Redditors who have walked out of a movie in the theater, which movie did you walk out of and why?

  1. One of the Avengers movies. A couple brought their 5-ish year old kid with them, sat right behind my husband, and let him talk throughout the movie. He was kicking my husband's seat, trying to climb over another and just generally being obnoxious. The parents didn't care. It was storming outside and the power went out a few times, restarting the movie twice. Then the kid had the biggest, nastiest sneeze on the back of my husband's neck. Snot everywhere, the kid mere inches from his head. Again, parents did nothing--no tissues or apologies. To keep my husband from losing it, he took a deep breath, stood up, and we walked to the front for a refund.

  2. I had an experience like this one too. It was the Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the 4th of July. A woman brings her 2 year old and her 4 year old. 20 minutes into the movie she gets up and leaves, with the boys still sitting there. She didn’t come back until 10 minutes before the end.

  3. As somebody that has kids myself, I have NEVER understood people bringing their small kids to the big Marvel or Star Wars movies. They are just completely inappropriate for little kids in my opinion. We will watch them at home after they come out on video, where we can skip over the more mature parts. It always annoys me when parents ruin it for other adults. Bring kids to kids movies. Get a sitter and actually enjoy adult movies for yourself! It's not that hard.

  4. My grandpa took me to the sixth sense when I was 9. Quarter of the way through (after the night scene in the kitchen) he tells me it is too scary for me and we need to leave. I tried to act disappointed but I just about ran out.

  5. The story was probably too confronting for your grandfather, having been dead and all since before you were even born...

  6. Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Kids sitting in the row in front of me were talking loudly and giggling the whole time. About an hour in, My dad sitting next to me leans forward and screams at the back of their mom's head, "Shut your fucking kids up lady!" Then he walked out. I sunk into my chair and waited 5 mins, then walked out. I was too embarrassed to leave with him. Those kids were dead silent after that. My dad was waiting for me out front, we got our tickets comped.

  7. I’d say about 50% of the movies I’ve gone to in the last 5 years I’ve had to tell people to shut the fuck up. This is why I only now go to movies early in the day, on a weekday, two weeks after the movie has come out.

  8. My wife was watching it on HBO when it came out. I walked in about 55 mins into the movie and I thought it was utter genius. It was non-stop Nic Cage madness. I recommend anyone that’s curious to do the same.

  9. Superbad! I was 9 and my mom thought it was a kids movie. We left before the convenience store scene ended.

  10. Funny story. For some reason the movie "Despicable Me" is renamed "Super Bad" in Asia (well, Korea at least.) I teach English to children and was having a real confusing time for a while when all my kids were talking about "Super Bad".

  11. One of the Transformers movies. After awhile its just a blur of noise and explosions. Sheer boredom I suppose.

  12. I didn't walk out of the last Transformers movie I saw because I actually fell asleep during a matinee. I didn't know a movie that action packed and loud could put me to sleep in the afternoon.

  13. Not me, but my grandparents went to see Borat in theaters because of the reviews it got. Needless to say they left soon after it started and asked for their money back.

  14. Okay, I know why some people wouldn't like it, but there is one thing that movie did that I've yet to see in any other movie that seriously earned my respect.

  15. You did not deserve a refund for going to see that in theater. You should have been forced to watch it as punishment for your foolishness.

  16. The second hunger games, our local theater began running the original which we sat through part of thinking it was a flashback.

  17. That would be a great tv episode: Where 3 minutes in the main character has a flashback that's the entirety of last week's episode.

  18. Something similar happened to me once. A friend and I went to see the fourth twilight movie and didn’t realize that it was showing on two different screens, with one showing starting an hour or so before the second.

  19. I walked out of Deadpool because my waters broke. It was a rated film so I couldn't exactly have an infant there...

  20. I've just a bit better basic language skills in english and by "waters broke" I thought she needed plumber. Took me a minute until I understood her.

  21. I spent half of the Matrix movie having to explain the movie to a friend sitting next to me (she was extremely confused by all of it)while trying to watch it at the same time. I did not enjoy it, so i went back to watch it again on my own.

  22. I walked out of a movie theatre once because it was on fire. I left my jacket there and when I returned I discovered someone had filled the pockets with popcorn and there was a Barbie doll with no head in one of the sleeves.

  23. This is one of those stories that at face value I don't believe at all, but the more I think about it the more I believe it because of how strange it is haha

  24. I walked out of titanic. The scene where the ship broke in half and the passenger fell down and hit the ships propeller, I burst out laughing and my mother dragged me outside the theater in an embarrassed rage.

  25. I had to walk out of Saving Private Ryan in theatres a long time ago. My papaw took me to see it and he was a Korean War veteran.. the war scenes really got to him and was probably a trigger. One of the only times I saw him with tears in his eyes.

