What brings the worst out in people?

  1. Black Friday cracks me up. The prices are so low because the store stocks up on shittier products and advertises like it’s a deal. Nah you’re just buying garbage but your eyes went straight to the price.

  2. I lost one of my greatest friends of many years due to my birthday trip to Puerto Rico just the two of us. I don't know what it was that caused the shift, but I literally didn't recognize her after the trip. It was awful.

  3. I’ve had to travel for work a few times and once, I took a flight with a coworker I’d always thought of as fairly mild mannered, quiet, and laidback.

  4. Yup. Gave this advice to my oldest when he was getting serious with his college girlfriend. They went on a trip from NY to FL together for a week. Broke up a week after they got back.

  5. Travelling with family is the worst. You can't escape them because family and if you happen to be travelling with your parents, it doesn't matter if you're 19, 25 or 31, you still get treated like you're 12 - old enough to carry the stuff, too young to have a real say in anything.

  6. I was part of a three set of best friends. I mean like hang out every single day friends. Like "there's an alarm raised if we don't speak at least once a day" type friends. Well the other two went backpacking across Europe and I couldn't come because reasons.

  7. I think this depends greatly on the person and the reason for traveling. I remember when I was young, my entire family knew that the last 2 days before we left on vacation you just absolutely wanted to hide from my mother. She'd get super stressed about not forgetting anything "important". Once we'd gotten on the road and she was past the stress of whether or not the coffee pot was turned off, she was back to being mom.

  8. This is why I prefer traveling alone. No one has to deal with my nonsense, and I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s. Doing something alone when traveling (ie eating, tourist attraction, etc) because you chose to be alone is so much better than being alone because of a dumb disagreement.

  9. Thinking they’re being cheated. It almost makes me want to stop doing games in class because if there’s two teams, both teams always complain that the other team has some sort of unfair advantage. In reality, neither team understands the true length of a minute and thinks they’re being cheated on time

  10. When my husband left me and wanted a divorce, it was a constant battle not to become the worse version of myself, the temptation to do spiteful, pathetic, harmful things always felt there. I never knew how thin the line was to becoming the crazy "ex" you always hear about.

  11. In law school my professors always said criminal law is the worst people acting their best and family law is the best people acting their worst

  12. This is what my high school social teacher drove home in every lesson about tragedies. People do “bad” things out of desperation, like a dog will chew off its leg to get out of a trap. I’m really thankful that that man was my teacher.

  13. Absolutly this. Especially these days when people are stressed to fuck and losing their income. Causes people to take drastic measures they wouldn't normally even consider.

  14. My grandmother isn't even dead and people are already deciding how they'll split the inheritance like their won't be a will. She's got hundreds of thousand and I've been consistently telling her to spend it all on herself. The lady never had a brand new car in all her life. She's 90 and got her license before she hit 20, she bought a thicc ass CR-V recently and a house for her and her daughter, cash.

  15. My wife is in healthcare and says you can often tell when someone in serious condition has a lot of money because the extended family all show up but the vibe isn't sad so much as expectant.

  16. Hmmm. So what you're saying is, it's a GOOD thing that no one in my family has any money to leave anyone when they go...

  17. People generally feel way too entitled to an inheritance in my opinion. If my parents wanted to spend all their money on trips, good food, and checking off their bucket list before they die, that is 100% okay with me; it's their money, they can do with it what they want. I'm not owed anything in my opinion.

  18. I know an adopted kid and when the parents died the siblings broke contact with them--how dare they be treated equally in the will?! The nerve, right? /s Poor person developed massive abandonment issues due to being tossed aside by people they loved like that.

  19. I do agree with you that inheritance can cause that type of thing.... In your friend's aunt and dad's case, it sounds like the inheritance was more of a tipping point than the outright reason they stopped communicating. I just can't help but assume that they had a lot of beef to begin with, and the inheritance was the straw that broke the camel's back.

