Drivers of Reddit, What is your near crash experience?

  1. Me and a friend had just recently passed our driving tests and were out driving and having fun, and being a bit stupid on the road. We came to a steep hill where you were blind to what was over the other side. My friend decided to overtake me. As he did, a car came the opposite direction over the hill, I slammed my brakes, my mate swerved back into my lane... He missed the on coming car by a matter of inches, and missed my car by a hairs width... It was so close to a total wreck, and I honestly think if my friend hadn't swerved in time, and I hadn't braked then my friend would have died in a head on collision. We were dumb kids...

  2. The year I turned 21! New year's was a month and a half from my bday so my friends and I went out. The party we were at was about ½ mile from my best friends house so we figured we could walk or hitch a ride. Well we all got smashed of course and my bestie picked up a dude and just tossed me the keys to her car and left with stranger man. So me and another friend decided I would be the best driver. I remember getting in the car, driving a bit down the road (residential now) and then I remember grazing the curb with her tire, nothing major, then pulling into her drive. Once parked I looked over at my friend and realized quickly I mustve blacked friend was disheveled, mirrors swinging from the wires and...2 MISSING WHEELS! Not, the whole thing. I know this is long but totally crazy and I'll finish. So I will skip the whole cussing the officer that came to arrest me (I didn't get arrested because he came after I got out of the car)....anyway, come to find out, I had blacked out, put my foot on the gas and flew through 2 yards of homes, did a figure 8 between a tree and a house which literally (yes, literally) was a space big enough to just fit a car. After that I got back on the road, sparks a flyin and woke up from my black out! Talk about Jesus taking the wheel...very scary and lucky to be alive after all the young & dumb stories I have.

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