What is your favorite nostalgic video game and why do you like it so much?

  1. Super Mario 64, had the original on the N64. It was just so much fun. And well designed, so many different reasons to visit the same levels without getting bored. And I wasn't even going for perfect completion.

  2. Super Mario 64 was amazing to me! I got it for Christmas 1997 when I was 9 and I was amazed by how realistic and amazing the game looked for back then. I loved each of the area's atmosphere and found them fascinating. I was trying so hard to reach the limits of the levels and explore further, like the background mountains in Cool Cool Mountain for example or the city in Wet Dry World. It also was a great bonding time with my mom, we had a ritual every night that she would watch me play for about one hour, and she was so into it even though she doesn't really like video games. She always wanted me to get the 8 red coins, and kept reminding me ''red coins, red coins!'' every time I entered a new level. I remember crying when I finished the game and the credits rolled out. I was on my lunchbreak, and immediatly called my mom at her work to say I finished it. Even today, she remembers Mario 64 fondly. I finished it again on the Wii U virtual console and will do it once more when it's released this month on the Switch!

  3. Pokemon Red. It brings back the memories like getting nervous when the battery indicator on your Gameboy is already red and you are in a tight situation like gym leader battles or catching a legendary Pokemon. The struggle of looking for some source of light when it is dark already on your surroundings. It reminds me as well of the blowing of the inner game cartridge, when the console is not reading the game properly. I don't know how the magic happens but it always works like a charm. There's still so much to tell how this game really brought impact to my life.

  4. Man. Good memories. I was 10 when it came out in the states. I was the third of four kids. My dad was a pastor and my mom was a bank teller. So, we didn't have much money. In the summer time, it was hard for them to feed all of us when we were home all day. So, most summers, we'd spend a month or so at my grandparents house, on a farm, with nothing to do. My older brother and I would find the most comfortably surrounded outlet, plug in and play for HOURS. It was the best (and pretty much only) way he and I ever bonded. The time that we were trying to kill is the time that I most fondly look back at.

  5. did you also tried to hold the B button while continuously pressing up-right-down-left in a circular way because you heard from "someone" that a pokeball will increase the chances of catching something?

  6. Cop chases were my favorite game mode playing Hot Pursuit 2. Instead of racing each other, we’d have one person race, and the other choose a police cruiser.

  7. Do you mean Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit? Or Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (which was like the 6th NFS game overall, iirc)?

  8. Rollercoaster Tycoon. The oldschool vibe. New games are not able to give you the same experience. So many hours of just building al kind of parcs and rides. And every rollercoaster i build was always to scary!

  9. Yesss! I used to blow my whole budget on one extravagant roller coaster and tank my whole park because I didn’t understand how money worked ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. I used to play this a lot as a kid, then my dad thought it was breaking the PC so he snapped the disc in half. He didn't realise Windows back then was just buggy by default.

  11. The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time. Spent several minutes on the title screen, the opening was amazing and the music very soft - took me at least 10 minutes to finally input a name and start playing. When the game started it was really like watching a movie, it felt amazing, and then when I finally could control Link my brain exploded - it was a lot for my child brain to understand, there was this catchy tune playing and the scenery seemed so damn huge and moving around felt so realistic. I worked hard, I didn't have internet and I had no idea where to go but eventually I managed to clean the first dungeon and was ready to go on. Needless to say when I first caught a glimpse of Hyrule Field I thought there was never going to be a game like that again.

  12. Dated a girl who introduced me to the Zelda games with Ocarina first. I loved it, we'd get a bottle of wine and just figure out the dungeons together. Great times. After that I still continued to play the other Zeldas and loved each one. But Ocarina of Time always felt like such a perfect adventure game, it really is fantastic.

  13. CT is still an amazing game by today's standards. PS1 and 2 had some great RPGs but the graphics don't hold up as well as good sprites, which are basically timeless.

  14. I had just come back to Los Angeles from Peru when I was 13 or so. My sister had moved in with her BF after having just gave birth. My mom was hitting the bottle extremely hard and I just buried myself in this game completely. The ending credits music still makes me tear up. I think part of me really wanted to warp into that world and time travel.

  15. Monkey island! The jokes were on point. puzzles were a delight and as a young kid it felt naughty playing jt.

  16. One of the first games I ever played, sort of. My dad would be in control whilst my sister and I made suggestions on what to do next. Amazing memories. Years later I came back to it and finished what we started (we did manage to get to Monkey Island when I was a kid but we got stuck somewhere).

  17. Final Fantasy VII is my Favorite game. I can’t even remember how many times I played it growing up. I don’t get to play games much nowadays and probably haven’t touched a controller in over ten years but the remake brought back so many fond memories and I love it all over again.