  20. My grandparents passed over the summer and while after my grandmother died my grandfather saw how greedy his sons were quickly becoming: they moved back home, they were there for his every need, and they were already arguing amongst themselves about what room should be what. My grandfather saw they were going to take the home and land for themselves and shut out all of their sisters (all my aunts including my mom). They have quite a bit of land in rural Mexico used for farming and have a really nice 3 story hacienda (2f+basement). My grandfather in his final days took his sons out of the will completely and gave everything evenly between his 6 daughters who were all there before my grandmother passed or at least if they were too far away like my mom would call every single afternoon and chat for hours. My uncles cannot even step foot into the property without explicit permission from my aunts. My uncles have spent the last three months arguing with my families lawyers that my grandfather has not been in the right mental state when they were removed from the will. (Edit: they both passed due to COVID 19 or complications from having COVID 19. They were 87/89 and my grandfather passed three weeks after my grandmother. Also sorry for the terrible grammar I have a giant headache and can’t be bothered to fix this.)

  21. My brother tried some weird shady shit with me after my grandmother passed and we each got an equal share of her estate. I will never look at him the same again.

  22. After my grandfather died, one of my distant aunts crawled out of nowhere looking for a payout. My dad was named the sole recipient in the will so he inherited everything. She insisted on half (didn't happen) so my dad gave her a pitience. She called almost weekly looking for more.

  23. Yep. My boyfriend's Granny wanted her wedding ring to go to him when she passed, specifically because she wanted him to give it to me when we get married. Her sister found out about this and came into town to "visit" Granny when she was diagnosed with dementia. Suddenly, Granny's very valuable (recently appraised at over 30k) wedding ring went missing. The sister said Granny must have lost it down the drain. My boyfriend and his father were in the basement, pulling apart pipes looking for this ring. We suspected that the sister stole it, so we ended up going through her purse when she wasn't paying attention. We found Granny's ring in her purse and immediately kicked her out. Nobody has spoken to her since then. The real kicker? She was never close to Granny. They were 16 years apart in age and almost never spoke. This bitch just wanted to pawn the ring because she knew how much money it was worth. People are disgusting.

  24. Jealousy is often a secondary emotion to fear, it’s a really hard one to process without addressing the fears creating it first. Envy is the same boat. Fight both with understanding the fears behind it first and work to be more secure about those items.

  25. I live on a major 4-lane road going into the city, and the number of times I hear people screaming at each other over the smallest traffic infractions is honestly frightening. That, and all the car horns, which I jokingly refer to as the “Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s horn section “.

  26. I always liked the HALT rule. If you're feeling Hungry, Angry, Late or Tired then it's likely things you say or do will come off worse than you intend.

  27. The word "free" in a retail or restaurant type of setting. People will trample one another, take ALL of the items so there aren't any for others, gorge themselves, try to sneak food out with them. It's disgusting.

  28. Definitely. I work at a golf course and we had a membership level that was clearly listed as “Free afternoon golf (cart fee required)”. Essentially at a lot of courses your paying for the round of golf + the cart. At least 75% just saw the word “free” and stopped reading there. They’d get furious at us like “BUT IT SAYS FREE”, or just try to walk straight on. It was only like $15-20 depending on the time of year when rounds would go for $60-$80 and they STILL complained. Paying such a cheap price to play what is seen as an expensive sport still isn’t good enough for some.

  29. It's like when Denny's did their free breakfast promotion a few years ago, and had to create a second day to do it because they were slammed. People were coming from over an hour away to Denny's for a free breakfast.

  30. Trying to give stuff away on craigslist and similar sites is horrible as well. I always now ask for $5 or $10 on the listing just to filter out the idiots and assholes, then don't take any money when the person arrives to pick the thing up.

  31. One of the best worst examples of this I’ve ever seen: Once I staffed a free yoga event on the summer solstice in NYC, where people could nab a free yoga mat and get a free lesson. And honestly, we didn’t care if people attended the lesson, they could just walk away with the mat after we handed it to them for all we cared. The only thing they needed to do was sign in on a tablet so we could keep track of how many people came to the event and to sign a waiver for safety reasons. (You know, in case someone broke a hip doing tree pose on our watch, stuff like that.)

  32. My experience with this is that if you have a narcissistic family it will become abundantly clear that they are not interested in your life what so ever.

  33. This was going to be my answer. I have watched two people that I knew to be kind and rational, become absolutely horrible people when they were planning their weddings. Ungrateful, rude, pushy, demanding, crazy, and overall just awful to be around. It’s like they became possessed.

  34. The worst is when the expectation for perfection is from the mother of the bride and not the engaged couple. Nothing worse than two kids trying to have a nice day and momzilla just fucking decimates it because she can’t stand not being the center of attention for one moment.

