What has been the most obvious sign, that a girl was into you romantically or sexually, that you've missed?

  1. we danced and she told me if I want to go somewhere quieter. I said I like the music. Fast forward 1 month. I woke up and it clicked ... I think about it at least once every week

  2. In a college Econ class there was this cute girl who always sat in the same seat on the aisle. I always sat a couple of rows down on the aisle on the other side. It felt like we exchanged glances a few times over the term but I couldn’t be sure. One day I came to class and she was sitting in my seat. So naturally I went and sat in her seat. Just typing that makes me cringe hard.

  3. Yeah, you can’t really tell whether she was into you or just kept looking in your direction since she preferred that seat.

  4. What signal do you think you've missed here haha I dont think she was sending you any secret signals mate there's not much you can do by stealing someone's seat

  5. I was out drinking and playing pool during the day with some friends in college. I started chatting with a girl who was sitting at the bar while ordering drinks. As we kept ordering rounds, she always talked to me.

  6. I have really veiny hands for no known reason, maybe the weight I've lost over the years. Was sitting in my car with a girl, and she looks at my hands. She says "Your hands are really veiny" in this weird shaky voice, I said "Yeah I know" she says "You know girls really like that, right?" So I said "Yeah, but I dont. Its gross" then put the car in drive and took her home.

  7. I never knew this either so I asked my wife and she said veiny hands are a thing. Here I am going, "well I've missed out on a lot of karma".

  8. A girl in my French class tells me I’m really smart and we should get together to study French. She gives me her number. I never call her because I already had an A and didn’t need any help. Apparently I’m not as smart as she thought

  9. Bruh I’m close to fluent in French, but had to take a French class for a college requirement. On the first day of class this girl asked me if I could tutor her in French after class & I figured why not? I’m new to the school & could use some friends. We met up in the library later that day & I came prepped & ready to get this girl an A. We sit down & she immediately starts asking a lot of personal questions & pretty much did so throughout our little study session. I didn’t think anything of it cause I figured that she was just tryna get to know me, but she didn’t ask any questions about French at all so I should’ve seen the clear signs that she was interested in me.

  10. I cant blame you...when i was making first friends at uni a girl told me she loved haning out with me bacuse she finds intelligence highly attractive...i asked her out and she said no...

  11. I had a similar thing happen but didn't think anything of it at the time. Then a year later one of my friends said something about her which instantly made me realize my mistake that she didn't actually want to study.

  12. This is a story told to me by my friends as my memories from the night are pretty fuzzy due to alcohol intake.

  13. She sort of invited herself over to my house to watch a movie. She was on the couch I was on my fathers chair. About 10 minutes into the movie she asked for a blanket so I got her one. About 5 minutes later she’s like “ you know there is room for both of us under this”. I responded with “that’s ok I’m not cold”. 2 weeks later I’m driving to work and it hits me.

  14. While in the moment: Nah, she didn't mean what I think she did, that sort of shit never happens to me...she's just being polite.

  15. A really attractive girl in biology class overheard me talking with my friend about how I wanted to go see Scott Pilgrim versus the world

  16. I was in the back of a class one time telling a friend about a weird dream I had with this girl I kinda liked. Well her friend is in front of us and the next day turns to me and asks if I like her friend. Caught off guard I stutter and say she's okay. Took me a few years to figure out she overheard us, talked to her friend, who then got her to find out more. I can still feel the shock of that realization

  17. I did the exact same thing, girl invited me over to help her with "math homework". When I got there she began showing me her dance moves and basically throwing her ass in my lap. BRAINDEAD.EXE kicks in and I proceed to tell her we should get started studying..... Man I don't miss being young and oblivious.

  18. A few girls put love notes into my little drawer in primary school, but I never really checked anything in there. I don't think I read the letters with love hearts on it, I think I just threw them away on the last day of primary school.

  19. In college, she sat in places on campus where she knew I would be, multiple times…and when I asked what she was up to, she said, “Waiting for you.”

  20. This is like every tv show or anime where the main character doesn’t realise the super obvious signs and u sit there infuriated whilst watching it

  21. When she asked me if I wanted to go to a museum, she said we could invite a mutual friend along if I’d be more comfortable.

  22. When I was in my early 20s a girl offered me a ride home after meeting her at the bar. I said oh that's ok I just live 3 blocks away I'll walk. NEVER made that mistake again.

  23. We were playing on a park when we were teens, and she tried its best to get above me, like pushing me to the grass or "accidentally" tripping on me.

