Fellas, a decade has passed. What predictions do you make for the year 2032?

  1. what’s a digital score? I completely agree with you on the other two concepts. Do you think if sex robots become a legit thing then sex workers can get insurance and all that stuff can be legalized as well or will sex with people still not be allowed in exchange for money ?

  2. More loneliness, depression, climate change and extreme weather, rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer, more injustice as America would no longer be able to hold the title of 'police of the world', African economies will emerge, probably we'll be able to find a cure for hiv & covid and i may or may not be alive(I'm 22).

  3. *African economies will collapse or be dependant from China decisions. Social networks will collapse and be treated as "passe". In 2025 pandemics will end, wars be sidetracked and govs will start "making money" from changing policy from fossil fuel to green sources, telling people that because of them (people) we are now in crisis and simple Joe need to pay for it. Rich will become richer and will shape politics. Musk will become crypto-villain. There will be no heroes.

  4. Millenials will become the largest homeless and unemployed generation, the number of births in the UK will decline, young dependant people will be the biggest spenders and pensioners will have such a big pension that they will be able to put their pensions on savings. Government will still be ran by old greedy aristocrats but technology would be move advanced than it is now.

  5. You must not be understanding. Millineials are like in their 40s, so youll be in your 50s by then. You guys may have been fucked, but Gen Z and above has been fucked. The age of millennials is coming to a close. You'll soon be like Gen X.

  6. I feel like maybe more isolation will occur but the isolation will be geographical or physical because technology has given us access to the outside world through a screen and through delivery/mailing services. So we can have everything brought to us so there’s no reason to venture out.

  7. The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, we'll still be suffering under the two party political system, capitalism will still be providing the best it can while people benefitting from it's fruit complain endlessly about how bad it is, the media will still lie, climate change will keep getting worse.

  8. so I’ve been reading a lot about how the millennials and Gen Z Are actually having less sex than the generations above them. And the thing is, I would easily have dismissed that information if we didn’t also have the information that hook up culture and sex culture and dating apps and even polyamory are no big deal with millennials and especially Gen Z, so in theory, it is more easily accessible to get sex for the two generations as opposed to the older generations accessibility at a younger age but they’re still collectively choosing not to really indulge in it or even participate.

  9. Tiktok will be a source of income like how twitch is a source of income for gamers, Onlyfans will overtake Phub or Phub may even buy Onlyfans, and we may fall into 100 year mortgage contracts just like how the housing market in Japan now is in big cities like Tokyo with such ridiculous interest rates in order for houses to be “affordable”.

  10. We’ll be building a self-sustaining city on mars and a base on the moon, with the help of humanoid robots. Space exploration and construction booms

  11. Some sort of dystopia shit like 1984. With the Russian Ukraine war we figured out we can socially cancel a entire country, so they are gonna be easy to hate in the future. All the superstates in 1984 are scary accurate to modern day nations and even geographically. So some sort of perpetual war between these states. The alternative is if AI advances too far and becomes sentient, would it be malevolent? Essentially we are creating something that is infinitely intelligent and omnipresent, we're making God. But we'll be that God's, God and then shit gonna get weird i think. No matter what happens noone thinks its good clearly.

  12. dude the subscription thing makes me so fucking nervous. When I was younger I thought that everything would be under insurance. Everything. I did not anticipate a subscription for everything. I’m scared you’ll have to pay a monthly fee just to go through like a drive-through to buy a single taco or some shit.

  13. Race war in America or at least more ramped up racial tension, Canada gets more tyrannical and citizens push back same with China. There will be two more democratic presidents that win by a landslide somehow, and more pandemics. On the plus side tho at least VR gaming is advancing, self driving cars are popular among public transportation.

  14. rest assured that heterosexuality has historically been the norm and has continued to be the norm, globally. Plenty of chicks to smash in the future my guy.

  15. Work from home will expand into new job sectors as remote controlled robots become more popular in the service industry. This will become a thing as companies find new ways to pay their workers the lowest possible wage.

  16. I work in plumbing. My only prediction is that most plumbers will use pro-press instead of the old soldering and brazing techniques of yesteryear.

  17. iPhone 25, self-driving cars, and sexbots will definitely be a thing by then, climate change will get worse, and we will finally have a $15 minimum wage in the US but by 2032, the cost of living will be even higher so it won't even matter.

  18. i’m feeling like that $15 minimum thing is showing up quite frequently in pretty unusual places so I think you might be onto something but I’m wondering, in 10 years, if it would actually be more than 15. Because just a few years ago there was a demand to push it to 10 when the standard in my state is about a touch over 7.

  19. Gasoline powered cars/bikes will slowly decrease, or will be owned by wealthy people. Technology will increase. More time spent on screens etc

  20. There will be no more press freedom or freedom of speech in the West (US/EU). Elections will be completely managed to an even greater degree than they are now. The population at large will not be resisting this because it doesn't notice it, as it has been moving in that direction at a glacial pace, and they have been propagandized ubiquitously by their 'free' media into accepting this for so many years. The 'threath' of 'disinformation' from 'enemies' like Russia and China always pacifies the populace into accepting ever more control from the state.

  21. I hope people ease of on the amount of time they spend 9nline. Less discrimination hopefully and maybe there will be better support structures for those who need it.

  22. Bro discrimination is the LEAST of our problems within the United States… have you seen the state of the economy? We are all equally fucked unless we unfuck ourselves.

  23. for real bro. Everyone’s like everything‘s going to shit and no one can explain why. We are only going 10 years into the future, something left field has to really take place for the world to just be gone in less than 10 years. something Covid level has to happen to cause such a drastic change.

  24. elaborate. i’m genuinely curious on peoples perceptions of the future. There’s a lot of data out there, I’m curious about your lens

  25. elaborate. most ppl in this sub are curious about others perspectives. what conclusions lead up to an end point at or before 2032?

  26. At this point, who knows. But try these. Almost total collapse of marriage. AI starting to get its mojo on, we will be spied on by big tech for the government and Elon Musk will be President.

  27. Because of my lifestyle with drinking and drugs, i'll be dead. But hey, i always thought like that in the past and i'm still alive. So if i'm still there in 2032, i'll be doing the exact things like today, writing my books, drink my whisky, smoke the bong and have my dog on my side.

  28. In the US we got rid of all the Evangelical Christians, they where all moved to the new unfrozen continent of Antartica. The white supremacists all died out due to a new strain of Monkey Pox that only attacks racists. We have universal healthcare, daycare for children, family leave, minimum 4 weeks vacation, men at the age of 18 have to deposit sperm in a bank, then they have a mandatory vasectomy. Life span is now 100. Musk is on Mars. Life is good.

  29. The republicans win the midterms and take the white house in 2024 as they begin their conquest of forced christianity in the US.

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