  35. I was a wedding photographer back in the 90’s, and I totally agree!!! And it almost always is the Mom’s ruining the day!!! After almost a decade of seeing how insane and crazy those all went, my own wedding years later was held at 7:50am in the morning with only 5 guests for a whopping $800 total (limo included) Absolutely the most fun we’ve ever had... 😀

  36. As a theologian and church musician, I love funerals way more than weddings. Funerals tend to be profoundly beautiful and weddings tend to be obnoxious occasions for narcissism.

  37. 100 percent weddings. Half my husband’s and my family won’t speak to us after we uninvited everyone to our ten person pandemic wedding. F*** us for trying to keep everyone safe

  38. I'm so guilty of this. When I get very stressed, it really brings out the worst in me. I get irritated easily and even the littlest thing makes me angry. I would lash out for the tiniest thing and hate myself for it after.

  39. I once read about a theory/study that (paraphrasing) said that a lot of the reason people struggle with depression all leads back to modern day stress. Our body is still programmed to react with "Fight or Flight"-mode, but in modern day situations you can rarely react that way. In a meeting, you can't fight your boss but also you can't just flee out of a meeting.

  40. This is why the food bank is my favorite charity to give to. I've never experienced true food insecurity, but I've been moderately hungry from time to time and notice how terrible everything becomes from your mood to the ability to function. How can anyone hope to improve their situation in life with that kind of constant debuff?

  41. Being hangry is a cute word for a real phenomenon. Hunger often makes people cranky and tempers short. I, too, have read that civilization is 3 missed meals away from anarchy.

  42. My siblings and I were hungry for about a month, when I was 15. I don't honestly remember it too well but I remember what being hungry felt like. Most of the time, it's easy to forget about. Like in school, or doing homework or at work or whatever. But I remember at lunch time just looking at all my friends food and their lunches and just being so damn hungry that it got painful. At the end of lunch sometimes on really bad days or after a couple days without anything, I would eat out of the trash cans when they were really full, at the end of lunch. Sometimes people would just put chicken nuggets or chips that were unfinished on top and I would grab them really fast while I threw away a napkin or whatever. I'm sure people saw and they probably thought awful things about me but no one ever said anything. But I was hungry enough to eat out of the garbage as a 15 year old and I know my little sister and my little brother felt it too.

  43. I'm cutting weight for wrestling right now and can confirm I need to watch myself because I become so rude when I'm cutting

  44. Funerals. All the heightened emotions make people irrational. Any buried family drama comes out at the worst possible time. I've been caught in the middle of it before. I didn't even know the deceased, I was there supporting my friend who had lost her mother. Someone decided this was the time to air a 20 year old grudge as my friend walked by. My friend was so caught off guard by the accusations she was speechless. I told this crazy lady this wasn't the time or the place for this conversation so she turned on me. Next thing I knew some other family member was violently yanking her out of the room! I guess it could have been worse, but why did you have to make a scene at a funeral?

  45. I'm still ashamed of how i acted at my cousins funeral. His wife, whom he adored, had cheated on him and moved out with that dude, he killed himself shortly after (we assume, marine Corp still wont tell us cause of death). She not only showed up but gave a speech with SUPER fake tears about how in love they were. My uncle had to forcibly hold me back from attacking her. Here its HIS sons funeral and hes has to be feeling this much worse than me bit hes gotta hold ME back. I apologized later obviously. Also fuck you straight to hell Whitney.

  46. My great grandmother died a few years back and my aunt told my other aunt’s son that he looked handsome and that she was excited for him to start at insert SEC school here at the reception and he decided to rip absolute ass in front of her in response.

  47. Anonymity. Putting a mask on, being on the internet, or otherwise concealing one's identity. People do some very fucked up things when they know they won't be held accountable.

  48. This reminds me of when Instagram introduced the Questions Sticker to the Stories part of the app in 2018. People thought they could ask questions anonymously, but the app shows you who asked the question. I'd like to think that hundreds of friendships were broken that week when the feature was implemented.

  49. The internet has proven that. Although even Facebook has shown that some people still don't care, they'll say the worst things and be proud of it.

  50. There was a TV show where Derren Brown made an anonymous audience wearing masks play escalating hidden camera pranks on a guy. The whole thing was staged and it culminated in the subject getting fake killed by a prank gone awry.

  51. Not to jump into politics, but this is what is so baffling about the US Capitol siege that happened a couple weeks ago. SO many people showing their entire face, live streaming the event, stating their names loudly.

