food mode you can pat them but if it’s go time you’ll lose an appendage. I think the things with shirts, sundresses, whatever compared to a bikini is that flimsy little castle wall creates a bit of mystery and it’s just so flimsy I could crash through that mf and I’m going to find some goodies, I dunno it’s like a bit naughty. I agree I don’t think you can have overexposure unless the spark is gone and you have a sad dick like that other dude was saying.

  23. You're right about that. Whenever she wears just a shirt of mine and I'm sitting down. I kind of want her near so I can get my Walder Frey on and just have her stand by my throne while I play with her butt. Not that I would ever do so during high level political meetings to assert dominance or anything.

  24. I believe this. My bf has been off porn for 3 weeks now. We played pinball last weekend and after my turn he looked me up and down for like the first time and said, wow you looked really cute there.

  25. I hate the current porn culture. People don't understand how it effects them until it's too late. I told my partner I rarely watch porn/masturbate because I hold all that energy for her. That can be the difference in how I look at her, touch her waist as I walk by, hug her during the day... just let those hormones build and tease your way into the bedroom. Foreplay all day.

  26. I notice a difference in my fiancé’s attraction towards me when he doesn’t watch porn. So I think this is good advice! If I’m not feeling very confident surprising him in some new sexy lingerie does the trick for sure.

  27. How do you bring this up to a guy though? I've noticed that my dude keeps getting more "extreme" and wanting to try out stuff that seems porn-like but isn't much fun for me. It's not a matter of me not wanting to try out new or rougher stuff but I do feel like his porn consumption is affecting our sex life.

  28. More people need to cut out porn, it changes everything in the bedroom. Your standard and barometer becomes your partner instead of caricatures of people

  29. This. People are unaware of how much porn is too much and just how much it actually affects your sex drive. Stop today before it’s too late!

  30. I can't imagine the monster I would turn into without a regular JO session... I'm already keyed into every exposed square inch of my wife's skin like I'm starving in the woods hunting for mushrooms.

  31. Literally this is the only answer. I'm a degenerate lizard-brained caveman, but NOTHING compares to seeing my wife naked. She's the pinnacle to me.

  32. This is, by far, the most popular answer. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful he thinks I am and there’s a different type of love and respect that we’ve acquired. Butttttt I want to be able to still excite him like I used to

  33. Yeah me too!!! Only I’ve been with my wife for over 20 years with 6 kids. I get so excited just when she walks into the room, or even answers the phone- I’m so blessed.

  34. My husband stopped noticing me but denies his feeling have changed. I have not felt sexy or desired in over 2 years despite my many efforts to get his attention. Reading through the comments that so many men still covet their wife's body is forcing me to wonder if it's worth trying to save a marriage that feels more like bad roommates.

  35. I feel you too. My boyfriend has to be In the right mood to want to have sex. Tried lingerie and surprising him..doesn’t work. 90% of the time he will say “not right now..maybe tomorrow?” And it gets put off for weeks. It hurts knowing other men are so affectionate and turned on instantly by their SO’s.

  36. I've been scrolling for this pov, surprised it's coming from a woman. Reading through these makes me wonder if I'm doing something wrong as a husband, wondering what to do to be wanted and lusted again. We've been together for 15 years, is this normal to be so vanilla or are all these women putting effort forward normal? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills haha

  37. Any marriage can work if both of you want it to. Go talk to somebody. If he just flat refuses to talk to a therapist together maybe he's not interested in fixing things, but you deserve to be happy, and you deserve somebody who wants you to be happy. Hopefully it's the guy you have now.

  38. It's the trust and commitment that makes it sexy. Yeah, you get all of the real-life moments but that only enhances the sexy moments. But, you know what is the sexiest? Effort. That doesn't have to be an outfit, but it can be. It's the sly smile, a look in her eyes or some words. That's what is exciting to me still after 29 years of marriage.

  39. You are more than what you look like. Remember that, act accordingly, expect to be treated that way, and you will realize why this is a silly question.

  40. Personally, being naked and actively initiating sex seems to work pretty well for me (being a woman). But then... I'm not currently in a long term relationship... so maybe I'm not the best to ask. But when I was with my ex for 17 years, his main ask was that I initiate. After that he was happy.