  24. I was almost all the way home before, in dawning horror, I realized she had changed into lingerie, lit candles, and attempted to seduce me and my clueless ass screamed "OH FUCK!" and slammed the door in her face.

  25. I mean she could have def said something along the lines of: "how about you stay"; or: "don't be sorry, it was for you"

  26. Honestly the 1st one probably wasn't looking for sex, it Honestly seems like she just needed a friend to talk to and you did it perfectly

  27. Was on a tinder date, she asked if i had car sex before, I said no I haven’t. She asked if I wanted instructions and I said “I just met you” and laughed out loud

  28. So you have a wedding and you ask her to marry you and she says "I do" and you're pronounced husband and wife and live together happily as a married couple.

  29. I had a coworker who was constantly glancing over at me, teasing me, asking me questions all the time, complaining about how hard dating was, etc. Before she left the job, I worked up the courage to ask her out and she told me she wasn't looking for a relationship.

  30. Yeah, that’s always super confusing. I had a really close female friend like that. Our friend group kept asking us what was up and I eventually approached her about it. I got shut down twice. She even admitted to teasing me on purpose and having a sex dream about us. I’m like wtf?

  31. If she’s talking about her dating life with you, it’s likely she’s not into you. A girl that’s into you won’t talk about the dates shes having or the guys shes seeing

  32. In high school a girl comes up to me during sports day. She asks me if I want to go with her to get some ice creams and eat together. But I'm holding one in my hand already.

  33. She invited me over late at night to watch a movie. She didn't own the movie she suggested we watch at her house, but I had it in my car. We watched the movie, she kept mentioning how cold she was. I got her a blanket. Finished the movie and left. This was junior year of high school. I still cringe.

  34. She asked me to be her "swimming buddy," but said we first needed to go back to her room so I could tell her which bikini looked best on her.

  35. Out with friends at a trivia night. One coworker brought the husbands sister along. We talked, hit it off. She asked me if I wanted to go to the bar next door. I said 'Trivia starts in like 10 minutes'. The next day my coworker matched up to me and said 'What the hell was that?' then proceeded to explain. Oh.

  36. Yeah, you can’t really tell whether she was into you or it was a trick by your coworker to sabotage your promotion.

  37. While riding the bus home from school, a pretty girl asked me what I liked to do. I told her that fishing was my favorite activity. She asked me to take her. I said sure and promptly forgot about it. Over the next week she repeatedly asked when I'd take her. Kept thinking nothing of it. Finally she quit asking and moved on to another guy. I missed it hook, line and sinker.

  38. That's ok, I had the same situation except I actually took her fishing. We were heading to a spot out in the middle of the woods away from all people, which for some reason that totally escaped she was very excited about. Equally as dumbfounding, she got visibly perturbed when I invited my buddy to tag along with us. Apparently I ruined a perfectly romantic date that I had zero clue I was on, even though looking back the signs were huge and almost impossible to miss. Almost.

  39. If they’re face to face with you and they fall silent and stare at you without blinking or they look at your lips, it’s the most obvious sign… and I’ve missed so many of them.. kills me looking back

  40. In college I was head of one of the largest campus clubs. As a recruitment method we set up a table in front of the Student Union and asked club members to sign up for shifts to sit at the table and answer questions about the club.

  41. After using the jacuzzi at an afterparty at my place, me and a girl took a shower together to wash of the chlorine. After the shower she says that she is really tired, and wants to go to sleep. I literally tell her “good luck on your way home, its not that far”

  42. I know a friend of mine who was at a house party. While he was sitting on the couch drunk a dime of a girl sat next to him and he didn’t think much of it. After a minute she starts talking to him and asking for him to look at her while she talks to him and asks him if he can walk her home and winks. Noted they were both drunk. So my friend just annoyingly turned and threw up on her. That was that.

  43. A friend invited me to a bar to meet her friends, and one of her friends, the one I liked most and was talking to all night and who was touching me a lot, asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no and continued to explain that I wasn't really looking for anyone at that time and all the reasons why.

  44. Ooh. This one hurts. It’s easy to do that sometimes where you keep trying to talk to not make it awkward and end up digging a hole halfway down the earth. Do it myself sometimes.