  52. This is called deindividuation and was a lesson I recently learnt in social psychology. Behaviour is unrestrained in such cases and very likely to cause unimaginable damage. You could read up about

  53. When a loved one dies. People get really, really weird in a bad way about money and stuff. I know a bunch of people who had relatives who flat out stole money and valuables after the death of a family member. It's crazy. My own family has a permanent rift because when my grandmother died, two of the five siblings cleaned out her accounts.

  54. Hell, they don't even have to be dead. When my great grandmother moved from her apartment to a nursing home some of her children and grandkids "helped" her pack up her apartment, by which I mean it was a full on feeding frenzy of theft. She was a 87 year old woman who had been widowed for about 50 years at that point so she certainly wasn't wealthy, but some of those people would have ripped down the wallpaper if they thought they could have sold it.

  55. Same thing happened in my family. Aunts fighting over china they all laughed about being so ugly for years. Arguing over where all the money went, which they would have known there wasn't any if they'd been involved in their father's life before he died. Fortunately my grandfather knew how they were, though it broke his heart, and was smart enough to give the things that meant the most to him to the people that were there for him, some of them decades before his death. Even still the greedy bitches tried to get their hands on those things. I've had his guns since I was 10, no you can't have them appraised and expect me to pay the "estate" for them 40 years later. GTFO.

  56. My grandmother passed and her brother in law was trying to get in her trailer before the funeral was even over. We pulled up when he was trying to break in. Then my grandmother's 4th husband's daughter in law took my grandmother's wedding ring, even though my mom, her actual daughter, was going to have it. My mom didn't want to fight over it so she let her have it.

  57. This is what I immediately thought of. You'd think the death of a loved one would bring everyone together in a family. Nope, that's a Halmark movie, in real life grief and grievances, resentments and greed come out. It's happened over and over again in my family and I hate it.

  58. This is why an ironclad will is essential. Everyone seems to have stories like this when a family member dies. It happened on my mother and father's side. The combination of grief, anger, old grudges, and greed cause people to get nasty.

  59. Came here to say this. When my mom died, one of my aunts who wasn't close to her at all kept saying my mom had promised her different things. Even my uncle told her to stop. She still kept insisting. Even my friendly relatives were after her stuff.

  60. Yeah, witnessed this when my grandfather died. Grandmum was still alive but couldn’t live alone so the house had to be emptied and sold while she moved into an elderly home.

  61. This, a lot. My sister and I have different dads. When our mom died, there was nothing, I went into debt keeping a roof over her head and my sister helped very very little (think a couple hours a week for two weeks over a 6 month period). She told her dad that I got life insurance and wouldn't give her any (he was rich). I found out a year after our mom died when we were visiting her dad and his "gf" told me about it and how I should have gotten the money since I took care of her. She said my sister kept calling upset about how unfair it was that I got life insurance that our mom wanted to go to both of us and I wouldn't share with her. Truth is I got some money from social security and spent more than half of it buying her a new mattress for her birthday/christmas. I had to drive back home with her the next day (4 hours) I was so angry. The day after was the year anniversary and she had sent me a text saying something about how she missed mom and all that jazz. I asked her why her father thought I got life insurance she claimed she had no idea why he would. When her dad died his "gf" had taken care of him for like 10 years and was promised certain things. He was in a different state; what I didn't realize when I drove my sister there for the funeral was she was there to take his car. She got everything but had to let the "gf" stay in one of the houses. The entire time we were there (we were supposed to be there 3 days) she kept saying "if she fights me she wont get anything" second thing we did in town after she tried to steal the car was see the attorney. 100% my sister was looking to screw everyone. I left day early (right after the funeral) because I could not stay another night with her. I felt so bad for the "gf" and family because she was HORRIBLE. It wasn't really a surprise, but how extreme she went I could not deal with. She found out I still spend time with the "gf" and her family she got extremely mad at me and sent me nasty texts.

  62. Well my dad's first wife died, his mother-in-law and his daughter (My half sister obviously) It's all perfectly okay to go through all of their combined stuff and they claim to what they wanted. Some coins went missing that my dad is still pretty pissed about. Then some years later when said mother-in-law passed, my sister again got to her apartment first and ransacked it for whatever she could. My sister's not the type of person you would expect to do that. But when someone dies she seems to have the idea that it's first come, me served.She's entitled to anything and everything and she alone will decide what everyone gets. To find my parents put my brother and I in charge of their assets when they pass

  63. I've had to help clean out a few houses of relatives who passed away. Everyone was walking on eggshells about dividing up stuff not specified in wills for random valuables like TV's etc.