  41. Noting the edit, I think you’re wrong. I look at the naked body of the woman who gave me two beautiful children, who I heard fart in her sleep, who I know sneaks to the downstairs toilet to take a dump where I can’t hear her. I’ve been with her for 15 years and I still stare at her breasts when she gets out of the shower, or at her arse when she walks past me in a thong whilst getting dressed. It’s still exciting and she doesn’t need to do anything to make it more so. I believe that would be the opinion of most men who are in love with a woman.

  42. OP, don't overthink it. If your man says he appreciates your naked body, then he does. My wife naked is awesome, full stop. She's given birth to two kids, I've helped her through sickness, I've cleaned up things, etc. Yes, her body isn't always sexy, but if she's getting naked for me, that's sexy!

  43. This is the correct and only answer. I still peek on her in the shower or while she's changing. Newness is not what's exciting. It's her being willing to be naked around or even with me that's exciting. I'm still surprised she's willing on a regular basis.

  44. Reading this thread is making me feel kind of shitty, I'll be honest. When I first started dating my husband he would go nuts the way everyone here is describing. Then he went on ADHD meds and his sex drive tanked. Just yesterday I had to basically beg him to look at me when I dressed up in his biggest "turn-on" outfit. We've been married barely two years and I've been worried about our sex life the entire time. We talk about it a lot, he makes a huge effort to try more, but it's just not the same as actual, spontaneous arousal. When we do have sex it's extremely routine and I can tell he's in his head the whole time. I'm only 26, I take great care of my body, and I already feel like I'm never going to be fully desired again.

  45. I don’t think men ever get sick of seeing our partner naked. Although, I think that if a guy is bored seeing his wife naked then there might be a bigger issue at hand.

  46. This right here is the probability for concern maybe something in hubbys life is bothering him vs you not being able to please him or getting him excited. A good talk about anything in his life always helps

  47. I just lost 100 pounds and am in the best shape of my life so that helps. Even when I was fat thought he'd always look with a smile when I change. Always peak on me in the shower with a kiss and groping. 11 years and I'm not bored or tired of seeing him naked. Literally men just like naked women. It never gets boring.

  48. I feel like the people who start to get “bored” with their significant other when they’re naked is because they’re watching porn and/or they’re just having sex all the time. I’m excited af every single time I see my wife naked lol

  49. I think it’s possibly more that if their getting bored of their significant other naked then they’re actually getting bored with them as a person. Some people stay in relationships out of convenience or that although it’s not a great relationship it’s not really a bad one either so they just stay with what’s familiar.

  50. I didn’t expect these simple, wholesome answers, either! I dove into these comments with a pen and notepad anticipating detailed secrets of the elusive straight male sex drive. Turns out, it’s not so complicated.

  51. What do you mean? When I see her ass after 10 years, even if she's just walking by getting into a shower, I wanna tap it badly. She squats though. But if she puts thongs on, it's pretty much over with just watching her and we get to it.

  52. She has the tiniest little apple ass that exist on the surface of this madworld...after 8 years i still loose my mind when looking to long and get the "feeling" (of wearing it like a god damm mustache)

  53. Been married for decades but seriously guys, all she has to do is touch my arm, smile, and make her voice a little deeper and huskier....... I still see the same young woman I married almost five decades ago.

  54. she doesn't have to do anything, even after 18 years, I feel so lucky each day I wake up next to her and her body is NEVER boring, every curve, every part, how soft her skin is, how perfect her breasts, I'd keep going but trying to work....

  55. Yeah me too!! Only I’ve been with her 36 years- no one gets the swonikles vibrating like her, I feel so blessed.

  56. My ex was of this thought. That seeing a new woman naked is about the intimacy and excitement of it and somehow explains cheating if you are on a trip. Thank fuck he is my ex

  57. The excitement of seeing my wife naked comes from the fact she's my wife and it doesn't really matter what we're doing or how she looks.

  58. It makes me kind of sad thinking about the possibility that someone I’ve spent my life and time with and shared such a love for can move on and sleep with other people with ease:( I know it’s human nature but it’s sad to think about and I hope I go to the grave with my partner

  59. Guys on this post are so wholesome. Most women are like “I have to have a plan and execute it perfectly and make him love me all over again”, and men are like I’m fine with a bum shake or naked or tits flashed. 😂😂 men are simple yet great creatures 😂😂

  60. When I'm getting undressed and I know my husband is near, I'll yell "boobs are out!" He comes running every single time. I love the power! Although now he has a sixth sense for it. He could be outside but as soon as I take my bra off, he shows up and says he could sense them. Lol.

