What's the weirdest fad you can remember?

  1. This is what came to mind for me immediately. People paying a few bucks for a landscaping stone in a cardboard box, with a printed brochure with witty (arguable) stuff like "call your rock's name and take a step, see it's getting closer!"

  2. Came here to say this; I can justify most things from the 70’s, but a rock, placed in a cardboard box, that sold for around $30 in today’s dollars? I never bought one, but geeze…

  3. Ooh, I can top that. I had a Mood Rock. It was a mash-up of a Pet Rock and a Mood Ring —a plastic rock with a thermochromic coating that changed color from the heat of your hands. It may still be somewhere at my parents’ house actually. I’ve had an alert for them on eBay for years but have never seen another in any context.

  4. When I was 12 or 13, there was a brief fad of wearing like 5-6 Swatch Watches on the same arm. I desperately wanted to participate, but my parents could only afford one.

  5. In my school in early 1990s we had this fad of watches with the lights which go round and round at the push of a button. Lasted for half a year. One kid got it and everyone wanted it.

  6. There was a weird fad in junior high for wearing thermal long underwear bottoms with mens boxer shorts over them; usually paired with a Fair Isle sweater and turtleneck.

  7. That is weird. The fad was girls just wearing boxer shorts as shorts (fly stitched shut) in my high school. In fact it was so popular my high school gave out branded boxers as a prize for honor roll one year. This was mid-late 90s

  8. They aren't necessarily fads. I had one of the first ones(the old slosher). The beds got more and more sophisticated till I eventually got the "soft side" waterbed which has a very small bladder and looks like a mattress on a box spring. I slept on waterbeds for 51 years, until the one I had a couple of months ago finally gave out. I could have gotten another bladder, but I'm getting old and it would be a pretty big hassle for the survivors to get rid of the thing when I'm dead.

  9. I just realized that that poor kid in Stranger Things has that exact haircut!! I think his name is Will. Was bugging me where I’d seen it before!

  10. I once fell asleep on a train ride and drooled down the front of my Hypercolour shirt. When I woke up, my pink shirt had a very obvious dark blue line down the front.

  11. Genera hypercolor. I remember those. You had to wear a shit under them to keep from embarrassment. And if you washed them wrong they turned into pink-blue barf.

  12. When I was in college in '81, girls in the dorms were eating baby food. The idea was that it was easy to digest, so you wouldn't get sleepy and could study longer.

  13. Western Canada in the later 1960's. Kids had knitted hats for winter, toques, and someone decided to make them long and pointy, reaching to mid back, then attach a thong and a pom pom.

  14. I recall a brief period in the early 90's when people took to wearing their t-shirts and sweatshirts inside out. Maybe it wasn't widespread, but I noticed a lot of other college-aged students intentionally doing this. I thought it was the dumbest thing ever.

  15. Oop. I once spent a whole morning in back to front overalls, around then. Didn't notice until I needed to pee. All I can say is: I was thinking.

  16. omg I remember my hs english teacher making fun of this popular boy who had one of those inside out hollister shirts that was meant to have the tag on the outside. she just burst out laughing when he told her it was designed like that.

  17. The invisible dog. It was sold at Local fairs. It was a plastic dog leash that was firm in the end it had a dog harness with no dog. They sold for around five bucks and my mom would never buy me one and I cried like fucking crazy. Because I to you wanted to have an invisible dog. This was in the 70s.

  18. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel. And in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ‘em. ‘Give me five bees for a quarter,’ you’d say.

  19. When I was in middle school there was this trend of wearing necklaces that had bubble wands and formula in them. Why this was a thing I don't know. I still can't think of an occasion where one would suddenly need to blow bubbles other than a wedding but whatever.

  20. I still think pre-torn jeans (or torn jean at all honestly) are insane even though they are still wildly popular.

  21. Funny story. My 20 year old niece is so into these. I hate them. When I took the family pictures at Christmas last year I edited her jeans so they didn’t have tears.

  22. When I was young. My mom put patches on tears and wear so my clothes would last longer- that’s how old I am.. ugh.

  23. The second one is what I came in here to say. I remember when Kris Kross wore their shirts backwards, when yuppie dudebros would wear like fifty popped collars with an upside-down translucent sun visor, when it was basically the law for every hippie to have hanging plastic beads on the way into their bedroom (apparently to better strangle their cats with), and when crust punks would use Jell-o to hold up their mohawks, and the pants around the ass still beats all. Like dude how can you run? You may as well just tie your shoelaces together. It's a one-man potato sack race.

  24. We had Jonathan Livingston Seagull as required reading in fifth grade. I have no beef whatsoever with pants-below-the-ass and other oddball fads, but to this day I cannot fathom what a nation of fully-grown adults saw in that book.

  25. The internet spawns so much weirdness that flares and dies quickly, nothing before the mid-00's can hold a candle to anything I can remember before that.

  26. CB Radios were both strange and kinda dumb. Only time I recall the general public being fascinated by truckers. Until that dumb Von Dutch Trucker hat came into style later. I hated that, too.

  27. Those weird games the high schoolers were playing a few years ago that involved them wearing some kind of inflatable pool toy while in public to stay in the game.

  28. There was something called the Jingle Jump - basically a solo hopping contraption. It was hugely popular, perhaps in 1964 if I remember correctly - POS that likely broke after a few uses. It was a short-lived fad, good thing.

  29. It was definitely still around in the 90s. It wasn't called the jingle jump but there was a ball that you jumped over with one leg while it was attached to your other ankle. I can't remember what it was called.

  30. only 86 teenagers (out of the around 40 million teenagers in the US) actually put tide pods in their mouths, and to my knowledge none of them died. the people who ate tide pods most often were children under 5 and elderly people with Alzheimer’s or dementia who mistook them for candy. the “tide pod challenge” was almost entirely clickbait and was overhyped by older people so they would have an excuse to say “teens these days are so stupid!!!”, so sorry you don’t have something to shit on young people for

  31. The pants hanging down around your knees. Nothing more funny than watching somebody trying to fight or look tough when they can't t move without tripping over

  32. people can utilize it properly, its simply a musical instrument. i wouldnt call saxophones a weird fad even though i don’t like the sound of it

  33. Trumpism. Like seriously it's so weird that it has blanked any other weird things I've seen from my brain. I don't mean the political views, which I have opinions on but just the whole shebang the flag waving hat wearing tying your personality to a political party thing. It's just weird. Mods I also get this is touching on politics and not sure what the the policy is here re that so feel free to delete if you think it's going to cause issues, but seriously I find the whole politics as personality weird.

  34. Smoking banana peels back in the ‘60’s because it was supposed to get you high. It didn’t, lol.

  35. I don't know if this was everywhere or just a local thing, but in the 80s, there was a proliferation of bring your own pool parties. So everyone would be drinking beer in these blow up kiddie pools or the little plastic ones. :D

  36. Mood rings, my daughter had a digital pet something. In the 50's ocelot cats as pets. Spider monkeys that crapped all down the owners backs. I guess Hollywood /Los Angeles has always been weird.

  37. Moving out of California because somebody predicted it was going to fall into the ocean on a certain date. I was a kid at the time and couldn't believe the dumb stuff actual adults were afraid of.

  38. I think painting plaster figurines and plaques. There were a couple years where there were stores for this everywhere. My brother had his birthday party at one. I just think that a hand painted thing should probably be done by a professional or someone with more talent than my 8 year old self.

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