  18. I am playing FF7 (the original, ported on Switch) for the first time ever right now and it’s the most fun I’ve had playing a game since my first run on BOTW. My fiancée was watching me play and commented on how dated the graphics are, but I told her that I can hardly notice the dated graphics because the game holds up incredibly. So bummed I hadn’t gotten into it earlier

  19. It's hard to point to a single thing that makes FF7 so great, but that music is such a nostalgic punch to the throat whenever I hear it. Whether it's the upbeat battle music or the more somber tracks, it just always hits me so incredibly hard. I had a few complaints about the Remake, but the music was absolutely not one of them. I love how they took the same tracks and had so many slight variations of them as the game progressed. Was an absolutely perfect balance of nostalgia and freshness that kept me on my toes.

  20. Harvest Moon. It was such a chill game and I could follow along even though I barely knew English at that time.

  21. It's amazing how much of an improvement that game is over SMB1. Looking back, it's hard to believe they're from the same console.

  22. As a child, I didn't fully understand the concept of Demo Discs. I would play the Crash Bandicoot demo over and over and passed on renting or buying it for a long time because I thought that we owned it already. Good memories.

  23. This game is the template for all the Zelda games after it. It might be smaller and simpler than the 3D games just because it was on a old school cartridge, but this is my go-to Zelda until I die.

  24. I'm semi annoyed this isn't higher up. Grew up with a handed down SNES from one of my cousins, honestly still one of my top 5 games ever. Later it came out on GBA and I was still in Elementary school and made an agreement with my parents that if I scored above my expected grades (I was a terrible student) I'd get the PRIMA game guide.

  25. oh dude my mom loved watching me play that. now every once in a while when i bring up video games she's like "whatever happened to that purple dragon game of urs?"

  26. Is that the one with the skateboarding??? I would play just the skateboarding part over and over again lol. All of the first 3 spyros were awesome! Those are the only 3 I ever played.

  27. My husband had "Hey! Listen!" As an alert for a text message years ago. A friend of our heard it in the middle of the night and got freaked out

  28. Podracer is still basically the only racing game I like. I keep it installed on my laptop at all times.

  29. Wii Sports Resort. All the sports were so much fun (except the jet skis). I remember getting a Wii for Christmas when I was 7 and just playing Wii Sports Resort all day.

  30. Me in my cousin back in elementary had this thing we would do in the morning called our, “Daily Dose of Dog Fight.” Everyday, I would come to his house to ride the bus to school, and, while we waited, we would play Dog Fight on Wii Sports Resort. I got beat almost every time lmao. We just got the wii working again a few months back, pre COVID, and we were able to play it for the first time in YEARS. I whooped his ass!

  31. Island Flyover was and still is amazing! Personally, I remember trying to find a way to remove the time limit so I could explore Wuhu for as long as I wanted.

  32. Same, I loved those games. They did such a good job with world building that even the practice level felt special.

  33. The OG Star Wars Battlefronts and the first LEGO Star Wars Games. My good childhood friend would have sleepovers all the time and play until them until the early hours of the morning. Lot of great memories

  34. I remember thinking how much better it was than red/blue and when I beat the champion I got the boat ride to visit and beat the original 8 gyms. My little kid mind was blown lol

  35. I remember I was begging my parents for months for that tape and they finally gave up and told me they'd buy it for me next weekend. I was so excited I spent all of Friday night wide awake, I just couldn't sleep.

  36. Diablo 2 for sure, I used to play this game all day on my sister's laptop. I was like 7 at the time and my frieds were genuinely concerned for me and asked my mom to help me vc game was too violent. Yeah I was kinda dumb kid.

  37. Heroes 3 maaaan this game is just incredible it was one of my 1st games wich i ever played and i still playin every now and then :) (sory for my english but im tryin my best :) )

  38. I have a few. Halo Reach was my first gun game, and I played it a lot when I was kid. Super Mario Galaxy, well no explanation needed. And Minecraft, I spent thousands of hours on Minecraft as a kid and I played with friends on it a lot. Great games.

  39. Red alert 2, sim tower 3000, the sims 1, roller-coaster tycoon, Cs1.6, Sim Tower. I remember being a kid and can't think of anything other that games.

  40. Castlevania- Symphony of the Night. Amazing gameplay(for the time) Great soundtrack Great graphics(for the time) And just when you think you're done, BOOM! Inverted castle.