  26. the opening scene of saving private ryan has been described by war veterans of world war two as the most accurate portrayal of the d-day landing.

  27. My stepdad is a Vietnam vet. We went to see it as a family. He didn't talk for two days after we saw this, then I saw him cry for the first time in my life. He said the Normandy scene took him back to the day before he flew home. Their base was ambushed and a lot of his friends died. Only reason he lived was because he was radio repair and had to stay in his bunk, which he had reinforced pretty heavily to avoid losing radio communications. He never, ever let his PTSD affect us, so his silence after Saving Private Ryan was my first experience with it. Before then PTSD was an abstract concept to me. In many ways I think that movie helped him to open up about his own war experiences.

  28. Adam Sandler is Jack. Adam Sandler is Jill. This November Adam Sandler shits in your eyes, ears, and mouth! Rated ARG for Pirates. FUCK YOU.

  29. I walked out of Dumb and Dumberer and, shithead teenager that I was, walked into another theater. Walked into Eric Bana's Hulk.

  30. I must be the only person that loves this movie on the planet, every time I see it mentioned people loathe it.

  31. I also walked out of Eragon. I was so excited for it, and was so horribly letdown. No part of it was good! Not even a little bit.

  32. Coco. After watching 15 min of Olaf "short animated" intro, we were wondering if we were in the right theater, we checked our tickets and for our surprise we were. The animation gets to a point where everyone has a happy ending and we soon expect this to finish and have the real movie start. But no, the f**ing Olaf gets lost and the animation continues. We just got out and left, 2-3min later almost half of the people left too and asked for refund.

  33. I was fortunate enough to watch Coco a few weeks after release, when they removed the Olaf special from the start. It just went straight from trailers to the main movie. The more I hear about the Olaf thing the more I think I dodged a bullet.

  34. I heard most theaters (thankfully) stopped playing it after a few weeks because SO many people complained about how long the short was.

  35. My niece got mad at me because she thought I tricked her about seeing Coco. She yelled "FINALLY" when the special was over. It got her some good laughs.

  36. I too had that experience. 3 minutes into the short movie my head was in my hands. 10 minutes in, I was almost in tears. I was irrefutably in the right theater, but I was still doubting that as the movie dragged on.

  37. Not me, but my SO and I witnessed a group of 5 young college kids stand up in unison and walk out of The Force Awakens when Kylo took his mask off. They didn't even turn to one another, just stood up and walked out one by one which we assumed they planned.

  38. I really don't understand why so many people have a problem with Adam Driver. He looks like a normal human being to me. With muscle. Lots of muscle. That's a bonus.

  39. I was really high.. went to the theater to see one of the Bourne movies (I think). Half way in I realized I walked into the wrong theater number and was watching National Treasure (Nic cage).. Took a full hour of scratching my head wonder when the fuck Matt Damon was going to start tearing shit up.

  40. Magic Mike. Went to see a movie with my family and basically just walked up to the counter and asked the cashier there what's good. She told me magic Mike, asked what it was and she told me a comedy. Sure, no worries I think, comedies are good. I'm 100% certain she knew what she was doing.

  41. I walked out of this movie, too. My friends were going to see it with me, but then backed out AFTER I bought my ticket. The theater was in a mall, so I figured whatever, I'll just see the movie and catch my friends later. I was the only guy in the entire theater. It was really awkward. I'm gay, too, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed the movie. There was something about the cinematography that made it hard for me to see, it really hurt my eyes and the acting was atrocious. I walked out after about 20 minutes and met up with my friends.

  42. I find it really funny that guys apparently can’t sit through a movie with male nudity. If I, a straight woman, walked out of every movie where a woman shows skin or does something sexual I’d have to stick to just Disney movies!

  43. Never walked out of a movie. But I used to work as a projectionist. Watching the prints of the movies I built was considered a "perk." (Essentially just watching the movie off-the-clock to make sure the print wasn't damaged, built out of order, or something like that)

  44. Huh that's strange, I wasn't aware they aired TV shows inside movie theatres. If there's a The Last Airbender movie, I at least haven't heard of it.

  45. Suicide squad. Around the time when there was some kind of mummy curse or some such stupid shit I knew I had to go.

  46. Wait, if they said there was going to be a mummy curse in the trailer then I would have seen it. It just looked so terrible.

  47. Yeah, can we at least have the clown girlfriend, crocodile man, and the rest of the weirdos do some serious government work like fixing our aging infrastructure or helping raise voter efficacy in ethnic minorities? A mummy curse is just completely implausible.

