what's the best action movie of all time?

  1. I remember when T2 came out for rent on VHS. The hype and anticipation for this fucking video was the talk of the playground for months leading up to the summer release! The day it came out, I rode my bike to the local video store early that day to rent a copy but by the time I got there it was all rented out. Where I lived at the time there was no Blockbuster near by, and we only had one mom and pop video rental store within a reasonable distance that only had a small amount of copies of any movie.

  2. I agree, but Arnie holds the crown for so many action films. T1, T2, predator, commando, total recall, running man. The list goes on and on and on. True legend, I even like some of his family films!!

  3. Currently on Netflix, if anyone wants to see it. As is Total Recall, another excellent action movie with Arnold.

  4. Showed it to my 7 year old a couple weeks back. The next morning I found him watching it again on his own lol. It’s so worthy.

  5. Die hard is rewatched more than any other thanks to the Christmas tradition of rewatching a ton of Christmas movies every year.

  6. I appreciate T2 but this is the correct answer. This movie was groundbreaking. It became the movie against which all other action movies would be judged. Speed? Diehard in a bus. Air Force One? Diehard on a plane. There are many more. T2 was great but Diehard pushed the boundaries of what we expected from an action movie.

  7. Great marketing campaign, they just had those weird command prompt “what is the matrix?” commercials. I legit had no idea going into that theater.

  8. I've always admired the perfect, consistent momentum Aliens builds as it goes, leading to an absolute roller-coaster second half that does not relent until the very end.

  9. Boulder scene, bunch of dead nazis, bar fight, train fight, car chase. Can't really ask for more in a movie.

  10. This, because the Jamie Lee Curtis strip tease. Which is better than the Demi Moore strip tease that actually showed nudity.

  11. The Raid: Redemption was when I discovered the actor Iko Uwais. He is now one of my favorite actors. The Raid 2 is also a really great movie!

  12. This is the only correct answer. If they don’t make this into a trilogy I’ll be sorely disappointed. But at least we got this & the sequel.

  13. Couldnt agree more. I love how this movie makes a 5'2 guy into such a beast through sheer intensity and tenacity. Yayan plays such a great villain. I'd rather go up against bane than mad dog any day.

  14. The Mummy. It's been my wife and I's favorite movie to watch on holidays since we were dating. Seeing people coming back to it recently warms my heart.

  15. The relative disappointing performance of this movie at the box office was so discouraging. I think it just encourages Hollywood to make 'safe' reboots or well known properties (super heroes) rather than branching out a bit and relying on something being really good to carry the day in the end.

  16. I'm not the hugest fan of Tom Cruise, but I started to have a lot more respect for him because of that movie. This film was entertaining from start to finish.

  17. Came here to say just this. There is no other answer. The question should be: What's the best action movie of all time, and why is it Die Hard?

  18. I don't know if I can call it the best action movie ever (though I can't think of any that I'd consider better offhand - maybe The Fifth Element?), but it's the only one that ever inspired me to do a happy dance after it was over. I might have just been more emotionally susceptible to that kind of thing at the time when I watched it though.

  19. My ex boyfriend absolutely hated this movie, and was upset I put him through it. Should have been a sign we weren't meant to be, because I enjoyed the fuck out of every goddamn glorious second.

  20. I don't really know if I'd call this an action movie. The reason I love it so much is because of the story, amazing writing, amazing acting, insane conflict and John Williams composing his motherfucking balls off.

  21. Aside from The Matrix, this movie uses slow-motion the best. I was surprised at how visually stunning the apocalyptic environment was in that film.

  22. The parkour chase at the beginning of the film is pure action. Best Bond movie (at least with Daniel Craig, I haven't watched previous 007's)

  23. The right answer. I hadn't watched it in a while, and was thinking Fury Road may rival it... a re-watch put me right.

  24. Die Hard is the one I make an effort to watch at least once a year (you can probably guess when). That said, I don't know if it's recency bias but I can't get enough of The Suicide Squad.

  25. Paul Verhoeven movies are so much fun. Also responsible for Robocop and Total Recall. Flesh + Blood is classic Rutger Hauer, I highly recommend.

  26. Paul Verhoeven movies are so much fun. Also responsible for Robocop and Total Recall. Flesh + Blood is classic Rutger Hauer, I highly recommend.

  27. John Wick is great but it isn't even Keanu's best action movie. It's barely top 3 after Point Break and the Matrix now that I think about it.

  28. I love that movie! Not only is the action great, but the suspense is fantastic as well. Plus, the acting is top notch.

  29. I watched point break about a month ago after not having seen it for decades I was blown away by the peak 90's cinematography. Beautiful movie. And great action. Johnny Utah.

  30. Taken it's only 90 mins and it doesn't stop it's the perfect action film even my friends who hate action films love taken

  31. You're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this - 'Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!'

  32. The Killer. I mean Hard Boiled. No wait it’s The Killer. Hard Boiled. The Killer. Hard Boiled. The Killer. slap It’s The Killer AND Hard Boiled.

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