What are some underrated combinations?

  1. As someone with mild tinnitus, if it were worse I'd shoot myself. But the gunshot would probably make it even worse...

  2. Also they make earplugs specifically for that kind of thing. They're designed to block all frequencies equally so the sound isn't distorted.

  3. As a drummer, I wish I started using them sooner. My current self would have been appreciative if my younger self would have seen this.

  4. I always have ear plugs with me and never see anyone else using them at concerts. I even use them in some restaurants and bars.

  5. Everyone thought I was weird for months at my job for this, but I’d mix cranberry juice and orange juice with sprite and it was absolutely delicious. People said it sounded disgusting but all of a sudden nowadays everyone is drinking it or asking me to make them one. Another personal favorite is strawberry kiwi juice and apple juice mixed with sprite. The key is to only put enough sprite for some bubbles, that’s it.

  6. Similar to what I call a 'pub drink' in the UK: pint of lemonade, orange juice and cranberry. Ratios don't matter much, it's all good. I'm normally driving, so this is a fave of my son & mine.

  7. A 100% battery charge on your phone and moving to lie on your other side after charging your phone in bed

  8. Sandwiches with crisps in are pretty common here in England... got any kind of food that tastes good? You best believe it’ll end up in a sandwich boiii

  9. when I was a broke starving college student I would just put chips on bread and eat it. It was gooooood.

  10. At 2 years old, my daughter dumped all her sour patch kids in her popcorn at the theater. The crystals on the sour patch get all over the popcorn and give it almost a kettle corn taste. That's when we discovered we were raising a genius.

  11. This made my day. Somewhere else on reddit this weekend I saw someone talking about Halo 2. So much nostalgia.

  12. As a swede, this goes without saying. Lingonberry jam is amazing with some meatballs (going for the vegetarian ones myself) or a tasty cabbage pudding. On the same note: blackcurrant or rowan jelly.

  13. While living in Russia, I noticed that quite often milk had an extra taste, presumably based on what the cows had been eating. A slight hint of onion or garlic were the most common. Once, though, while on a magical holiday in Tomsk, I bought a bottle of milk which was tinged with blueberry. Every cup of tea or coffee just had this kiss of blueberry taste. More than 10 years later, and writing this I can taste it on my mind's tongue.

  14. This is actually one of the more desirable and rare notes in specialty coffee. A lot of "natural processed" coffees grown at high elevations (primarily in Ethiopia, but other regions have them as well) will have a natural blueberry flavor when roasted to just past first crack (light roast).

  15. Rum and root beer. Captain Morgan’s rum and A&W root beer is my favorite combo. Both are kind of creamy tasting. It’s so delicious.

  16. Oh my God. I'm a morning shower guy because it helps me wake up, but nothing is better than doing ALL THE CHORES, putting fresh sheets on the bed, taking a shower, and then passing out blanketed in freshness.

  17. Duuuuude, jalapeño jelly and cream cheese on a Wheat Thin is like sex! It hits all cylinders; creamy, savory, salty, crunchy, sweet, spicy. It’s perfect.

  18. I use to work at a chocolatier company, and no joke our highest selling caramel was ghost chili-infused. I hate spicy food so I never got it, but hey to each their own.

  19. In that same vein, espresso with sweetened condensed milk. You can sub coffee if you don’t have an espresso machine, works hot or cold.

  20. popular in the uk but thats about it English Style chips and curry sauce Edit: in America the closest you would have to chips is steak fries or other large chunky French fries

  21. Cheese and apples. I definitely have eaten a few meals in life that were just slices of apples and slices of cheese eaten together.

  22. Apples go really well with cheese fondue as well! I recently ate at a fondue place and it was one of the best combinations.

  23. Same excitement and comfort as when I was a kid and got a new game for Christmas. Friday night after work, discover a new game, BOOM forget about life for a couple days. Love that.

  24. I work in IT. We have to schedule off the day new games our announced because so many of are gamers. Any more it comes down to who typed faster on release days. 5 scheduled out for fallout 76, 4 are scheduled for kingdom hearts. 3 for the newest season if POE. God help us whenever they release Borderlands 3

  25. I love being a Dink and when I need the presence of kids I take my nephew to Target and blow wads of cash on him. Then we play with everything for hours and eat junk food. I get to be the cool Aunt and then send him home to a good nights sleep. Edit: Blow wads= spend lots of money

  26. I hope my FBI man enjoys when I jerk it to that one midget porn video for 12 hours straight with no interruptions. I do it just for him, once a week, every week, for the first 12 hours of that week. As soon as the clock hits midnight you know my dick's in my hand and that video is playing on its seemingly endless loop...

  27. Hot Cheetos and grilled cheese sandwiches. Just normal, white bread and cheddar cheese grilled sandwich with hot Cheetos added after it's grilled. Delish.

  28. I honestly think I'm the only person who feels absolutely miserable for the rest of the day if I accidentally nod off and have a nap. Just feel absolutely rank

  29. “Cream cheese and chives” is a pretty common flavor combo. Green onions are a lot more vegetal than chives, but still delicious

  30. How is this underrated? Maybe globally it is but in the UK I'm pretty sure that that's like the condiment to go with fries.

  31. 9, 1, 8, 2 (on a 4 dial lock) - leave it on 0, 0, 0, 0 then easy to spin 1 left, 1 right, 2 left, 2 right. Reverse to set back to 0.

  32. I'd add podcasts and comedy specials for super long car rides. Somewhere between hours 4 and 5 I start to wonder why I ever even liked music in the first place. After a podcast or two I'm back to rockin' out.

  33. For anyone that would consider this, taking alcohol with acetaminophen (the secondary active ingredient in prescription pain-killers such as Percocet, Norco and Vicodin) has a high likelihood of causing liver damage when mixed with 3 or more (don’t drink two either please) alcoholic drinks, even when staying within recommended dosage.

  34. Lol!! I misread that as "wife and prescription pain killers." That brought back some memories....

  35. Potato chips and strawberry jam - ever have chips with a PB&J, and some of the jelly drips off? Dip the chips in it - the salty/sweet combo is awesome.

  36. A place near me does these great brick-oven, wood-fired pizzas, and my favorite is one with soppressata, basil, chili oil, and honey. I'm a savory guy too, but damn it all comes together so well.

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