  64. Money in general. I came from a really really poor family and "made it" due to a combination of luck and effort. I helped out one relative with a medical bill and then everyone was asking for help. I gave away 90% of my first year's new salary to genuinely help out, and then it got to a point that many of them would only talk to me about requesting money. Immediate family who I grew up with would call weekly to ask for money and when I ttied to talk to them about anything else after they got their answer on money, they suddenly had to go and couldn't talk.

  65. I hid my grandfather's war metals from my severely alcoholic uncle. People told me I overreacted. About three weeks after the funeral he calls my grandma in a rage about how someone "stole dad's metals, I wanted those".

  66. People get real stupid when it comes to their kids. The "my baby can do no wrong" attitude when your child is fucking shit up needs to stop.

  67. This is the worst, my family is friends with a group of families who’ve known each other for a while. We went to one of their birthday’s and the youngest kid ran up and licked the birthday cake??? He was also overall being a little shit and everyone was laughing and all like “haha, that’s just his personality!” I got so pissed I wanted to leave.

  68. Ugh. This 100%. It's bad enough with concert ticket resellers but the scumbags will do it with anything. There's a new Lego Bonsai Tree set my girlfriend wants and its her birthday soon. It's sold out. Everywhere. But there are 100s of them on eBay at inflated prices. The top one has '19 sold' on it.

  69. Not being accepted by other people. Social contact and validation is no different from food or water. Yes, people can starve on validation too. That's why simple things like greeting strangers in the street, or always saying 'thank you' are so critically important.

  70. I feel this. My friend circle is lovely and I'd kill for 'em, but they're quite openly insecure about things so myself and other friends often give them validation and reassurances that they're so talented, they're doing really good, of course they're not annoying.

  71. Unprocessed trauma from childhood. As someone that is struggling with mental health, I'm only now beginning to understand why I do a lot of what I do. When our needs for love and acceptance aren't met, we seek out soothing behaviors that numb the pain. It's really easy to end up in midlife with no real idea what it means to be happy and feeling no connection to others. As you begin to work on your issues, you find that the soothing behaviors are no longer as soothing because you know why you're doing it. So, you're stuck with the emptiness that you've always felt and no way to get out of the feeling.

  72. I was looking for this answer. When something triggers you and reminds you of past trauma, that brings out the absolute worst in you, because you panic and it’s hard to control.

  73. I'm glad you mentioned this cause it had not occurred to me that my inability to resist something that only gives me a moment of excitement, or worse, it has a chance to give my that excitement may actually be a sign of what you are talking about. My life is getting better, but there are still days where I avoid my studies or chores because I have this insane need to read another trash story in hopes that I get what I am looking for. I'm glad I am addicted to these stories instead of drugs... damn

  74. I love how other people are referencing metaphysical concepts to answer this question like "power" or "scarcity" and this dude just calls out league of legends. x)

  75. Online video games in general, and I think that ties into the anonymity. People won't be held accountable and they don't know the people they're being toxic to, so rather than be toxic irl they are assholes online when they're upset with life

  76. Agreed. See it all the time in the military. Just because someone is placed in a position of power doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good leader.

  77. "Power is dangerous. It corrupts the best and attracts the worst. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up." (Rangar Lothbrok, Vikings)

  78. To that extent, the opposite is true too. Lack of control in ones life can lead to lashing out at partners/family/friends. It can cause depression and a whole host of problems if you feel you have little to no control of the things in your life.

  79. Yeah, I notice it in myself as well. I can get quite irritated while driving (usually when people can't hold a consistent speed, tailgate or drive way slower then the speed limit), while I usually don't get annoyed quickly. But it's definitely not as bad as with other people...

  80. I can really easily keep perspective when there's bad drivers in a rush. I just think "Hey, maybe they've gotta poop." And suddenly almost any driving behaviour is understandable.

  81. This reminds me of all the people who lost their money due to lotteries because so many people thought they deserved some of it till the actual winner had nothing left.

  82. I remember growing up with kind parents who taught me never to judge anyone by how much money they had, only by the content of their character.

