People who committed a crime. What crime and why? (serious) (NSFW)

  1. Stole a solar panel off a municipal utility box of some sort, I guess that would count as theft, criminal mischief and defacement of public property.

  2. You said (serious) but not serious crime. Everyone commits crimes almost every day. There are so many laws. I even Jay walked yesterday. Crime. There's a book that speaks to that. I think it's called Four crimes a day

  3. Man, I seriously had a problem with stealing. Didn't matter what it was, stole it. This was years ago before I could even drive lol but looking back now I just cannot believe I stole the stuff I did without getting caught! My most expensive score was a pair of CK Jeans...and at the time they were hot! My parents caught on after a year or so. Brand new wardrobe every week and it took my parents a year...AND it wasn't even the stuff, it was a note I passed my friend in class that go me caught.

  4. I once rode my bike without helmet because I was late (In my coutry, it is illegal to ride a bike without helmet if you are younger than 16)

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