What would y’all do if penises were detachable?

  1. Not to worry, in this universe all penises are imbedded with a tracker at birth. Feel free to stick it wherever!

  2. In a world where penises are detachable, big ones would be worth more than gold. Men who acquired them naturally would insure them and keep them in safe places most of the time.

  3. The amount of ex boyfriends who wouldn't get their dicks back, like the boyfriend sweater. We'd have tracking apps and laws written all about it

  4. The moment I saw the question, I heard the riff and saw John S. Hall barreling through the alleyway looking for his penis.

  5. During one of the lockdowns last year, the retail store I worked at was only open for click & collect so it was just 2 of us working in the store all day with no one else around, me and my coworker would just play King Missile all day through the store. Good times.

  6. I am a woman but I have a question - would you still be able to feel it if you were able to use it as a dildo? Feel like it could make sex a lot easier and lot more exciting if so

  7. When your partner goes away on a business trip they can leave it behind, would make phone sex more interesting

  8. I had the same thought. If this is a realistic detachment where you don't feel it because it's not there then I'd probably just glue it on because I don't see the benefit of not having it.

  9. In imagination you can do all sort of shit, but without blood flow a dick remain flacid, so no you can not use it as a dildo, you can use it as a candy though. Unless the dick is working on wireless technology, then everything is possible.

  10. It's like a USB port type deal so my answer would be no. It is hot as fuck right now so I would totally leave it in my top drawer.

  11. Will my sexual needs and desires disappear if I detach it? If so then I'd probably store it in a bank vault for the next 5-10 years.

  12. Assuming every penis could be attached to every body, penis theft would probably be a thing.. people stealing the bigger ones

  13. Change up for a longer one and try some of those wacky porn positions that don't feel good for anyone unless you're working with 12"

  14. This would be a total disaster. Do you realize how many guys would go around smacking people in the face with theirs?

  15. Depends. If the scrotum comes off too, I’m going to flop down heedlessly into every chair I see without fear of that very particular lance of mind-searing pain.

  16. I'd leave it on the brim of the toilet so I can remotely take a piss while sleeping comfortably in bed

  17. As a lesbian I always wish it wasn't detachable. I'm always forgetting it at home, unable to find it, or just don't wanna stand up to go get it. Sex would be so much easier if it was just always there lol

  18. Look at miss lucky over here, not worrying at all about unwanted boners, morning wood, or breaking your own dick, lucky

  19. Open a business for gathering lost and found penises around the public community areas and then repurpose them as "live dildos/strap-ons"

  20. Well, when I was 15 in boarding school I’d probably hide all the other fellas dicks if they took them of. Maybe chuck some of them in the “secret stew” we got for lunch.

  21. I bet throwing your peen at people would be the ultimate insult.. Worse than spitting at someone, cause usually a little pee would come out, if the throw connected.. 💦

  22. Keep it in a glass display case. Pass it on to the oldest male heir. Proceed to show it off to prospective girlfriends.

  23. Would the original owner feel it if the penis is detached and someone is stroking it? Will said penis orgasm with or without the owner?

  24. Had to search to far to find someone mentioning dick slapping. It would be literal. I would abuse the privilege. Any disagreement would be settled with a rough dick slap to the face.

  25. Never mind that. I wish my balls would go back inside when not needed. I’ve been hit so many times there at work and play that they should retreat out of fear

  26. I’d try to steal all the penises in the world. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was and collect them all!

  27. Penis theft would be a real problem!! If you were blessed, those less fortunate would be coming for your Willy… it gets weird in those bathroom stalls now

  28. Yes. If that were to be possible, highly likely to happen based on my amazing memory. Or I'd put it in your bag secretly in the morning, so when you stuck your hand in there to grab something... BAM! Wobbly penis.

  29. Throw it at my friends. Shove it in their pockets. Leave it somewhere for them to find. Tickle their neck with it when they aren’t expecting it

  30. I'd want to detach just to make sure I get all the hair off it. Maybe even take it off and put it in a case while i poop. I'd definitely stow it away when using a chainsaw or something of the sort.

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