  41. Sims 2, it just has unmatched details and lore I that I think is missing in the later series. Plus I think it put me ahead of my classmates in life experience, I was raising kids and paying bills at 9 years old

  42. This whole thread is fun, but holy shit the stuff that is nostalgic for some is just blowing my mind at how recent it is. Making me realize my age.

  43. Sand Yego had little inch worm creatures that followed you about. If you let 12 of them gather around you they turned into a big foot (because 12 inches make a foot). I think the foot stomped the enemies or something and let you complete the level.

  44. Gta Vice City, my first real videogame, played for hours and hours and when I finally got to the helicopter after 2 years of playing I saved and went to sleep, next day after coming home from school we found our house robbed

  45. Spore, the first time you defeat one of those giant creatures that usually one shot you together with that rare standalone OP that you recruited is a nice feeling, never actually finished the game though because the last space part is so boring and I didnt understand.

  46. I loved Spore, it was also one of the first games I have played. I never finished it too, because it was hard even with cheating lol. Too long, but one day I'll get that thing which blows up entire planets

  47. Sly cooper watching my brother play for hours with the distinct art style and certain sound effects really brings me back

  48. I absolutely love the Sly Cooper series. Loved the vibe and aesthetic and the characters. I could replay Sly 2 endlessly, just the perfect length and variety of levels and I believe the best story of the original 3. So so good

  49. I was looking for this response, I totally agree. All three original games are perfect childhood nostalgia, especially Sly Cooper 2 and 3 for me.

  50. Every now and then I get the urge to go back and play Runescape. It usually only holds my attention for a week or so but it’s usually a fun week. I should try OSRS for a real nostalgia hit.

  51. Tony Hawk's Underground. Man. I think it was late 2003? Which, would put me at 15 y.o. The xgames craze was beginning to wind down in the us. I had huge dreams to be a skateboard legend. One problem though, I was awful at skateboarding. No matter how many hours I put into it, I was terrible. I was vicariously living through the protagonist in this game.

  52. Heroes of the Might and Magic III. IMO still the best single-player game ever. The sound track was pure magic. The gameplay was just so gorgeous and immersive.

  53. Banjo and kazooie. The music is wonderful and the gameplay was also really good. It isn't that hard to beat and yet you can play for hours non stop

  54. I remember first watching my older brother playing it. It was such a stark contrast to Super Mario Bros' blue skies, green mountains and trees. While Mario's enemies were mostly round, enemies in Metroid were spiky and had lots of sharp points. The adventure felt dangerous.

  55. King's Quest 4 Edit: I forgot to answer the second part of the question which is why I like KQ 4. I'm an army brat and we moved around a lot like every 2 to 4 years. So as a result I was very lonely. I didn't understand at the time but looking back I think I like that game so much because there was a loneliness to it. Rosella had to go to a far off unfamiliar place for her quest with not a whole lot of characters to interact with. Also it was the second video game ever to have a female protagonist. I heard the first was Metroid for a Nintendo. And this was not part of her original quest but as a side effect she saved a fairy Prince from his evil mother. And then turned him down when he proposed. It was just so different I really love that game

  56. The original DOOM. I go back and play it at least once every year or two, just to remind myself of that feeling of playing something that was so completely out of the normal for what I'd been used to playing. My parents had gotten me a Master System just around the time they came out, so my initial forays into gaming was Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Sonic. I had a sleepover at a school mates house, and he had his own personal computer in his bedroom, and as it got late into the night, he booted up DOOM. His parents didn't even know he had it, we were well under the intended age bracket for it.

  57. The first Harry Potter game. Was the first game I played on my PS2 (was a PS1 disc), which was my first more advanced console and I spent HOURS playing that game and falling off bookshelves. Thought it was the best damn thing ever and actually played it again a few months ago. All that nostalgia just came rushing back

  58. Same! Got a GameCube and Windwaker came with it when I was a kid. It’s super challenging and beautiful and free. Currently playing the HD remastered version and with it comes utter nostalgia. Still the perfect amount of challenge and even more beautiful. Plus the soundtrack is great.

  59. Bugs Bunny’s Big Birthday Bash. It’s an old school Nintendo game and it was just a really fun game that I got for my birthday when I turned 10 or 11. After that, Donkey Kong for Super Nintendo, for sure.

  60. Oregon Trail. Because...it was the FIRST computer game. And...dysentery. I’m so hoping for like a 40th Anniversary remake. Call it the Donner Party edition.

  61. Metal Gear Solid, the old ps1 game. I was about 15-ish when I first played it, and at the time it was just... intense. The sneaking, the stellar voice acting, all of that cold, gritty tension and expansive ideas about what makes us what we are. It just got into my teenage brain, and weird kooky stuff aside, I've (mostly) loved the series and similar games (splinter cell) since.

