With Roe v Wade overturned, as men how do you feel?

  1. I typically consider myself a very conservative person on so many issues. Since the leak, I’ve been mulling this over in my head, and found that I have many more liberal ideologies than I originally thought.

  2. I feel like this is the first step to control. Rights will be deleted one at a time. Waiting to see who is going to step up to take care of the unwanted fetus when it arrives. Probably most will be taken, but the disabled and handicapped ones will go where? The pro birth people should sign up for the imperfect babies. And why does pro life only care about a fetus, but not all the neglected, abused, homeless, starving children already here who aren’t taken care of. Don’t their lives matter?

  3. Women my age (and the vast majority of women today who are physically able to bear children, in fact) were born with the right to choose. That right was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 1973. I have a daughter who's just had that right ripped away.

  4. Live in Missouri where a trigger law from 2019 will now take effect that not only bans abortions but also effectively bans IVF fertility treatments. My wife and I are going through IVF now.

  5. Lol, the law isn't trying to preserve life. It's trying to control and punish women. So it's working as intended.

  6. As a married man with a beautiful little boy and another 90% complete, if my wife got pregnant again and i had to choose between her or our unborn baby I'd choose her in a heartbeat.

  7. I just gotta say if I ever get pregnant again, I will no longer refer to myself as x weeks pregnant. I will say “my baby is 50% complete”

  8. For the people that are getting this confused with revoking an amendment, it is not. What it means is your local/state elections just got a WHOLE lot more important if you have a strong opinion on the issue.

  9. Genuine question because I wanna understand the other side of this: Does this mean you agree with the SC’s ruling because it gives states more power? Is the issue for people that states should have more power (at the expense of bodily rights and privacy)? This is also a right to privacy issue which I thought lots of people in red states cared about

  10. Completely agreed. I just wish my local elections weren't all about me choosing which rights I want to lose. Why can't I have safe, legal, abortions, pot, AND a 2nd amendment.

  11. I'm fucking furious. I can't remember the last time I've felt like this. I don't even know what words to use to describe it.

  12. Hopefully this will be the impetus pro-choice people need to take RBG's advice and pass laws instead of expecting the supreme court to legislate from the bench.

  13. My wife and I aborted our first and likely ONLY pregnancy due to extreme birth defects at 22 weeks. I feel very strongly about Abortion and don't wish it on anyone. That being said, I can't imagine what we would've gone through carrying that fetus to term. Watching it die in the womb, stillborn, or best-case-scenario, extremely disabled with no quality of life?

  14. I feel this. I was in the same position several years ago, unfortunately our relationship broke after this and we couldn't recover. I was just talking with a good friend on this topic and wondering the horror that people in certain states are going to have to deal with now, when faced with these types of decisions. It was the worst decision I ever had to make in my life, but the chromosomal issues in the womb would have risked my partner's life, and the baby likely would not have lived very long after the birth if it even made it to term. We sought multiple different doctors recommendations, as well as a family friend who is a lifelong neonatal nurse, and the answers were always the same. To even take away the ability to make a decision like that, when facing such a hard thing to deal with in life, just adds so many layers of strife to something that is already very difficult.

  15. This. This is the thing that no one thinks about when they say that abortion is wrong or immoral. I'm sorry for your loss, but if you ask me, you two did the right thing.

  16. I feel this and went through a very similar thing. I wish it on no one. But you need options and a safe manner to make a decision. That being taken away from millions of women is absolutely disgusting. I fear what goes next. Minority views of wicked people disguised as religious warriors are never good.

  17. Just fyi, you’re still going to want to use BC (as long as it’s still available) afterwards unless she has a procedure done, too. My boyfriend was born when his mom was in her 40s, after his dad had a vasectomy, and he’s DEFINITELY his dad’s son.

  18. As a woman, thank you. No conventional form of birth control is 100%, and now we are forced to assume that risk. Female sterilization requires invasive surgery, gen anesthesia, leaves scars, and is so expensive. Again, as a woman, thank you for supporting your wife in this way.

  19. Gonna be a lot more dead kids. Dumpster babies, teen girls with complications from illegal abortions. Doesn't seem very pro life.

  20. And women forced to carry unviable fetuses to term their lives being put at risk for a fetus that would never survive

  21. Dead women too. Rape someone, let her go. She’ll abort if she gets preg. Now though, rape a woman and you might as well kill her too so you don’t have to pay child support.