  61. Wear something different and sexy like am impracticaly short skirt or a tight low cut top without a bra. Even letting him touch you however he wants can help excite the mood. Naked free use can also help.

  62. I was excited by my naked wife as much towards the end of our marriage as I was at the beginning. Same in other long-term relationships. I'm coming up on five year with one of my partners, and I still feel that same sense of "fuck, you're gorgeous" every time.

  63. My husband is a leg and a$$ man that loves to see me in heels. I love to surprise him with breakfast in only heels and a sexy little apron.

  64. Literally nothing, my day stops completely when my GF is naked, I turn in a completely caveman

  65. I work from home. Occasionally if shes grabbing something from my office she will only be wearing a bra. Its such a massive shift to be in work mode then suddenly seeing her naked.

  66. My girlfriend and I live in a studio apartment, meaning we’re together quite a lot and see each other almost 100% of the time. We used to change in front of each other, run to the shower in front of each other, get naked if the apartment is too hot, etc,. One thing we started doing to make sex and intimacy more exciting was to absolutely avoid seeing each other naked for any reason other than intimacy. Now, we don’t change in front of each other, we don’t walk around the apartment naked in front of each other, because when the time comes when we do see each other naked, we’re ready to rip each other apart because being naked absolutely means go time now.

  67. Simply exists and loves me. Weirdly, I’m quite literally attracted to every inch of her; her knees ..☑️, her collar bone..☑️, her calves…☑️. Everything. Sometimes it’s unbearable lol.

  68. It’d be really interesting to know what the wives of all these commenters look like. This thread gives me hope but it’s taken away quickly if I look like cottage cheese and these dudes are married to vixens

  69. It's probably more important to remember what your husband finds sexy than what random men on the internet find sexy.

  70. Seductively apply body lotion. Dont look at him, or give any other indication of sex. Its just you teasing a bit. Let him stir all day with the image.

  71. Nothing lol, we together since 2+ years and the moment I get to see her naked or changing I just stare out of admiration, feels like a kid seeing a lollipop. In an aspect I feel proud that she feels safe and comfortable while taking a shower or changing clothes.

  72. She doesn’t have to do anything besides get naked. No, seeing the love of my life naked NEVER gets boring (and we’re grandparents). The intimacy of a shared life makes it more, not less, exciting.

  73. Just the fact that you care enough to be thinking about this says a lot about you. I admire this drive to make it fun for your partner. Many don't.

  74. Come home from a tough day at work, I can hear my wife cooking from the kitchen, go in to say hi. She cooking in an apron and high heels, nothing else. Been married for 19 years, been with her for 22 years and I still lust to see her naked. God I love this woman.

  75. My wife and I are both in our sixties and she’s about five years older, but after 40 years together, years she still got it!

  76. Married 22 years. If you find looking at your naked spouse “ boring”. Then the problem isn’t your spouse, it’s you.

  77. I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. 17 years later and she's still driving me insane without even trying. We men are simple creatures.

  78. A shoulder strap falling off the arm and revealing a slight hint of a nipple, it's more than enough. 10 yrs with the poop, periods, and farting doesn't take away from the sexiness when you love em.

  79. I've been with my wife for 15 years I can tell every stretch mark right down to how many whiskers she has under her chin I have enjoyed being there for gravity an all the sentimental change that I have lived threw with her the ups the downs to me she still looks like the day I met her

  80. Im way late to this party, but good on you OP. Relationships take work and here you are putting in that work. A+

  81. I can only describe it like this. My wife is WAY hotter than any woman on the planet. She only gets hotter every day. When we first started dating, that was one version of her body. And when she was pregnant with our first born, It was like I got to bang a whole new person. After she popped him out. I got to bang a milf. She is about to give birth again and I CANNOT WAIT until her body is going to do what it is going to do. I tell her all the time that she wears way to may clothes.

  82. Been with her for 14 years and I’ve never thought that seeing her naked was boring. All she has to do to be exciting is getting naked.

  83. I’m a simple man, she gets naked I get excited. Every time since the first time she got naked in front of me, maybe it’s cause I love her so much but it’s always great seeing her naked.

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