  83. I know so many families who were loving and close that got destroyed after the parents died because they didn't agree with the whole inheritance stuff. A brother and a sister (they're about 80 now) haven't talked to each other (except for threatening to call the police on minor inconveniences) because one got land and the other one got a house when their parents died. Back in the day, both was worth the same, but today, of course, the land is much more valuable. These siblings have fought their whole lives over that, I can't even believe it.

  84. Former Legal Assistant here- I’m telling you, you don’t ever see the worst in someone until you’re in the middle of a nasty divorce fighting for custody of your children. It’s horrendous how evil some people can be to someone they once loved.

  85. Mario Kart got ugly at our house when my siblings and I were teenagers. We didn't have a Nintendo but back in the days of Blockbuster, we could rent one for the weekend, so we'd literally play for two or three days straight. I can still remember my mum yelling at us from upstairs at 4am because she could hear us cursing each other out.

  86. "You want to see a criminal on their best behavior go to criminal court. If you want to see average Joe and Cathy on their worst behavior go to family court"

  87. Bullying. I got bullied a lot in primary school. As soon as I got rid of my bullies in secondary school, I started bullying other people in my new school. I regret it, I was such a dick then.

  88. This 100% it seems like pain can literally and figuratively make or break you. I have many people in my life with chronic pain. You'd be talking and they'd suddenly go quiet, or politely excuse themselves and later you find out they were in agony. On the flip side, I've been waiting in the ER and heard people screaming and cursing at doctors for symptoms that the person I was with was feeling tenfold. Of course pain is subjective and all that, but definitely so is the response. I'm not as saying those that lash out in pain are nesseccarily bad either.I guess...I just wonder what the threshold is? What would turn ME into a thrashing ball of pain and fury instead of the graceful martyr. Hope I never find out...

  89. Chronic pain will inevitably turn you into a different person. Not necessarily the worst version of yourself, but different nonetheless. There's a major adjustment period for sure.

  90. Pain turned me into a way better version of myself. Instead of using that pain holding onto it and spiting everything the key is to use that pain to rise above and be better than what broke you

  91. Not to be generic, but money. More specifically in my case, a well paying job. I’ve seen some of my friends go from being cool, humble people with ok paying jobs to being complete snobs about money as soon as they got a well paying one.

  92. High expectations. Think bridezillas and families in Disneyworld. If everything doesn't go perfectly, people with very high expectations for something get very upset very quickly.

  93. Really just competition in general, politics just seem to be the #1 example. That kind of pure aggression for ideals we believe in has always been something embedded deep into the core of our primal minds. When something so crucial to society is made to be a concept of "us" and "them" people will always go out of their way to do what they feel is protecting their ideology and opinions, which almost always results in people just being... horrible. It's the exact reason I try to at the very least not to label my own political beliefs as left or right, liberal or conservative, democratic or republican, etc.. I have my separate morals and opinions on different topics, and that's that. Putting a name on your opinion just gives other people more of a chance to go apeshit crazy.

  94. Depression. Sometimes depression doesn’t express itself only as sadness. Sometimes it expresses itself as a really loathsome form of selfishness and desperation, and you will do almost anything to try and feel right again, and you don’t care as much as you should who you step on to feel that way. I’m someone who treated many great people very very poorly while I was in some of the darker parts of my life. It certainly doesn’t excuse my behavior, but it has helped me to come to grips with it a bit, to stop punishing myself, and to help me understand the responsibility I have in dealing with my mental health.

  95. Some of my most hateful comments have come from Reddit. Luckily I'm not as much like that as I was but I think it came from the super anonymity of it all.

  96. Man the only thing that happens when I get blackout is I'm prone to knocking things over. I just get very chatty, a little emotional, and horny. It's nuts to see how bad friends and girlfriends are affected by alcohol when they drink over the years.

  97. Power can. Some people handle it great and are good leaders. Other people mistake passing off their responsibilities while sitting on their ass for "delegating".

  98. Organized religion. Specifically Christianity. I'm a Christian, and I think religion and personal faith is fine, but when you start having multi-million dollar church buildings and preachers with million dollar private jets, something's gone wrong.

  99. This. That's why I have a follow the message, not the messenger approach when it comes to my faith. Also, I don't believe that the Bible is meant to be take verbatim, but rather as stories to help guide our moral conscience. I mean, when you boil it down, the message I always got from it was just not to intentionally be a dick or hurt people and if you unintentionally end up being one that you just have to try your hardest to make amends for it by learning for the next time. Of course, that's just my take though.

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