  22. Not only that. Unwanted children who later roam the streets and get into crime. The cycle continues.

  23. More unwanted babies will be born. They’ll likely grow up unloved and uncared for. I see an increase in crime and health issues in a couple of decades. I don’t like it.

  24. Not only that, but a greater financial drain on the entire system. More subsidiaries for prisons, more welfare, more Medicaid, more foster care, etc. Everything reprehensible about this truly immoral ruling aside, this will financially and economically weaken this country with every single individual it keeps repressed and unable to climb out of the underprivileged hole they were forced to be born in.

  25. That was one of the topics attributed to the decreasing crime rate over the past half century. There could be fallout from this decision for decades.

  26. Suicide rates will go up for women who are forced to give birth and for the unwanted children who will be abused.

  27. Honestly people should look at the case of Romania in the 1960s/70s when their dictator banned abortion. It was a domino effect that played a role in taking the country to revolution 20 years later

  28. Not only that. Expect to see a decline in women's academic performance, level of education and involvement in the labour market.

  29. Woman here, but statistics show that the leading cause of death among pregnant women is homicide.

  30. Honestly, I'd definitely do that, however, don't be surprised if women still want you to wear a condom. They're the ones who are neck deep in the shit if you were lying...

  31. I'm planning on getting the snip as I dont want children.Tube tying is way more dangerous and I dont want my girlfriend to deal with the bullshit doctors asking "Well what if your partner wants children" its ridiculous

  32. As a man, pissed. As a foster parent, fucking livid. There are literally millions of kids that never asked to be here, living their shittiest lives, and will probably never have a home but sure let’s just add more to that. I’d say that it’s time for these Republicans to start adopting/fostering kids but I’m afraid of who’d they’d turn them into.

  33. That's the part that pisses me off the most, they give a shit about the child up until it's born. Then the child gets passed off to shitty parents or shitty foster homes and are left to fend for themselves and are completely forgotten about.

  34. You think conservatives who want women to stop sleeping around will bend on abortion because women stop having sex?

  35. Not happy at all. A president whose didn’t win the popular vote was able to shape the Supreme Court to a side that doesn’t represent the country and they overturned something a majority of Americans support. It all makes no sense

  36. Don't forget that Clarence Thomas and his trash wife are insurrectionists and traitors to the United States and the constitution. They should both be in jail right now but instead he gets to decide what the law is in this country. Baffling.

  37. As horrible as this is, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of what this court is willing to do. Within the next five years, this country will be almost unrecognizable from today.

  38. Agree. This is just the first. Gay marriage, birth control and other issues are on the chopping block. The right wing religious conservative movement has been planning this for two generations. It’ll get worse before it gets better.

  39. I have a 12 year old daughter and in a trigger law state. We just started major savings mode to leave in the next couple of years.

  40. I feel very similarly to how I felt on 1/6 - numb, and sad. I live in TN and my wife and I were considering a move before, but now it’s a given as we want children and I don’t want to roll the dice on my wife being given a criminal sentence or a death sentence for an ectopic pregnancy. Knowing that the women in my life are now being treated as an underclass with decreased rights is deeply unsettling.

  41. Angry. It's obviously a huge miscarriage of justice. Once again the minority voice in this country got its way. And as a veteran, I feel betrayed. My friends and I sacrificed to protect our freedoms. To have the highest court in the land pull this obviously partisan move makes it feel pointless.

  42. It feels like the decision was a deliberate signal to the rest of the world that democracy with an impartial judiciary is dead, and the next few years will see it rot and fester until eventually we catch up to it. By then, it will be too late and we will have our first dictator. This should be fun.

  43. Took the words right out of my mouth. Sometimes abortions are medically necessary. This is theocracy overstepping it’s bounds. And hinting towards overturning gay marriage is a fucking joke. Bigotry at it’s finest working to undo all the progress we’ve made.

  44. It’s predictable. He’s a conservative. Shit isn’t an issue until it splatters them in the face.

  45. As a straight woman, I am extremely alarmed. They will ABSOLUTELY come for gay rights, which pisses me off even more. And they definitely will come for contraception. I will absolutely defend you and I hope people wake the fuck up. Theocracy is coming if we don't stop it.

