Do guys actually care about what a girls body looks like?

  1. Lol, not sure how this is a real question. In the overwhelming majority of cases for both men or women. Yes, people usually care.

  2. Women aren’t as shallow in that regard though. There are many other things about a man that would make a woman attracted to him despite having a not so desirable body type. In the inverse, there aren’t much things that would make a woman attractive to a man

  3. Yes, to an extent. I have seen beautiful, put together, women with body types that aren't typically my go to "type." Overall pride in oneself, and confidence can go a long way to make a woman attractive. For me, anyways.

  4. This is true, but it can go too far. Attractive girls with a smug attitude like "you wish you could get up on this" are abhorrently unattractive to me. For example, Galadriel from Rings of Power. She is technically attractive, but her smarmy, smug attitude is a compete turn-off.

  5. Yea, but the range of body types men find attractive is much wider than women think. Even so, some women with bodies outside that range can compensate with a nice skin, nice hair and a nice personality.

  6. Honestly not that much. Face is way more important than body imo...but to me the most attractive thing about a woman is her attitude.

  7. Different men have different standards, but yeah, men do care what her body looks like. The ones that don't are a rarity.

  8. Yes and no. I like a chick with some cake and some titty. If she’s chubby then the fat adds to the cake and titty which is a win. There’s a reason why the phrase is “more cushion for the pushin”

  9. yes but not in the way women think we do. “all men want are big asses and boobs.” i mean yea, that would be nice. but i feel like the vast majority of normal guys could care less. unless you’re disgustingly fat nobody really cares. if you’re good looking and have a normal natural body then boom you’re just fine.

  10. Yes, but its not as strict as women seem to think it is. And its not nearly as important as ur face, ur personality, and hiw u treat us.

  11. Yes but what each individual man finds attractive is subjective. I'm personally more attracted to someone with some meat on the bone and who isn't hyperfocused about their weight to the point where we can't enjoy delicious food together.

  12. Yes, to an extent. My girlfriend is physically the polar opposite of my ex, and both are beautiful women. I don’t pick up on little details tbh

  13. Yes, but there's a range and some men like certain traits that others don't care about or might even be repulsed by. My 10 is another man's 2.

  14. Yea absolutely. This is super shitty to admit but I broke up with a girl because she gained a lot of weight and I was no longer attracted to her.

  15. I mean kinda? I'm not lying when I say I've been with every type of girl. Some girls with a "great body" isnt great in all the right places. I've been more attracted to girls with curves always. Sometimes more than just curves

  16. There has to be at least an initial attraction on some level physically (unless it's just sex for some guys), but different people find different things attractive. Maybe a girl's smile could be enough, but [not all] guys become more attracted the closer they bond with that person. Basically, more frequent sex will often increase how attractive a man finds his partners body. Almost every guy I've discussed this has agreed, but I'm really interest in the perspective of people this is not true for.

  17. Yes and no, as long as she takes care of her body ie shower and isn’t morbidly obese I will still care for her but more specifically if you are asking in terms of boobs tits ass that doesn’t matter to me personally it’s a nice added benefit but that’s it I don’t seek out women who have big tits or a big ass I also don’t care if they are skinny or chubby I’ve dated all kinds of women and love all kinds of women

  18. If she's got a relatively normal/average body but a pretty/cute face and a kind personality, that's all I care about.

  19. Yes they do (Being honest to what I think when I do date her). Anything till chubby is fine, over that no it's not. Putting the science of mating and all that bullshit aside where potential mate has to be having good structure and all, atleast we like the girl to be able to carry herself properly(same goes for us guys).

  20. Yes, but it doesn't have to be perfect. A girl who is fun and sexual but in okay shape will always get my attention over a boring girl in great shape.

  21. Yes, honestly just look healthy. Like you put in a little bit of effort for your own well-being. You can be lighter, you can be heavier that doesn’t matter, all I know is I’ve never seen an unattractive girl working out.

  22. I do and I pretty much like them thick. Being too thin is a bit worrying and I would like to have that peace of mind that my girl is healthy and will not be sick from her weight

  23. Just so long as she takes care of herself for the most part its fine for me. That answer aside, some women do look better with a little meat on them than other women do, and vice versa. Example my friends long term girlfriend looked perfectly great body wise. She had a couple kids gained a little bit of mommy weight nothing bad at all. But she's shorter and for some reason has always worried about her weight even before kids. I get it 10lbs extra weight looks different on someone who's 5"3 than someone who is 6"1. She decided to get REALLY into exercising to lose some weight but honestly she is taking it maybe a bit far. My good friend loves her but did confide that he wished she still had some curves, his girl at this point has almost no curves! I was surprised, her ass is gone, her breasts are gone, and her arms and legs are ripped! My buddy still absolutely loves her, and says "Hey it's her body and she wants to be happy and healthy and I want that for her as well!" All in all they're both great people but he does miss those curves lol

  24. Something I just can’t explain why, but when I have a crush that I like so much and that is more special to me I never bother to think about her body, like ever. Just face and personality. In fact, when those dirty thoughts come in, I block them out and just want innocent thoughts lol. Anyone relate?

