How could 2020 possibly get worse?

  1. A hurricane season already forecast to be among the most active ever, and which nearly broke the May record for storm formation (tied + one storm almost developed + another likely to in the next day or two).

  2. Global food shortage is one of those things I have heard about and just kind of pushed to the side in my mind because it's too scary to think about.

  3. Yikes, that was basically the premise of the movie Interstellar, except with crop blight. In life, we don't have an escape plan to another planet if this happens.

  4. I live in L.A. and today I was thinking the universe could truly fuck us by finally having The Big One strike this summer. But I guess that’s just regional and not more awful shit for the entire world.

  5. It would destroy Hollywood. On top of the ripple effect of essentially removing the world leader of cultural trendsetting, the money it brings in accounts for a not small part of the USA GDP. Add to that the devastation of one of the two most influential cities of the country, and such an incredibly long list of dead celebrities. That combined with the expense of the relief efforts could push the country firmly into a Second Great Depression.

  6. And then Pakistan gets involved to aid China. Man it's gonna be a 3 way nuke war.... Oh jolly! wait why is it so cold out there?

  7. It is wild that they are fist fighting, throwing rocks, and using sticks instead. Wonder how long that will last before a shit shot is fired.

  8. At a time of heightened tensions between India and China, and is mistaken for a nuclear attack, causing a full-on exchange of nukes between the two...

  9. A proxy war between any two nations nuclear powers that turns nuclear. More specifically - since everybody's asking - China vs India(like whats going on right now) or the US vs Iran or Saudi Arabia vs Iran. And finally, American Civil War 2

  10. Anybody remembers post from 3rd of January? It was something like: "1st day of new year WW3 starts, 2nd Australia is on fire, 3rd day Pope hits woman, what will happen 4th day?" And people were joking what terrible shit will happen and now it's like worst year since 1939

  11. Well to be fair, the fires had been happening for months, but it was not presented in the media. Also the WW3 thing is a bit exaggerated. I mean, both Bush and Obama killed a leader in the middle east, Trump killed just a general.

  12. I can go no further. You alone must stand against the Prince of Destruction and his mortal servants. He must not have the Amulet of Kings! Take the Amulet. Give it to Jauffre. He alone knows where to find my last son. Find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion...

  13. There was an xkcd What If scenario for this. The long and short of it was a brief period of high winds and tsunamis because of the deceleration, but if the moon was still orbiting, it would get the Earth to start spinning again.

  14. Groundhog Day but it’s an entire year and everyone is stuck in it. Honestly the world would just become a GTA server.

  15. Not sure but the first 5 months feels like 5 years. Was talking to my wife about Hong Kong protests and Australia wildfires and it seems like it was a couple of years ago.

  16. Isn't Seattle going to have some really catastrophic event? I cannot remember the article I read or even what to search for.

  17. They actually renewed the Patriot Act, meaning they can look through your browser and search history without a warrant.

  18. One on guy our construction crew would always say, "What could possibly go wrong!" Just before we were doing something dicey, like moving something heavy. Every time. George, just shut up.

  19. 3 ancient men found frozen in a pillar in a cavern, with strange masks made of stone scattered around the place

  20. Israel declare war on Palestine. China does anything. The San Andreas fault line goes off. Yellowstone has a full scale eruption. Aliens. Zombies. A huge solar flare. America has a Civil War. Lord Voldemort returns. It rains spiders in places other than Brazil. A sharknado. Asteroid impact. Nuclear war. Rick Sanchez shows up.

  21. If Tom Riddle returns he'll die very quickly. Pretty much all protective spells are against other spells, so gun does gun stuff and voldie does die stuff.

  22. ..hold on. Rains spiders? Anywhere. Other than Brazil? That's a thing?! That's a thing anywhere?!

  23. which is why all my saved files are stored on a linux box. Straight up locking out 'unauthorized' content is very much on the agenda.

  24. Several X class solar flares that completely destroy global telecommunications, household electronics, and power grids all over the world thereby knocking humanity back to the stone age. *insert whatever time period you think would best suit the scenario ie: 1950's, 1900's, 1800's etc)

  25. Astronomer here! I wouldn’t worry about this one right now because the sun has an 11 year cycle, and we are at solar minimum and there are no sunspots.

  26. Clever, though I'd say it would bring us back 50 to 70 years top, not stone age. Mechanical stuff would still work, and we can always go back to more mechanical and less electrical solutions (no more computers in your cars).

  27. The accelerated trials for Covid-19 vaccine gone wrong. Instead of preventing infections, the vaccine help the the current strain evolved into something much more deadlier.

  28. You're walking through a war-torn city. A cold mist occasionally shooting up your spine as you carry a bag full of scavenged food across the town. The world hadn't been the same since World War III, the third wave of the pandemic, the reelection. As you get back to your safe house and begin undressing and unloading what you gathered, you stepped on a lego. Pain shoots up your leg as you collapse to the floor holding your foot. Your vision starts to go black as it begins to become unbearable. It seems like your hard work in the end didn't really pay off.

  29. This is one of those things I just don’t worry about because if it happens there’s pretty much jack shit we can do. Same with false vacuum collapse, look it up if you want existential nightmares

  30. I’m genuinely fearful these protests are going to bring about a second, even deadlier wave. Think nyc but in almost every major metro area. That and the economic and social fallout, impending hurricane season, the election... it could for sure get worse, and that’s not taking into account all the surprises this year yet has. On the plus side though, maybe we will find some vaccine and maybe these protests will get the uppity ups to take seriously the needs of the 1%ers

  31. It turns out that Hitler, moments before dying, transferred his consciousness into a vessel which Nazi scientists have spent 75 years converting into a viable clone body. That clone is now ready to reemerge with his new nazi fleet known as "The Final Order" (which is the same 1940's design for aesthetic nostalgia, but with big cannons mounted on them). The first target is the 23&Me servers, which host the genetic markers of everyone who was willing to pay to give their DNA to a big corporation, thus giving Hitler2.0 access to the names and addresses of every non-Aryan.

  32. Civil war breaks out in the us- and because of globalization that will ricochet across the world.. but At the same time China nd Russia could start a war and Korea could nuke the world . Oh and Ebola comes back stronger the ever

  33. For me and some others, Yes, but there has been worse years in all of our history as others have stated and im not going to repeat what they said, I am looking at this from a subjective stand point as to prove why 2020 is a shit year.

  34. Second wave of a deadlier and more infectious covid19 and people don't believe it because they are warped conspirisists so they do not social distance etc. More 'stay at home', more of the government fucking things up and more damage to the economy.

  35. Donald Trump suspends or otherwise refuses to hold a presidential election, or disputes the validity of the election, leading to even more rioting and a completely unprecedented but not unexpected display of authoritarianism that has to be dealt with by a GOP stacked Senate and judicial system run by people who probably know they’re going to face consequences if they lose power.

  36. I'm still holding my breath to see just how authoritarian Trump will become as things escalate in America... He's signing an executive order against a social media platform. Police brutality is rampant throughout these protests, whether they are peaceful or not. News crews are being targeted and arrested illegally with no reason given. I hope that will be the end of it but I'm scared that it won't be.

  37. June and July 2020: The economy completely collapses because some major coorparations go bankrupt because of COVID. We see massive food shortages across Europe.

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