You will be given 10 million dollars in cash if you manage to cross the Pacific Ocean (California - Philippines) alive with a regular yacht and 3 months worth of food. Would you take the challenge? How would you do it?

  1. oops they find out about the prize mid-trip and refuse in to complete the route until they get their cut

  2. Right? This is so obvious. My idea was just loading the yacht to whatever was the first ship or plane that the yacht fits on and then just collect the 10mil.

  3. Yep. Air freight that bitch in pieces for a fraction of your winnings and enjoy your 3 months of food in peace.

  4. There was no stipulation on the state of the yacht afterwards. Shred it so it will fit in a container and save on shipping.

  5. Definitely a smart strategy, but I was already getting excited about the sailing trip with my brothers so I think I'd stick with my way.

  6. it also says with 3 months worth of food not ONLY 3 months worth of food so bring 9 more months of food and a TV and whatever you want.

  7. I'm with this guy. A Pacific crossing is not a joke, and there would need to be quite a bit of planning, but with modern technology its not actually that crazy.

  8. Coming from a landlubber, what constitutes a "regular" yacht? (I'm thinking my conception of a yacht may be influenced by popular culture.)

  9. I'll give you a million dollars when we get there, but our trip has nothing to do whatsoever with this $10m dollar survival trip.

  10. How long would it take to teach someone with 0 sailing knowledge how to do this? If you sent me out there with 2 weeks training, what are the chances I'd die?

  11. I'll tag along and give you a ten of my reward, alright. I'll bring the beer and the Switch with some extra joy cons just in case.

  12. I don't know how to sail, but I would love to be on a yacht with an end goal of $10 million. And you KNOW I'd have about 3 bad bitches with me!!

  13. im just about to start a yacht design degree because its my goal to design and build a yacht in 10-15 years then sail the atlantic, and probably island hop around the pacific for a year or two. I need to learn to sail still haha but having worked as a shipwright this last year and the connections i made there and at the college i learned at it shouldnt be too bad, im also moving to a large shipping town which i know for a fact has a lot of the yachting qualifications running most of the year round

  14. Similar. We're hoping our retirement includes a catamaran. 3 months to do it? That's about 100 miles a day, should be doable, with the right weather window. For 10Mil I would hire a captain and leave tomorrow, because we all could retire at the end of the trip.

  15. Came here to say the same thing. I'm liveaboard'ing while learning the stuff needed to cross oceans. I would absolutely do it for nothing and intend to do so as soon as is practical.

  16. I somehow read it as "kayak" at first, and thought that that might actually be a challenging question. A yatch is an easy sell.

  17. I had a distant relative who tried to do this in a Chinese junk in 1939. Should have been Shanghai-Manila-San Fransisco. He and his small crew were heading to the Golden Gate International Exposition. Unfortunately the boat got damaged in Manila and by the time it got fixed, the Japanese had invaded and they all died in POW camps. None of my family knew what had happened to him (guessed, but not confirmed) for about 60 years until my mum and another relative did some digging online.

  18. How did they get info about the POW camps? I also have a relative who was in a POW camp in the Philippines (and survived), it'd be interesting to dig up some info on his experience.

  19. I sell the yacht and food, then buy a plane ticket. It doesn't say I have to cross the Pacific on that yacht.

  20. well it does say you have to cross it "with a regular yacht" so depending on what you call a "regular yacht" you might have to carry a model yacht with you on the plane

  21. With those directions - sure. I'd ship myself, my yacht and my supplies on a cargo plane. Be there in a couple of days at the most.

  22. Welp for 10 million id just hire a fucking navigator and split the profit after we get the money 🤣

  23. Yes, I would hire a captain. He might butcher my family while we sleep to also be able to kill his wife, sink the boat, and survive making it all look like an accident. But for 10 million dollars, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

  24. Starting at San Francisco and ending in Manila, sticking to the coast along Alaska, the Andreanof Islands and Japan at an average speed of 8 knots, it should be doable in 3 months if you sail a little over 10 hours a day. I've never sailed anything that big before, but navigation shouldn't be too complicated in principle that way.

  25. Yup! Just hop port-to-port all the way around the Pacific Rim, then a short cruise to Manila from somewhere around Taiwan.

  26. How would I do it? I would go across the Pacific from California to the Philippines in a yacht with 3 months of food without dying, that's all.

  27. Yeah, I'd hire the best sailor I could find and split it with them, cause I don't know anything about sailing.

  28. A reasonable time to cross the pacific is 30 days. That's at 13 knots. Good condition an ocean going yacht can manage 20+ So you can ditch one months food.

