What is your favorite type of weather?

  1. Golfed on Saturday, and it was exactly this. Couldn't think of a more perfect condition for it, and the course was in NH at the base of a mountain that the leaves had started changing.

  2. Yes. When the air is just a hair too cold, but the sun is out so it bakes the inside of the car to be warm.

  3. Autumnal is a word that you don't see often, it's one of my favorites. I also like the word crisp, the way it starts at the back of the throat, rolls over the tongue, and ends on the lips. It's so satisfying.

  4. I love rainy weather, mostly because of no sun shining right into eyes. There’s also something nostalgic about gaming (mostly minecraft for me) while raining, and you can hear the tapping of rain on the roof, while everything else is silent except your game.

  5. Same here. But it has to be paired with heavy winds and the crippling cold. Also my favorite place to be is on a farm. As soon as the first drops hit the dirt road , the petrichor in the air is awesome.

  6. I like this but I like the silent part, where you are standing outside and can hear nothing because no wind and the snow in the air stops sound I guess?, feels unreal.

  7. When everything is grey, the sun isn’t visible, there’s no rain and its a bit windy but not too windy. It’s the perfect weather

  8. Overcast, windy, warm and dry. Usually happens before a summer storm. My absolute favorite time to go for a walk

  9. Where I live, the sky turns greenish, everything goes quiet except the wind in the trees, and you know that in 20 minutes the world will get soaked to the bone, but in that tiny window, the world is beautiful.

  10. The Scottish weather in Scotland is like ....four seasons in one day ...Choosing what to wear in the morning is a lottery ..... We only know it's 'Summertime' in Scotland because the rain is warmer.

  11. More like now, when it is autumn and it still few weeks of sunny-warm days like summer, but it is not burning hot, but pleasing warm/cool

  12. I don't know why, but I love when the sky is cloudy, all the trees are dead, the grass is a more muted green, it's slightly foggy, and it's around 45° Fahrenheit (probably around 5° Celsius).

  13. Snowing like of of the Nor'easterns we get in New England where its snowing so much its accumulates at inches/hour. But its best when uts not windy and you can hear it snow. Its so peaceful.

  14. When it gets windy before a storm and the pressure drops. I can’t describe the feeling but it makes me feel alive and alert.

  15. Fall day. somewhere around 50. little windy and the leaves are falling. pretty much where we're gonna be in a month. aka sweater weather

  16. Fall. Cloudy, drizzly, and cool. Mid-40s temp, leaves on the ground, evergreens standing tall, readying themselves to be covered in snow....

  17. You clearly have not lived in a southern state lol. If you are outdoors in the late afternoon of a humid summer day, you are sweating drops within 10 minutes

  18. It's night time, it's comfortably warm so like 20-23° with wind thats slightly colder, so there's this perpetuating feeling of comfort as the gust of wind cools you slightly but not too much.

  19. Light misting40-50 degrees, in a hoodie but not getting wet, gentle cold breezes, maybe the leaves are fluttering about, the most “fall” description I can think of.

  20. I really like it when it's raining especially when it's nighttime 'cause it's really relaxing for me when it's cold and I can sleep really well.

  21. Rainy/ stormy. I love to sit on my back deck with either some coffee or some good herb and just relax and forget the worlds issues for just a little while. Feeling the cool breeze and rolling thunder really chills me out.

  22. Winter. Just cold. Not sure if I could handle snow full time in winter (I’m in Australia) but yeh, the cold weather is my wheelhouse. Needs some rainy days for laying in bed doing nothing.

  23. I like heavy snowfall, when you go outside and it’s so quiet, and muffled, and you can catch big flakes on your tongue.

  24. You know when it snows and you go outside and its so cold that your face feels numb. That weather, and don't ask me why I have no idea I just liked playing with the snow when I was a kid

  25. For me I really like that strangely “perfect” weather that only happens when you are at school/work, so when I call sick from school or don’t go at all I enjoy that perfect sunlight, the green trees and the clear sky

  26. It's a very specific setting. It's 3pm on a rainy Saturday and I can smell that mixture of rain and grass and I'm curled up in bed without any work or obligations to deal with.

  27. Right after the rain. It's still grey, but everything smells so nice, and there isn't hot, but most often not really cold, there is maybe a little bit windy. Overall I feel refreshed

  28. Late September, early October. Crisp mornings but warm afternoons. Never gets too hot but you can still be out in a light shirt.

  29. I just love the rain coming down in a sunny day. I do not know snow yet so, I think it will be a worthy second place.

  30. True autumn weather. Warm, sunny days and cool, breezy nights. And low humidity. Shorts and a tee shirt during the day, with a sweater over it at night. Sitting around a fire pit with friends and a glass of wine. Heaven.

  31. I have 2. One, when the winter is finally ending, still slightly cold and crisp out vut you hear the first group of birds chirping. Two, when summer ends and you can smell the school supplies and cool wind.

  32. A good 67 degree day in the middle of april with a slight breeze. A couple of clouds in the sky and it feels so warm in the sun. A perfect day

  33. Any conditions that are dry. Cold and dry - great. Hot and dry - fine with me too. Mid 70s with scattered whispy clouds and dry - perfect.

  34. Mid-20 celsius temperatures, no clouds and a little bit of wind. Perfect weather for a beer.

  35. When you go outside and you feel no weather; no wind, no sun, its not cold or hot. As if weather.exe failed to run.

  36. When the air isn’t damp and it’s cold out and you get into Walmart and look ant the Halloween section ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ and then you go to the pool ✨✨✨✨ or the park ✨✨✨✨✨

  37. Winter, morning after a snowstorm (or just snow shower) maybe 15-20F. Absolutely the best. Especially if your camping and you watched the snow fall before, it’s beautiful peaceful, feels clean and fresh.

  38. Either the change of season into Winter when it's cold and dry on a clear day, or when it's overcast and a bit chilly right after a long series of bright, hot Summer days.

  39. Warm (80-85F), cloudy, and just humid enough that I don't need to put on lotion. Plop me down on a patio or a hammock, or a beach if I'm super lucky... I'll stay out all day.

  40. Rain, it's so peaceful and calming, and my favorite part is the day after the rain is over, its cloudy and theres the smell of rain in the air. I also like snow, because it's pretty.

  41. Nothing beats falling asleep to a thunderstorm and the heavy rain on the roof and window. That's primo sleeping right there

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