  46. Upset really. This has far reaching societal implications that we will continue to see in the United States for the next 20-25 years if it isn’t turned back.

  47. This is horrible for everyone. Think about it. The government can force women to have rape babies against their will. If the government has that power, where will they stop.

  48. In Texas, the trigger law they set up will be activated in the 30 days. It doesn't allow exceptions for rape or incest.

  49. Rape babies, incest babies, babies that won’t survive past birth, ectopic pregnancies that will kill the mother if they aren’t terminated….

  50. I consider myself libertarian and I don’t like this. Some libertarians will say that this is a decrease in federal power, since this is giving the power to decide if abortion should be legal back to the states themselves, and thus it’s good.


  52. Fucking disgusted. My ex-girlfriend got an abortion when she was 22 and I was 27. I had just started chemotherapy and we didn’t know if I was gonna make it. It would have been a terrible burden for her and I to raise a child and fight cancer at the same time. The child would have also suffered from the stress we were going through. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, it was the right one.

  53. My wife went through an ectopic pregnancy and it required an abortion procedure to sort it out. With out that procedure she would have been rendered unable to to have kids in the future. That was 6 years ago. We are now expecting our first in a few months.

  54. This affect us too. This is a matter of autonomy, and possession of one's body. We should be angry about this, and watch what liberties the oligarchs use this to deprive us of.

  55. Honestly, who is to say they can't pass a law banning vasectomies because it's "against gods will" or some bullshit like that.

  56. Yep two people become parents when someone gets pregnant. This is a massive violation of rights for e v e r y o n e

  57. My opinion on it is that it's none of my fucking business what another woman does with her body and it should never ever be anybody's business other than herself. Never once has a woman having an abortion affected my life whatsoever. I mourn for my wife, my one month old daughter, all my family who are women. It makes me nauseous that a rapist has more rights and protections than my one month old daughter. Fuck this government. Fuck the Republicans who made this possible. Fuck the Democrats who act like a bunch of pussies and refuse to play dirty like their political counterparts. The R's have cards up their sleeves and the D's just sit there and go 'no please don't do that that's not right please I will not stand for this'. All in all I'm absolutely terrified of the country my children will grow up in.

  58. I personally feel that this is all BS and has nothing to do with morality at the moment. These people just decided to take away existing rights from millions of Americans.

  59. I have so much to lose. I love my life, I have been amazingly lucky in my 26 years. I love my perfect husband, my home, wildlife and rescues, and our son we welcomed into the world 9 months ago. I knew things were getting worse, but we clung to hope. A generation that would fix things.

  60. More & more, I think it's going to come to this. Just like before the Civil War, the extremists are too entrenched in their beliefs to consider the good of the country. It won't end till a lot of people die & everyone wonders "What have we done?".

  61. i feel happy that i am not american. but i feel incredibly sad for my friends that are, and hope that these american decisions dont start coming my way

  62. In Texas the entire state legislature: house and senate and the governor, are all up for election on Nov 8th. They're the ones who make the rules for the state. I have a feeling there's going to be quite a lot of single issue voters out there this coming election.

  63. It’s also important to state the importance of bodily autonomy tho. If there was a loving household with enough means for all children that get born, woman still shouldn’t be forced to carry a pregnancy to term. We should learn to make more arguments then only the circumstances the baby is born in, cause those are theoretically changeable.

  64. I was not a devoted Catholic, nor my wife really huge into her Christianity. This is it. Will never set foot in a church again. IT breeds a cult like attitude and fosters hate and discrimination for people that aren't like you. They are a plague.

  65. They unabashedly made a deal with the devil to get this passed and they have no regrets. They are sincerely money and power hungry hypocrites and nothing more.

  66. I can't believe that Lawrence was decided in 2003. 2003! The idea that states would have laws in this century that prohibit consenting adults from having a kind of sexual relations in private is astounding to me.

  67. Not just gay marriage, but also anti-sodomy laws that were historically used to criminalize gay sex (Lawrence). Additionally, the right for married couples to use and buy contraceptives is up for possible overturn as well (Griswold).

  68. Bothered that people care this much about what others do in their private lives. You don't have to agree with what people do, but you do have to mind your own business.

