What’s the worst part of growing older after 30?

  1. My body has gradually gone downhill. Everything hurts. I used to be a runner and I can barely walk most days. I've already had knee surgery (not a replacement, just torn ligament) and prepping to repair damage in my hip from running on a bad knee. The leg issue makes my back and feet hurt which makes my neck and shoulders tense, causing headaches etc. I have to use an electric hand mixer when cooking because my hands cramp and burn after only a few twirls. I'm nearing the end of my thirties though so like I said, gradual and obviously this is just my body.

  2. Acting like you give a shit about stuff, although after 40 you pretty much drop the act. so there's that to look forward to.

  3. I was a fat kid in way better shape now, so my 30s are great. I do notice that it takes longer to heal now though.

  4. Realizing that just starting over, if a job (or whole career) or relationship, etc. just isn't for you (anymore) get more difficult.

  5. Woke up last Sunday and my foot was hurting. Went to the doctor on Wednesday. Torn tissue. It still hurts but it's getting better. All I did was go to bed and wake up. Good times!!

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