  29. If I’m successful I’ll be set for life and if I fail at least I won’t have to figure out my life and career post quarantine. Sounds like a win-win

  30. Sell 2 1/2 months of food and my yacht to buy a cabin on a container ship and get there in a couple weeks with no work

  31. Better put yourself on limited rations, because you ain't getting there in 2 months sailing unless it's an exceptionally fast yacht and you have perfect weather the whole way.

  32. Yeah, I can sail pretty well. Plenty of people do it. Modern yachts can weather most storms. (Pun entirely intended).

  33. A yacht...with engines...and 3 months of food. I also know how to fish and navigate and yachts come with refrigeration. Some extra cans of gas and that'll be the easiest money of my life.

  34. I’ve sailed around the world in a 32 foot boat. I was happy to pay for the pleasure, so being paid (rather a lot) would be a nice change.

  35. I would broker a deal to sell a yacht located in California to someone in Manila Philippines, several things to note here one the yacht. First it should be over 30’ in length and be rated for open ocean, second as an “average yacht” it should be capable of speed of roughly 30/40 knots, third it must be equipped for open ocean travel including all regulations and compliances and equipments on board. Once all of these boxes have been ticked time to discuss the crew, the deal you broker should include the hiring a experienced crew capable of open sea travel. When you broker the deal you should also ensure that your buyer pays you upfront, then you should ensure you bring enough food to meet the contracted demands before you move on to the sailing phase.

  36. I’d hire a someone and stay in the boat while they have to drive I’d pay them like 1m to do it after I get my money then fly back home

  37. Not much of a problem if you can pick the right time of the year. Even without electronics.

  38. Hell yes I would, people do it all the time, it's called sailboat cruising and people go BROKE doing it because its so fun, much less getting paid 10m.

  39. Wait wait wait...OP got the question the wrong way around. It should be Philippines to California... also if you get stopped by the dea, you never knew OP and don't know where those packages in those hidden compartments came from...

  40. Hell yeah I’d it! I could visit my family in Luzon. I’d definitely hire a crew and pay them well. The real question is do I get to keep the yacht after the trip!

  41. Heck ya. Just load that bitch on a container ship and I'll get there in a month, fat as hell.

  42. I was a sailing champ as a kid, it’s been a few years but I’m sure that for 509 bucks a dude will give me a refresher good enough to take me across the ocean, navigation can suck my balls too, GPS is real and with a compass and a map you could easily plot your course, fuckit I’ll just take my 10 mil now

  43. the fuck kind of a question is that? 3 months on a free yacht and then 10 million dollars after? there is literally no downside.

  44. Alone? No way. If I can hire people? Definitely. Alone I would die. I have no knowledge of any sort in regards to sea navigation or the operation of a yacht.

  45. This is actually on my bucket list so if someone is going to pay 10 million to tick something I'd be willing to pay for the privilege of doing, then hell yeah.

  46. Fishing poles, dry brewers yeast, sugar and a way to desalinate water. Several gallons worth of lime juice concentrate and some hope. With my luck I'd survive drunk, run a ground and in Madagascar. Hence losing the money anyway. Exceeding the challenge, still broke, but enjoying the results of one hell of a diet plan.

  47. If a man who knows nothing of sailing and is petrified of water can construct a balsa wood raft using pre-Columbian technology and sail from South America to Polynesia just to prove a point, I’m pretty sure I can get a yacht to cross the Pacific.

  48. Yeah, I’ll take my two best friends. We all went sailing our whole lives and he has a yacht, he’s used to using them. It’ll be a blast, I’d do it for less.

  49. If you are a compitant sailer it is not difficult. Hire a compitant captain and a deck hand or two depending on the yacht size.

  50. How much time to prepare? Because if it's tomorrow, I'd fuck up and drown. If I get like 1 years' warning, I'd have thought I could learn enough in that time. 2-3 years, it doesn't sound that hard, I could get some practice in.

  51. Piece of cake. Easy as Pie, Simple as a pimple. HELL yes I'd take it. Regular Yacht - ? as long as it was an something rated for at least coastal waters and in the neighbor hood of 26ft or better - Even single handed I'd do it and I am retirement age. I'd do it in a sail boat. Where the hell can I sign up - that would be a great adventure!

  52. Im not sure what the challenge is here. 3 whole months of food and it takes what...a few days to make the journey? A week? I’ll just take a crash course on sailing

  53. There’s basically a coastline all the way round. Sail up the coast, round the top and back down to the Philippines. None of that terrifying middle of the Pacific Ocean shit! Also possible to stop off and nip to the supermarket as necessary

  54. i’m filipino. i won’t be hard to hire someone who has made that trip. my cousins in-laws own a boat and have crossed the pacific a few times.

  55. No. I don't know the first thing about navigation or steering a yacht. It would just be an elaborate and expensive way for me to die.

  56. Hire a captain, because I don't know how to pilot a yacht. Pay him 1 million upon arrival to get us both there in 45 days.

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