  69. Something like 80% of the country supports legal abortion so it's a little scary to see the highest court go against the majority (basically) because of "over reach of power". It's not a good look. We absolutely have states ready and waiting to make abortion 100% illegal regardless of circumstance and that's going to objectively do more harm than good

  70. I woke up this morning next to my partner and we shared a sweet embrace , hugs , kisses, good mornings etc. she grabbed her phone to check their notifications and told me what had happened.

  71. I’m not a woman. How dare I tell the wives, daughter's, sisters, grandmother's and niece's in this world how to take care of there bodies. I am just a friend, son, husband, grandson and Uncle. I'm here to Love and support

  72. This is going to have lasting damage if it isn’t reversed quickly. Look at what happened in Romania when they banned abortions. Child poverty rates will sky rocket and crime rates will elevate as more unwanted children grow up angry or abused. My friends have expressed their fears over this and considering I live in one of the most conservative states in the country, they certainly are warranted. The Supreme Court was supposed to stand as a neutral body. But it’s been corrupted for decades and it was eventually going to break the dam with a politicized decision. The brazen opinion of Thomas should also show clearly what their true intentions have been. He absolutely should have recused himself months ago and now his decision has affected the lives of millions in an instant.

  73. Heartbroken, not for me but for the women who are tired and exhausted just having to fight for what should be basic rights in 2022. I will never fully understand, but I promise I will do everything I can personally do to stand by you.

  74. As a nurse, and as a husband, and as a father of two girls, and as a decent human being, this ruling pisses me the fuck off. I'm ready-to-fight-someone kind of mad today. Our response to this BS will define the future of our country. This is a big scary pivot point for us as a people, and for human rights in general. These psychotic religious nuts think they can force their narrow minded, poorly understood worldview on everyone else, and today, they won a major, emboldening victory. They think we're spineless and will roll over and accept this new bullshit and I sincerely hope others are as pissed at me and willing to stand for our wives, daughers and mothers.

  75. Exactly the same as women do. I don’t need a vagina to know this is an insane decision, and politicians shouldn’t be telling women what to do with their bodies.

  76. I have a daughter who is not quite two yet, and I ended up breaking down into tears about this and telling my mother in law to go fuck herself for voting to hurt her granddaughter, and I don’t regret it a bit. We are making plans to move to a blue state, and looking longer term to moving to Canada if this gets worse and being in a blue state is no longed sufficient protection.

  77. Today I heard the news first thing waking up and I instantly felt like I woke up in some funhouse alternate version of reality. It’s a real gut punch. Real women - not just a collection of cells they’re calling a life - will die. That’s the bottom line for me. Real suffering will result from this. Not some hypothetical suffering. Real suffering. My daughter asked me why I care so much. Been an ally in this fight against these nut jobs for 50 years. Had many family arguments over it. Many holiday dinners ruined. It feels like the nut jobs were better politically prepared. It’s absolutely demoralizing to this old man.

  78. Pissed with the ruling and also more pissed at what Justice Thomas’s concurring opinion hinted could be on the chopping block next: Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.

  79. This mf would probably even support re-enacting Jim Craw laws. He has uncle Ruckus syndrome clearly.

  80. Fucking pissed. It's not just a women's lib issue, it's men too. What if I got my SO pregnant and we both want to get an abortion? Now I'm stuck with a kid I don't want, it's not just her.

  81. Legit gross. My GF miscarried our first kid. If this was law and we lived in a christian state, would she have been charged with something? Would she have been refused at the hospital and left to deal with it? I just feel gross as a human. I also kind of feel like a coward right now. I should be out there protesting but I'm not. I want to just punch a fundamentalist in the jaw right now, but I'm not.

  82. Abortions won't stop all this will do is push people to more dangerous and illegal ways. Will lead to some very sad and preventable deaths

  83. I'm not a legal scholar, but my understanding of the decision today is that R v Wade was overturned because there was no federal law that required access to abortion. This can go back if Congress passes a law.

  84. Correct. It doesn't ban abortion. It simply says there was no basis for Roe to grant the protection in the first place. If you want to determine whether or not it's legal, the legislative branch needs to get off their duffs and pass a law. Until there's a law at the federal level explicitly detailing abortion rights, it's left to the individual states to determine. And so far 26 states have laws banning/restricting abortions, and this SC decision now says the federal government can't stand in the way of states enforcing their own laws on the topic until Congress decides to pass their own. They didn't "take away" abortion rights. They simply said there was no basis for granting them in the first place. Functionally equivalent, agreed...but that's a very important distinction. The Supreme Court can't ban abortion.

