To all the introverts out there - what are the lengths you have gone to to escape a socially exhausting situation?

  1. I used to smoke, which was always a good excuse to go outside and collect myself. Now, I guess faking an important call or checking my phone at parties is the go-to.

  2. Got to the venue after an hour public commute, walked back out after <10 minutes. Got halal chicken&rice to eat while waiting for the subway home and I recall feeling bliss in that moment

  3. I just stood up and walked out out because of incredibly loud music. My group found me 10 minutes later when i was chilling in the park and told me that it was boring without me. Then we partied in the hotel room till 5 am

  4. Not huge lengths but I almost always look like a major bish after. I just leave. Even in the middle of conversations that won't end. I always give warnings, just like an excuse, I have to go/to the restroom/late for appointments etc. & if they still don't respect the boundaries, I just exit. There have been times when I've been "trapped" at parties or dinners because I rode with someone and have had panic attacks if they dismiss several "I gotta get outta heres" (this is usually only after a lengthy stay). Which those end with me also walking out but in undesirable locations and sort of making a scene I suppose. I just gotta get out though. It's hard for some to understand.

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