Curiousity, for us citizen. Why is nudity bad?

  1. This isn't going to be popular... Cause no one wants to see the majority of people naked. If we do want to see you naked someone will pay for it.

  2. (Not intending to come of biased) usually when I see stuff from usa, everyone freaks out if a dead guy has a dick in a game, or tits. And breastfeeding, etc. Its seems a bit hysterical from the outside, so I just wonder why its like it is in usa. The moment you go in a black short lether dress (actual experience I had where a male store clerk said some sexual harassing stuff in usa just because of my black leather dress), people for example assumed I was a whore. Never happens in Norway or europe. So understandably, I wonder why it is that way in Usa.

  3. We are a pretty Puritan society. I don’t want to see anyone’s nipples outside if a beach. But I honestly don’t care about breastfeeding etc, but why do we need to “free the nipple”?! Why can’t we just lock down man nipples? Like dude, I know it’s hot, but put a shirt on!

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