What's the greatest movie of all time according to you?

  1. It has the perfect combination of a human story with believable characters, thoughtful pacing, beautiful cinematography, and a memorable score. An endlessly watchable and virtually perfect film.

  2. Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox, it’s joyful, moving, beautiful, funny, and everything you feel, you are feeling for an inanimate object. It shows the real power of cinema. It’s easy to feel sympathy and connect with a real person on a screen. But feeling heartbroken for the figure of a rat, dying, as he drinks muddy puddle water and dreaming of a glass of that sweet cider. That’s cinema.

  3. Without a doubt my favorite animated film. I worked at a movie theater and went in after my shift with zero expectations. I had not heard anyone mention anything beyond that it seemed like a kid's movie, and I was blown away.

  4. Whenever I start the trilogy I must finish it before watching something else. The only issue is how sad I get when it’s over. Every time I watch it I get so invested in it that by the end I don’t want to leave.

  5. It my favorite rainy day, or I don't feel good trilogy. If you just need to go someplace else and forget the world for the day..

  6. The Godfather, amazing acting, incredible cinematography, great dialogue with so many iconic quotes, a very fitting soundtrack, and an awesome story about family, love, betrayal, loyalty, death, life,wine wine and wine and making people offers they can’t refuse.

  7. Brando’s performance in the scene where he takes Sonny’s corpse to Bonasera is just so raw and powerful. You can feel the heartbreak in Brando’s voice.

  8. Michael Corleones character arch is incredible in the Godfather. He goes from rejecting the family business, to reluctantly participating out of obligation to his family, to noticing he has a knack for crime, to being the head of the family.

  9. Val Kilmer is legendary in this movie. Probably one of the only Westerns I've been able to show to people who aren't a fan of the genre.

  10. Tombstone is great, especially for someone like me who loves the western era and before watching the movie read a lot about doc Holliday and the Hearps, that movie was absolute fucking paradise

  11. Had to scroll real far to get to this one. That steadicam shot from across the street from, into and through the Copacabana set to “And Then He Kissed Me” is the most perfect and well-directed shot in any movie imo.

  12. It's always blow my mind that a person on a mission of human colonization in another galaxy, take some serious decisions in extreme conditions like docking on destroyed endurance space station, taking advantage of gravitation pull to save fuel, detaching himself in space. And finally end up meeting his daughter who is aged tham him.

  13. Clue (1985)! Everyone gave such wonderful performances and I love just how many different endings there are! Just like the game, it leaves you trying to guess which one is really the killer!

  14. The Prestige - The acting and the writing are phenomenal and the way the story changes perspective between the two magicians using the diary leads to multiple twist throughout; this a must see. Nolan at the top of his game. And casting David Bowie as Tesla is genius.

  15. Damn, you can't even argue against it. Dave Chappelle AND Steve Buscemi? Nick cage w an accent he clearly improvised once and stuck to? JOHN FUCKING MALKOVICH?!?!! A stuffed bunny?!

  16. Interesting tidbit: Darabont wanted to cast Tom Hanks but Tom had already signed onto another film, Forrest Gump. Frank Darabont evidently wanted to film a prison movie with Tom Hanks so the next film he made directly after Shawshank was The Green Mile.

  17. Lord of the Rings, for me it has everything. Humour, romance, Fantasy, good against evil, a story of a small hobbit that conquers evil that nobody thought could do it. Watching The Hobbit extended 4k on Appletv app at the moment and loving it, next will be Lord of the Rings. For me nothing beats it.

  18. Who framed Rodger rabbit, it's family and adult, perfect comedy, best example of real life and animation blend, iconic characters feel natural and aren't over used, original characters are great, every scene is intreuging and adds to the narrative, it's fun but is serious when it needs to be and I think it works as a good analogue for bigotry, its about how black nabouthoods were torn down to create interstates because of land values so it even had something to say. It's a timeless classic and my favorite movie.

  19. Terminator 2: Judgement Day, it's got great a great villain, great action, and some of the best special effects ever to be put on film, but most important of all, this movie has a big heart.

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