How different are you at your best vs your worst?

  1. I go from doing everything with maximum effort and being a perfectionist to fuck this, fuck that, fuck you and I don't give a fuck. If that makes sense. Extremist both ways.

  2. Best: I want everybody to be happy Worst: why not, after all, should I let got water run to have a steamed shower.

  3. Best: friendly, outgoing, personable, reliable, great conversationalist, intelligent, interested in trying new things (but willing to partake in things In not fond of if I enjoy the company)

  4. At my best I've literally been told by a friend that they feel cooler just by knowing me. At my worst I can intentionally push people away because I'm depressed and I want anyone who even accidentally catches my attention to feel just as bad as I do.

  5. Probably on pay with how different some religious people view the lord vs the devil. I make a conscious effort to treat everyone with respect and dignity, and to go out of my way for the ones I love....but there is absolutely a monster right below the surface that's on call.

  6. At my best I give 100% with everything I do at my worst let’s just say I don’t like myself when I’m at my worst.

  7. wow, with this question I have realized that, when I'm at my best, is not even half of the best I was years ago.

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