What is an age appropriate dating range when looking to date women younger?

  1. Why are you looking to date younger women, specifically? Why not just find a woman you’re attracted to and compatible with, serious relationship-wise?

  2. I think you need to be looking for women who want the same things you do. Perhaps she also has a career and never wed/had kids either. You aren't going to find a lot of women like that under the age of 28-30. People make a big deal about it, but a 44 year old and a 30 year old can both be looking for the same thing. That's just my take, 28-44, with similar values.

  3. Everyone is different, friend. For me, I would pretty much go + / - 4-5 years and pretty much see anyone more than 10-15 years younger than me as undateable since we're in different stages of life.

  4. Fair - but if you proactively make it a point to take care of yourself and are in good health, growing old isn't as much of an issue.

  5. Define appropriate. Just above legal age of consent? And what do you hope to get out of it? Sugar baby? Arm candy? Ego boost? Someone to start a family with? Casual dating? Life partner?

  6. Man I wouldn't even try with anyone less than 35. You can, but seeing my friends' hits and flops, that's the magic number I'm suggesting to you.

  7. If you’re looking for a serious relationship I’d say a little closer to your age. 34+ maybe. You’ll just get each other better and have more in common. This is just from my experience. I’m 38 and have dated mid 20’s and up. If you’re just looking for fun then I’d say bump to mid 20’s and up. The surface level stuff is all well and good if you’re thinking of dating with a big age gap but if you’re looking serious you have to think of the day to day interactions and the little things.

  8. The fact that youre shooting for an "appropriate" age and not for a compatable partner tells me loud and clear what youre actually looking for

  9. This is coming from strictly a physical attraction lens - perhaps I should've prefaced that. The compatible pieces come afterwards - don't know about you. Almost universally, men prefer women younger than themselves from an attraction standpoint.

  10. I'm 47 and probably wouldn't date under 30 for anything serious. But for fun I'd go as low as 21, probably. Not that I ever really expect this to be an issue, but you know. Gotta have a bar, right?

  11. I’m 31 and could totally see myself dating a man who was 44 so long as he had it together and we had common interest, lifestyle, and values. But the younger you go the more likely she might want children if you get married so just consider that. Be clear on whether you’re willing to have a child so at least if you date anyone in their early to mid 30s you two can determine from the start if that’s going to be a thing.

  12. My man - thank you. 6'1, in best shape of my life, full head of salt and pepper hair, 6 figure salary. I guess I need to put myself out there more.

  13. As young as you can go when it comes to finding a wife. For someone your age ideally you would want to find a woman in her early to mid 20s, but it would be difficult.

  14. Honestly, if she’s over 21 it’s fine if you’re dating for fun. But if you are looking for a potential wife, 30 and older would suit you wonders.

  15. When I was mid 40’s I started seeing a woman in her late 20’s. You know just for fun. We both had a good time. Nothing serious.

  16. I'd say probably 10 years realistically, there are plenty of women in their early 30s who date a 44-year-old man if he has his shit together, is in decent shape and lives an interesting life, mid-20s is definitely possible although you might find the maturity level isn't quite there and they are probably in a different stage of life...I'm 34 and my dating range is pretty much 24-31, I don't usually date women my own age for obvious reasons.

  17. i’d say to try & stay within a 10-20 year gap at that age but for me personally i try to stay within 5 years & 19+ but i’m also 20 so it’s a bit different but just giving my opinion

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