What’s a habit you have that you absolutely hate?

  1. The nicotine patches/gum are fantastic!! I’ve worked on hospital units where patients could not smoke and they slowly weaned off using the patches/gum and said they said they didn’t have many cravings at all! It’s significantly better than vaping. I would recommend, if possible, doing it with a doctor to plan it all out. Most people don’t just quit cold turkey and most will relapse back into smoking so start slow and don’t give up!

  2. Same, dude. Hate it. Tried quitting a few times and I'm an unbearable asshole to everyone around me and my work suffers to high hell. Someday when I can take a week off and focus on me, I'd like to quit. And maybe cut down on my drinking, but one problem at a time

  3. Oh dude, me too. I don't even know that I'm doing it. I look down at my laptop and there are like 7 long hairs there. You think it would be painful - but no, for some reason its satisfying.

  4. I push myself really hard when exercising then bitch and moan when I get sprains and ligament issues that make me lose all the stamina I built up ‘cause I have to rest lmaoo

  5. I can’t let things go. Something small that makes me angry will work it’s way into my brain and put me in a bad mood for days

  6. Without fail, I always lose my phone in my apartment. Always. Why? Cause I put it down on the dumbest spots available.

  7. I cope with depression by distracting myself with addicting things like reddit. Now I'm moderator a NSFW sub 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. When I get too stressed out or upset / angry I forget to breathe. It does not help my pigmentary glaucoma and happens often. So I have to tell myself to breathe often.

  9. Sometimes I'll move my jaw forward and the left side makes a pop similar to popping your knuckles. If I do this too many times in a day I develop a headache.

  10. Cutting people off in conversation. I genuinely want to hear what people have to say but I get so excited to share my own thoughts I often end up doing this and I immediately feel bad. I’m trying to become more self aware so I stop though, working on it!

  11. Shaking my leg/foot. I constantly bounce it and it constantly pisses People off. I don't even notice I'm doing it most of the time. Friend of mine said I have 'excess energy'. Wondering if I have ADHD or some other thing.

  12. I got a push start Altima and I can’t for the life of me make it to any destination without losing my keys in my car

  13. It’s weird to explain, but when I do something with my left hand/foot, I have to do it with my right hand/foot, or I just feel uncomfortable. Like if I tap my finger on a desk 3 times exactly 2 seconds apart with my left hand, I have to do it with my right hand 3 times, and if I mess up the timing, I restart, and I tap my left hand exactly like how I messed up, until I tapped an equal amount of times on each hand. If I don’t, I just feel weird. This goes for everything too, like if I stub my toe, I have to do it with my other toe.

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