  45. We were friends in college. We met because we both were seniors taking a freshman level science class we needed to graduate and just pushed off. I recognized her as one of my roommates friends so I thought how perfect perhaps we can be friends and I don't have to be alone in this freshman class. Back then, I believe she was dating someone but no worries I just wanted a friend. Got to know her throughout the course of the year and crushed on her so hard. One day she locked her keys in her room and between classes I went to her house and carefully removed the trim around her door and jimmied her door open with a spoon or something dumb. She gave me the biggest hug when I got it open and that's the exact moment my crush began. We became lab partners for the class and she even helped me get an internship later that year and drove me to my interview. Man did I have a crush on this girl. I even took her to a date party (Greek life) and had one of the most fun nights of my whole college experience. Nothing happened, she was just a blast to be with and damn was she beautiful all dressed up. We ended up working in the same town after college and one day she invited me to the fair. I assumed she just wanted a friend to go with. After all, we had known each other for years and had just been friends. We spent a whole day there and I even taught her how to drive a stick after because she expressed interest in it when I picked her up for the fair. Dropped her off like any good friend would and thought nothing of it. I've seen her in passing a few time since, but she never asked to hang out again. Looking back on the fair, it definitely had date vibes to it.

  46. Back in college, that asian girl wanted me to help her with her french class (even though I wasnt very good either), so I told her to come to my place.

  47. Similar situation but my dad just made chicken noises at me. Its been 3 years and he will call me randomly during the day and make chicken noises.

  48. My class told me in front of her that she likes me. Unfortunately tho i didnt believe them as she was the prettiest of my year lol

  49. We had judo class together. She invited me to her place to "practice judo". I spent the night gaming with the boys. I realised it the next morning. Dummy i am

  50. So this was probably about 12 years ago. I’m working at a grocery store and it’s about 7pm and I only got an hour left and and this girl comes through my line. So we’re chatting it up while I’m ringing up her groceries and I ask her what she’s got going on tonight and she responds “nothing yet” while looking me dead in the eyes. I respond “Oh. Well hopefully you can find something.” So she leaves and one of the cashiers comes over and smacks me in the back of the head and asks why I didn’t ask her out. I say to her “wtf are you talking about.” She tells me “she was clearly giving you an opening to ask her out and give her something to do tonight.” Never lived it down.

  51. Its spring was out camping with my parents, their friends, and my friend. We would hang out daily while the adults drank and did their thing. We roamed around the lake and eventually came across two girls who were around our age (13-14) camping with their family but hanging out by themselves as well. We befriend them and eventually convince them to meet up with us after our parents went to sleep that night.

  52. Yeah, you can’t really tell whether she was into you. It took her way too long to ask. Also, I hope you burned your coat in that same campfire.

  53. Drove to a restaurant that had a large, empty parking lot. She told me that it looks like the perfect place to fuck, followed by an explicit “you should fuck me”. I said “bet, but let’s eat these wings first”. I thought we were joking around.

  54. When I was a sophomore in high school, a girl started teasing me by taking my pens (I have autistic tendencies, and multiple colored pens for taking notes in class) and hiding them for me to find. She started hiding them in her pockets and telling me ‘if you want it back, go get it.’ On the bus ride home that day, she took one and clipped it to her bra under her shirt with the same ultimatum. I, being a nervous kid, goody-two-shoes mormon kid, gingerly grabbed my pen without touching anything else. Didn’t see anything provocative, didn’t catch any hints that she was interested in me (frankly I thought I was unattractive through all my high school days), and didn’t realize until a year later and I lived in a different place what was happening that day.

  55. Not a guy but I asked a dude out once. I said "do you want to go to insert restaurant name? You and me ALONE". I emphasized on the "ALONE". He said yes.

  56. She asked if I would ever have sex with her, said duh. Sent me a nude (a quite person specific one I’d say) small things happened but I never seized the opportunity.

  57. This girl at work is the most bubbly and enthusiastic whenever she sees me, touches my shoulder or arm when we’re near each other, has the cutest laugh for all my sarcastic, dry remarks without me having to try hard to be funny, and be the first to check up on me when I had a rough interaction with a client.

  58. She got into bed with me topless, wearing just a small pair of shorts, and I still didn’t realize she wanted to have sex.

  59. During a highschool exam the hottest blonde and fit girl asked me for help so I helped her but didn't pay much attention to her because I thought she would never be interested in me. Afterwards outside the classroom she waited for me to say how grateful she was because I was very intelligent and handsome and leaned over for a kiss but I didn't know what to do and just said oh thanks and I leaved. Next day she was looking at me all day but my lack of confidence and regret from that event kept me from talking to her again. I still regret it 10 years later

  60. She had been sending me pictures of her new pants on all day. Came over to smoke a blunt and chill. She wore perfume. In the years I'd known her she never wore perfume, my dumbass said something like "your perfume smells good" but never made a move.