  48. Oh you! This reads like a clickbait article "Why I walked out on popular and critically acclaimed Black Panther"

  49. LOL, I walked out of The Ring in 6th grade because it fucking terrified me so much. I waited in the lobby for my friend to come out.

  50. Last one was kill bill. Lady in front of us brought her two small children with her. It just got too uncomfortable. At least one other couple left too.

  51. Sausage party. I'm all for parodies, inappropriate jokes and immaturity but this was vulgar just for the sake of being vulgar. What did it for me was that the jokes were too easy! If you were ever 13 or know someone that was ever 13, you've heard them all before.

  52. I was scrolling for a while to find this one! Sausage Party is the only movie i've ever walked out on. My sister and I made it almost all the way through the opening grocery store scene. I'm far from a prude but it was just so much and so early on we figured it wasn't gonna get any better.

  53. Agreed. The whole movie was based on shock value alone and after about 20 mins the shock was gone and the rest was like watching an animated movie made by highschool boys.

  54. Watched it on netflix and must say it was one of the worst movies i ever watched. Felt like watching a really bad porno

  55. Cloverfield. I was working at a movie theater at the time and got some serious motion sickness. About half the customers we had also complained about motion sickness too so we got to the point we had to have a sign up at the ticket booth warning people about it.

  56. That's fair. I do get annoyed at people complaining about it having shaky cam though, because it's literally supposed to be some guy running around with a camera. There's films where it doesn't make sense (Hunger Games, Bourne Identity), but in Cloverfield it fit the 'authentic recording' angle.

  57. I left for part of Black Swan. My sister was really shaken up so I volunteered to leave with her, but to be honest... seeing that girl stab herself in the face with a nail file got to me, too.

  58. I watched Black Swan at home, and I didn't turn it off, but I closed my eyes at the part when she starts pulling her hangnail.

  59. I walked out of brüno, not because it was bad but because I was there on my birthday.. With my mum. We walked out right after he sucked that dick in the air. I knew Borat and loved the movie, so I thought "hey maybe brüno would be fun too." actually it was but not with my mum. Let's say the birthday was very weird after that moment. Ah I forgot to add I was only 13 at that time.

  60. Zoolander 2. Wanted to leave within a few minutes. Gave it until Will Farrell's first scene. Didn't make it through it.

  61. I am Legend. My whole family went as the trailer looked like it was about a lonely man on an empty planet... My 7 y/o brother came with, and we figured it was fine. Well.. then the zombies happened and my brother was terrified. The whole family left and us older members enjoyed it at home a few months later.

  62. Ugh, this book could have been such a beautiful, interesting, emotional movie if they stuck to the book and didn't try to cheapen it for more ticket sales. The book is so short and easy to read, I recommend it to pretty much everyone. The dog part is way less sad too.

  63. Walked out of Valkyrie, couldn't suspend my disbelief of having Tom Cruise as a Nazi, not even trying to hide he's American. Also Miami Vice just so God damn boring.

  64. I went to watch Don't mess with the Zohan with my Christian mother when I was 11. She wanted to leave pretty early in but stayed so our day out wasn't ruined. When it got to this bit she couldn't stand it any longer and we walked out..

  65. Where did her other earring go? Why is he licking shampoo off her head? Why is the cashier lady smiling at his self-prostitution in her shop? Who thought this was a good idea? Why did this movie make $200 million?!

  66. I can relate. My brother took my mother, his wife, and me to see that during mother's day. Most awkward time of our lives. We didn't walk out but dang. Were were all much older than 11, though.

  67. Went to see the new saw movie back in October. The row behind me consisted of 3 adults and 10 kids varying from 8-15

  68. I went to see this at a drive-in theater with a group of friends. About 10 minutes in, the speakers near us all quit. We just stayed where we were and made up lines for the characters. Even without the sound we could tell the movie was trash.

  69. My husband and I walked out of Orphan. I was on edge after the opening scene which was of a horrific, bloody birth. At the time, I was newly pregnant with our first. Later on, when horrific self-harm happened with an 8 year old girl, I was just done. I later googled the twist, but it didn’t make it better.

  70. Captain America. Not because of the movie but because the friend I was with kept trying to convince me to have us cheat on our significant others together. The guy smelt like he had never heard of deodorant or showers. Guy was lucky all I did was walk out of there.

  71. I went to see a late night Batman V Superman and it was just sooooo long. But there was, what looked like, a high school baseball team in the theater with us. At least 4 of them spread out through the theater, put the arms on the chairs up, and laid down to go to sleep.

  72. S/he really does eat dog shit. I always lived with the fantasy that it was just a tootsie roll or something, but nope.

  73. My dad took his gf to see The Wolf of Wallstreet for her birthday. Problem was I was with him and so was my brother. I was probably 16 at the time. My dad is pretty conservative and we walked out when Margot Robbie did full frontal.