  62. Man, almost no one seemed to have played this game. The cutscenes were a little cheesy but it was such a fun game. I loved all the different challenges like fishing, fish racing and breeding, inventing and Spheda. So much to do! And Mark Hamill voices Emperor Griffon!

  63. I played through each cod campaign until MW3, and COD2 was easily the most fun. Had less of the annoying difficulty of the first one but still grounded and memorable.

  64. Half a year ago I replayed Call of Duty 2 and it was so much fun and so nostalgic especially the training field it brought instant memories up like visiting an old place from my childhood and I replayed it after Medal of Honor Allied Assault which is my most nostalgic fps game but the graphics were miles better in Call of Duty 2

  65. It'd have to be gta san andreas. I liked it so much as a kid because I could always cause as much chaos as I wanted haha

  66. LittleBigPlanet 2. It is a really unique game and innovative for its time. The community part of the game was damn near, if not perfect.

  67. Super Mario Sunshine. There's something about the aesthetic, the controls, and difficulty that makes me come back to it. It's especially endearing as it was the first game I ever had.

  68. Two obscured DS games called Hotel Dusk and Last Window, by Cing, a Japanese studio. Basically it’s a mystery interactive novel where everyone has an intriguing past. The music always gets me.

  69. Any game in the Gex series, but I think Gex: Enter the Gecko may have been my favorite. Just reminds me of so many good times hanging out with my little brother when we were kids.

  70. Donkey Kong 64. At the young age of 4 years, it was the first game I ever played. Years later my next door neighbor had it and we played it together all the time taking turns. We never beat it, but we came close. I still love that game.

  71. Sonic on Sega Dreamcast. Tomb Raider was okay too. I liked the coins chinging and the Eggman was really hard to beat. Tomb Raider was challenging as well. And Diablo, of course, because of all the woman-friendly killings.

  72. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. When I first got into video games, I was pretty young (around 5-6) and my mom had to help me. She would make her own file so she could show me what I needed to do, she would get really, really into them. She loved video games so much and she got kind of sad when I was too old to need help anymore. She refused to use walkthroughs because they ruined her immersion and she figured out everything herself through trial and error. She got up to the final boss (the windfish's nightmare) but just could never beat him. Eventually we forgot about the game, but occasionally she'd talk about how she just couldn't beat the damn thing.

  73. World of warcraft. Grouping up with the dudes in 10th grade and high school was something special. Holidays, weekends and LAN parties were rad.

  74. There was a game called “Shinobi” on the PS2 that me and my brother used to ALWAYS play. We never beat it, but I like to look at full game play every once in a long while for nostalgia

  75. Counterstrike:Source, my uncle used to own a small Videogame company and so everytime i visitied him i would play some singleplayer games till everybody working for him was done working and we played a 7v7 CSS Lan tournament. The Winner team decided where we would go to/order food from.

  76. Rise of Nations: Gold Edition. Still have it, still trying to do diplomacy but haters gather when you have too many wonders

  77. The first Driver game. You know, the one with the really annoying first mission in the garage where you had to Slalom. It was my earliest memory of gaming, and when I do play it again every once in a while for nostalgia's sake, I still enjoy it. There's something about the simplicity of it that I love. Just a simple open world to drive fast in, with not much else really. The campaign missions are fun, even if they solely resolve driving. So many memories with the game, so I still love it

  78. My favorite was The Addams Family for the SNES. It was so hard and frustrating, but I loved it. I would play sitting in my beanbag with The Offspring playing as loud as I was allowed to have it lol. Oh the 90s!

  79. Doom 2. Mostly because I can still mod it and stuf to this day, with some complexity due to source ports

  80. Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy 7, Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force 1 and 2, Ogre Battle, Xeno Gears, Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2....fun games, good story lines, remind me of simpler times.

  81. Super Mario 64. Spend hours as a kid playing and exploring the castle and just roaming around doing wild jumps with Mario.

  82. Morrowind. Graphics look like beef jerky but I loved the feeling of being able to go anywhere and do anything. This included delving into the lore at my own pace and slowly familiarizing myself with this totally alien world.

  83. Knights of the Old Republic. It’s not necessarily my favorite game of all time (still within my top 5 I’d say) but it completely changed my taste in video games, which had an impact on my taste in movies, shows, books, etc.

  84. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 on ps2. My dad loved it and it was fun to watch him yell out the scenes and after he was done playing, he'd act out DBZ and Kamehameha us into the couch and yell "million battles."

  85. Heart of Darkness! First game I ever played and never finished it at the time. Played it again a few years ago and finally beat it

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