  25. Honestly it depends. Alot of times a girls natural state seems to be to obsess over imperfections. I dated a girl who was 5'9" and about 135. She could have gained 30 lbs and I wouldn't have even noticed unless she was sending me shopping for clothes. Dated another girl who was 5'2 and 200lbs but because of her shape I would have guessed 160lbs. Another girl gained like 80lbs while we were dating and I didn't actually notice until after she lost it again and I was looking at pictures from Christmas. I feel like it has a big impact on the initial attraction, but if you lost or gained 20lbs any given year no normal guys going to notice that, and after that the attitude and personality becomes 80% of what matters. So basically if someone is attracted to you and youre kind of in the same "league" then there's a lot of room for variance. However, if a girl is like the max size a guy can be attracted to and she gained 50lbs that might make him lose interest. And changes that happen due to childbirth is not going to make any normal guy lose attraction. But also, guys in general will sleep with a girl who is nowhere near cute enough to date. So no matter what he says about future potential, if he's not introducing you to friends and he's trying to sleep with you, he's definitely actively looking for someone more attractive.

  26. Is that supposed to be rethorical? I've dated from 147 cm as shortest, to 209 cm as tallest. From unemployed, to three times my own income. These were not factors of interest when I chose them.

  27. Of course. I'm not going to date a woman that bears a striking resemblance to a tree. I mean, first off, that would just make my Costco toilet paper horde awkward.

  28. I just asked my bf - he says: yes, very much, but not in the way women think. And the way he looks at me right now I feel a lecture coming on...

  29. Yeah, people will try and tell you they don’t or give you some sappy shit. But the bottom line is that EVERYONE has a range of looks they are willing to date and there are going to be people that fall out of that range.

  30. Yes, i like lots of types of bodies but generally for me they have to have a nice bum, not bothered much about boobs, and i dont like fat arms/bellies personally, nice and slim please, as long as they look after themselves im usually happy.

  31. Yes. And that not something to be shamed for. Woman don’t want a big slob sweating and breathing all over them either.

  32. Regardless of what they tell you, absolutely. They will risk an entire relationship with someone who’s amazing, over a body lmao just focus on you hunny. It isn’t worth it. Too many of them will try justifying being with a person who doesn’t meet their body standards as well, while wishing the person they’re with looked like the people who meet their body standards, or cheat on them with those people, or fantasize about them obsessively, etc. Keep your head down low, go get dick when you want it, but make it clear that’s all you’re looking for, and keep working on you and building for you. Eventually a man worth his salt who’s genuine and is fully attracted to your body, because he’s emotionally mature enough to seek out only people he’s fully attracted to, will come along and compliment your life. If by chance he doesn’t, I promise you you’re gonna be way happier single. Guaranteed. Get off Reddit and go live.

  33. Do girls actually care what a guy’s body looks like? Obviously. Almost nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t at least meet some minimum preferences.

  34. yes we are, is a Woman is overweight or to skinny, did she have big boobs or a big ass or nothing. Woman do the same so why should Men not do it Physical attraction is the main reason to approach a Woman for Sex or a Relationship and when is no Physical attraction it gives no to approach her for that.

  35. The answer isn't "yes, to an extent" or "yes and no", the answer is simply "yes". We care. Call it shallow if you want, but we're not fucking your personality. All of that personality stuff usually comes into play after we've figured out if we like you physically first which usually takes about 3 seconds.

  36. Yes, some men have wide preferences (pun not intended). My general rule is i dont date a women if she is a horrible person and body is not as much of a concern, but i still wouldn't date someone over 300 pounds. There are plenty of men who do not care.

  37. Soooo it depends on the person. I would say a majority care. It’s human nature. I may get some flack for saying this, but to me if I bust my butt to get my body in shape and eat right I feel my partner should at least try to put in a little effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it a looks thing but a health matter. Everyone has different body types, but I feel most people want a partner that cares and shows their body respect.

  38. Yes but i don't expect you to have some Victoria Secret model body type when you work a 9to5. If you take care of yourself, that's enough.

  39. Yes and no i like different things I can like personality and not care if you don’t have a thicc body . Women with thicc body can be great but don’t have a great personality. This is my answer not an answer for every guy thoughts .

  40. Yesn't. Me personally I repeat, me personally am more of a slider guy. What I mean by that is along as they fall in between 2 set criteria I don't particularly care besides hygiene ofc. My personal criteria are "not so thin that I'd snap you in half if I looked at you wrong" and "so fat that it not only impedes daily life but I also need to be on the constant lookout for Japanese whaling ships."

  41. Definitely. Us men tend to have different preferences so I do not see why any man wouldn't find small breasts attractive. If you think none like them, that's an unhealthy generalization.

  42. Yes, but probably not as much as the woman thinks we do. We don’t want perfect & a lot of the things a woman obsess over are actually some of the things that make us love her in the first place.

  43. Yes. But that doesn't mean I have a fixed type or need a girl to look a certain way. I like a lot of different body types, but I have to like the body type.

  44. I've learned it's not the biggest factor there is for me, as you'll naturally find someone to be more attractive the closer to get with them.

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