  74. Bit of trivia, going full frontal was her idea. The director originally planned for her to be topless. She argued that her character used her raw sexual power as a weapon of control.

  75. You think thats awkward. I was once chilling with my mom watching movies and she let me choose the next one. I suggested Wolf of Wall street because although I had seen it I didnt really remember much of it, just that it was good.

  76. The Crow sequel. Because have you seen the Crow sequel? (Possibly the only movie I ever walked out of a cinema for)

  77. Don't feel bad. I could never be in the right headspace to watch a full Saw movie, even when I tell myself it's not real a million times over.

  78. Walked out of hunchback of Notredam with my mom when I was a kid because I was sad that they were throwing tomatoes at him.

  79. I went on a first date with a guy I had a massive crush on, way back in the early 2000s. We went to some indie theater to see a French movie, and the opening scene was a guy talking about raping his daughter. The guy had suggested the movie, and he was immediately like “wanna leave?” I said yep. We left and went into another theater and caught the end of Bend it like Beckham. Nothing really wound up coming from the date 🤷‍♀️

  80. If it was Irreversible, you left at a VERY good time. I think the date could have gone worse if you left it another 20 minutes.

  81. Really? I thought it's mixing of live action with animation was very advanced for the 70's. And it was very true to the book. Oh, wait, you're not talking about Peter Jackson's bloated monstrosity, are you?

  82. The Conjuring 2. Not because I thought it was bad (at the time at least; I've watched it since and don't particularly care for it), but rather because we were seated to a gaggle of teenage girls who talked too much and screamed at every single predictable jump scare. How do you not know a jump scare is about to happen? There's no music! Of course it's gonna happen!

  83. Sausage Party is the first and only movie I've ever walked out of. I'm not a prude or easily offended or anything, but something about it just irked the shit out of me and I didn't last more than 30 mins.

  84. I paid about 20 dollars to see this movie. I watch movies all the time, I watch one almost every day because I love film. I've seen probably 2,000 in my life and I hated this movie the most.

  85. G-Force. In cold blood, I stood up and abandoned my wife, forcing her to finish watching that garbage with my daughter (who thought it was great). I still catch well-deserved resentment, but would do it again.

  86. Not me, but my grandparents go to the movies every Friday night. My grandmother just buys tickets on Fandango, without looking up what the movie is about. There have been plenty of times that she has accidentally bought tickets for an Indian movie and they didn’t realize until after the movie started.

  87. I have an aunt and uncle who walked out of Pulp Fiction just minutes into the first scene due to the language.

  88. Maybe it's because of the ridiculous amount of entertainment I consume, or the friends I hang out with, but I just don't understand how an adult can feel offended by bad words. Like, if your kids are there, sure, leave. But I literally can't imagine going "AHHHH cover your ears there's bad words!"

  89. Suicide Squad. I planned to go see the film with a close friend of mine (we love watching films, it's one of the few ways to kill time when you live on an island) and we were persuaded by good critiques by our non-professional critics' friends. Once we began watching, it was like being hit by Mike Tyson but instead of fists, it was cringe overload. It came to the point where we had to look away (this was mostly the hero-like scenes, all of Harley Quinn's scenes, and just about every other scene). By the time they were about to enter the building to (I assume) save the day, we had to leave.

  90. I think it had a lot of potential that got flushed down a toilet somewhere. And there are deleted scenes that are far more cringe inducing than what actually made the movie. For example: The Joker tries to get back Harley (after the helicopter crash, just before the big finale) and she tells him no, she is going to help her friends. Harley Quinn told the Joker no, she is going to help her "friends" (all people she met less than 24 hours earlier). The main character trait of Harley Quinn is that she has been so severely brain washed by the Joker that she follows him blindly. It took Seasons worth of storylines to get her to object to the Joker's actions and break free of him in the original animated series and in this movie she spends literally a few hours with people who don't abuse her and suddenly she isn't brain washed anymore. Friendship IS magic. Bleck!

  91. It was years ago and a bad movie but I walked out of Wolf. Not because it was bad though. I walked out because a guy sat down next to me and started masturbating.

  92. I’m old. The only movie I got up and left was “stop or my mom will shoot” the reason behind it is.... do you really need an answer to that?

  93. The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. I could not stomach the child torture scene. Ran to the bathroom and nearly vomited. The child was the only uplifting thing in the whole movie, and to see it suffering was too much.

  94. Upvoting because I love Master of Disguise and I've always wanted someone with a different opinion to put me in my place. You know, really show me who's my daddy.

  95. Spiderman 3. It was so shitty I just left and went to burger king while I waited for my mates to finish watching it

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