What gets you up every morning?

  1. Remembering that even though I unfortunately didn't die in my sleep today, there's still another day where hopefully that will happen, so I just gotta go through my life in this fucking godawful world until that day finally happens.

  2. Lately it’s been climactic nightmares followed by vomiting. I go to bed sober and then wake up feeling hungover somehow. I hate it.

  3. At first I thought you wake up to do dishes (your username hah). Uh, mate i hope you feel and get better soon 😄

  4. That today most likely won't be better, but it might be. And you'll never know if it is if you don't go give it your best try.

  5. My roommate's alarm. Then, five minutes later, his alarm again. And again, and again, and again, until either he gets an important work call or it's 11am, whichever comes first.

  6. I wake up at the 'crack of dog' because they're barking at the joggers or dog walkers just a bit after dawn.

  7. My dog has epilepsy and needs to take two pills per day, 12 hours apart at 7am and 7pm. I can’t change the time because when we go away on the weekends the boarding place we take him to only gives medication at those times.

  8. Discord, I have some friends I know irl and I just wanna chat with them for a while recently I talked with one of my friends like the last few days but recently the streak has ended because of school and such, oh yeah back to the point, I got discord open at all times just incase I get a call, And I dont wanna bother them with random discord call noises, so I dont

  9. A shepherd cross with a wonderful wet nose that flings back the covers and snuffles at me. Best alarm in the world.

  10. Right now, my new puppy. When he needs to go out, he is pretty loud. I’m very sleep deprived since I adopted him. Please send energy

  11. My dogs. If I sleep in my as much as 2 minutes, they snuggle up to me, grumble and groan, lick my face, and romp around on my bed. It's hard to ignore them.

  12. my tablet sometimes me and today i wake up like 5:45 ( in Poland timezone ) i was happy about it because i can be in bed and sleep for some extra time

  13. My doggos. Nothing else. I’ve only had them for 3 years. But if anyone even thought about hurting them. I would kill them and everyone else in a 5 mile radius

  14. Knowing the fact that someone out there is in a worse spot then I am, so what's the point of complaining. Why yes, I would like some more cheese on my pasta.

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