  85. Not living in the US but I’m honestly shocked of how coward your people are. This happens in countries like France or Spain and you have the cities on fire and probably some of the people responsible of such absurd decision a couple meters under ground.

  86. Awful, guilty somehow and embarrassed. Feel like this is our collective fault. Not sure if we were playing too nice or morally we spurned blue candidates which cost seats....not sure but this is failure to act and our people are in harms way now.

  87. I live in Texas, and we've been edging back towards blue for a while now. This might just be what it takes to flip my state, and in doing so will help flip other states. That's long term thinking though. In the short term, this is fucking disgusting and we're about to find out real quick just how dystopian our new "Christian" America can get.

  88. Please enlighten an ignorant foreigner on this. In my mind Texas is just about the most red state imaginable... How come you guys are on the edge?

  89. I would love to see vasectomies and hysterectomies sky rocket now, leaving a mass chunk of america unable to have more kids for their fucking war machine.

  90. Just keep in mind, most doctors won’t even let a woman get a tubal ligation, because she “might change her mind.” Hell, some doctors want a husband’s consent for a tubal ligation.

  91. Hysterectomies aren't at all equivalent to vasectomies. You might be thinking of tubal ligation or removing the fallopian tubes? A hysterectomy is a major surgery with many lasting side effects, especially when done to a younger woman. It increases the risk of cancer, dementia, etc

  92. I appreciate the sentiment behind your post, but getting your tubes tied is probably good enough and less... extreme. Hysterectomies (i.e. the removal of the uterus) are not performed for contraceptive reasons, but mostly due to cancer, fibroids, etc.

  93. Furious. Considering leaving the country; looking at Colorado but gods can we not scrounge the money up fast enough to leave Ohio, which is almost certainly going to gobble this shit down and then go for seconds in the form of contraceptive bans/'prescription-requirements'.

  94. Some of the tweets from women telling each other to delete period tracking apps and having to now be extremely careful with who you tell about that kind of information is haunting.

  95. Props to you! I wish it was as easy for women, no doctor has entertained my request to tie my tubes because I’m under 30 and childless. Being a parent has never been my plan and I’ve never wanted kids even when I was one. They all think they know I’ll change my mind and even if that was the case, I’m the one that has to live with the consequences of my own decision. They all think they know what’s best for me but only I can decide that, and it’s sad that I can’t. Sorry, just needed to rant here. I’m very angry right now.

  96. Like I better get a vasectomy so my wife doesn’t accidentally get pregnant. We’ve never wanted kids so can’t risk it at this point.

  97. If you're still Republican at this point you're just a bad person period. You're turning into the Christian taliban.

  98. I knew someone who got raped and got an abortion. before it she felt so awful and scared, luckily she lived in a country that allows them and was able to get an abortion, got it done in a days worth and came home

  99. As a father, angry. As an optimist, hopeful that it will return based on different laws as RBG recommended. As a pessimist, I expect that to take decades because the GOP have a stranglehold on the courts at all levels.

  100. It took my wife and I many tries to get a healthy daughter. Along the way there were many miscarriages. Forcing my wife to go though those without the option of a DNC would be just cruel and stupid. Abortion should be a right.

  101. As a guy living in Massachusetts, where I know my wife and I are safe from any state-level legislation, I’m just infuriated for anyone living in a red or purple state that is living on the edge now. I feel like anyone I’ve voted for in the past 20 years has ultimately failed me. I don’t know what the solution is but we need to do better.

  102. It’s disgusting to not allow women to make their own medical decisions. Terrifying to think about the rights they’ll take away next.

  103. I feel disgusted women do not have as much freedom or rights as men do. As men we must stand with them and defend their right to choose, if not us, then who?

  104. It’s going to result in a huge uptick of homicides, suicides, botched abortions, churning out more children/babies into our already failing foster system, deaths for women who’s lives are in fatal danger due to carrying pregnancy, and reduction in access to IVF for couples who are fertility-challenged. Not to mention an uptick in violent crimes come 18-20 years from now. just look at what happened in Romania when they passed some of the strictest, most unflinching laws against abortion…

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