  61. Girl in my math class was chatting me up during lecture, after said "this sushi place is really good we should try it" and I hit her with the clueless "I've got leftovers to eat at home", a week later I recalled the conversation and died inside.

  62. Fuck I hate this question because my answer is SHE INVITED ME BACK TO HER PLACE after a work party and I told my buddy to tag along...

  63. That was going one over a couple of years as we we‘re children. We where in the same sports club (sport shooting, don’t know the exact English term for it) so we saw us around once a week.

  64. I used to not pick up on the fact that women would go out of their way to talk to me. I didn't realise it was them making a move. So I treated it like every other conversation and fucked it up so many times hahaha

  65. So in my 20s my roommates girlfriend brought a friend over to our apartment and she is extremely cute. I'd seen her around a few times from just hanging out with my friends GF. So anyway, we're drinking and all, watching TV, whatever. So my friend and his GF pass out on the loveseat. So there's me and, let's just call her Becca. Becca is like, "why don't we go to your room so we don't disturb these two?" And me having absolutely zero game back then just says, "That's ok, I'm pretty tired anyway and am just going to sleep." So that's what I did, went to bed when this very cute girl wanted to go to my room with me. Never saw her again and my roommate gave me so much shit for not hooking up with her. Never lived it down until:

  66. Like 6 or 7 years ago, I was hanging out with a friend I had a huge crush on at her place and she says she wants to show me an old Sailor Moon cosplay she'd worn years ago. It...didnt leave much to the imagination, upstairs or down. She turns around and back and asks "What do you think?"

  67. This one is complicated, since I'm actually really glad that I missed the signs. Super hot English teacher saw 14yo me hanging around late after school. I was always the super arrogant kid who never had to try in AP English, always an easy A for me.

  68. Threw a glass of water over her, making her teeshirt delightfully translucent (this was done in fun...there was a context at the time). Rather than being embarrassed going to change the teeshirt or dry off as I might have expected, she chased after me in the wet teeshirt when I ran away to avoid her retaliation. Not the reaction I was expecting, but I didn't read anything into it.

  69. I was wearing a tux, going from the wedding to the reception. I stopped at a convenience store for a bag of ice. The woman at the register said “Wow-you look good enough to eat!” I said something about a wedding, and left.

  70. Used to live in an apartment, new neighbor girl moved in front of my building, she starts talking to me right away and we became friends, her parents loved me and let me game with her dad and her mother would make me food, etc..

  71. I was working in London and often eating out alone which I was perfectly ok with. One evening I was at a burger restaurant (ooo, fancy) and chatting with the waitress who was extra attentive.

  72. Was in middle school at a friend’s house who had a pool with a pool house. A few girls were over, and after swimming the hottest one of them said she wanted to rinse off in the shower. She asked me to join to help wash her hair.

  73. A girl in a couple of classes including gym in senior year of HS would constantly go out of her way talk to me, smile at every joke I've said and would try to be alone with me when I would sneak off for lunch. Also handed me her phone number saying, " I would love teaching you how to play tennis in private".

  74. Was hanging out with a girl at her apartment, she had invited me over to hang out and watch a movie. Just the two of us. We were friends that had flirted a bit and drunkenly made out a few times, but nothing more. Told me she wanted to show me a new outfit she got, and to wait in the living room. She came out 10 minutes later in full on lingerie and stripper heals. I told her the outfit looked great on her, and then asked what movie she wanted to watch. Did not have sex that night. I’m a fucking moron.

  75. Invited me over to her house after hanging out and a date; provided lunch, watched a movie and cuddled on the couch for a good 5ish hours. She worked from home in the evenings and when it was time for her to work and me to go I asked if I could kiss her cheek. She said yes, then went for a French kiss on me. Needless to say, I knew then I fucked up. She then invited me for lunch the next day for redemption. It's been only 9 months now, but I can say she is absolutely the most beautiful person in the world inside and out. I'm going to love her till the day I die

  76. She started inviting me out everywhere. If she needed help with something she'd call me first. I once told her I didn't get to dance with the girl I wanted to dance with h at homecoming. And she asked me dance with her while walking out of a Walmart.

  77. I was a sophomore in college. This girl I knew for like 3 days came over in pajamas and slept in my bed two nights in a row. Nothing happened. I hate myself for it.

  78. I just realised that I don't even have a story to share on here. I really must be more unattractive and antisocial than I thought.

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